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Lucca is probably one of the most underrated Tuscan towns amongst cruise ship excursions and passengers. As a matter of fact, and surprisingly, most cruise lines do not offer excursions to Lucca without including other sites like Torre del Lago and/or Pisa.

Consequently, the cruise traveler on these shore excursions will neither fully enjoy Lucca nor really have time to explore the other sites as well. The good news is that Lucca is very easy to explore on your own as it has very good train connections from Livorno. Alternatively, a return Taxi ride may not cost more than €200.00 (sharing by 4) and Rent a car is certainly an option to also consider.

Travel by By Train

Although there isn't a direct train connection from Livorno Centrale - you will need to change train in Pisa (or in Viareggio) - Lucca is one hour away and the train ticket costs €5.50 (€13.40 on the Frecciabianca service).

Photo of Train Station in Lucca

Arriving at Lucca Train Station

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Be aware that there are only four trains early in the morning although quite a few to return. The train station in Lucca is just outside the medieval walls and no more than a pleasant 10-minute walk away from the main attractions. If Lucca is on your exploration plans make sure you double-check train times.

To Lucca by Train - Via Pisa or Viareggio - Weekdays

08:12 AM *
08:31 AM *
08:52 AM *
9:30 AM ***
11:24 AM **
12:20 PM *
1:12 pm *
9:20 am
9:38 am
9:49 am
10:27 am
12:27 pm
1:17 pm
2:09 pm
1:12 pm ***
1:42 pm *
2:12 pm *
2:42 pm *
3:11 pm *
3:42 pm *
4:12 pm ***
4:42 pm *
5:12 pm *
5:42 pm *
2:09 pm
2:48 pm
3:07 pm
3:48 pm
4:12 pm
4:12 pm
4:48 pm
5:24 pm
6:08 pm
6:38 pm

* Change train in Pisa
** Change train in Viareggio
*** Frecciabianca €13.40
These times are indicative and may change.
To double check and for weekend times strongly advisable to visit Trenitalia Website

Tourist Office

More Info

When travelling to Lucca by train from Livorno, the cruise traveler will find a Tourist Information Office outside the Railway Station - no more than 200 yards to the right.

However, the Editor has found this Office closed at regular hours more than twice. The closest Tourist Office will be at the the Palazzo Ducale on Piazza Napoleone (heart of the city). The Tourist Offices are open every day between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm and between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.


How many hours the cruise ship passenger will have to explore Lucca?
If traveling on your own, by train or car, you will have between 5 and 7 hours in town.

For how long do cruise ship excursions stay in Lucca?
Lucca is offered on tours including other destinations like Pisa, Florence, Viareggio, or Torre del Lago. These tours do not spend more than 3 hours in Lucca.

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