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George Town - Grand Cayman
Published: September 22, 2017

Panoramic Photo of George Town Harbor Grand Cayman Cruise Ship Port

George Town is the capital city of Grand Cayman and the port which all cruise ships visit. This is a tender port with 3 piers/terminals. Regardless of the Pier/Terminal used, as you walk out the exit gates, the cruise traveler will be on the main road - Harbour Drive - within walking distance to the main attractions of George Town - Margaritaville, the Museum, all major Shops, and Restaurants. And very close to the famous seven miles beach Read More ... ►

Barcelona - Must Know
Updated: August 8, 2017

Panoramic Photo of Barcelona Cruise Ship Port

Barcelona is a major embarkation-disembarkation port in Europe and, unfortunately, most cruise travelers are not well advised when booking a cruise. Travelers flying from the USA or Canada, in particular, do not realize that a long red-eye flight (over 8 hours) coupled with jet lag (5 to 8 hours earlier) is the worst possible way to start a cruise. Read More ... ►

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Ocho Rios - Jamaica
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