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Photo of NAME in Nassau
Photo of NAME in Nassau
Photo of NAME in Nassau

Best Restaurants for Cruise Travelers to Nassau
- Quick Bites, Drinks and Gourmet ...

By: Editor-in-Chief   |  Date - December 20, 2017


Nassau is one the best ports for the cruise ship passenger that enjoys exploring local flavors and delicacies, or just have a quick bite in between excursions or whilst on a shopping spree. For a gourmet lunch the Graycliff Restaurant is a must. The Café Matisse and Van Breugel's are surprising delights, and Luciano's of Chicago has amazing views.

For typical Bahamian dishes, Conch N'Kalik and the restaurants in the Fish Fry are the places to go. For fun places serving food and drinks, Sharkeez, Señor Frog's, Fat Tuesday or the Hard Rock Cafe are the places to go. If looking for a coffee, Starbucks and Via Caffe are the close to the cruise terminal.

Be Aware: Most restaurants include a 15% service charge. Since January 2015, a 7.5% VAT (Value Added Tax) is mandatory.

The Best Downtwon - A to Z

Athena Café - $$
Greek Flavors

Editor Points: Very centrally located for a lunch break after, before or in between all the shopping downtown, savvy cruisers know well this restaurant at the corner of Bay and Charlotte Street, above the shops (on the second floor - upstairs) with a very nice verandah for some people watching. It serves genuine Greek food with a tropical flare but it also has Bahamian flavors on the menu like conch, snapper, grouper and lobster. The salads, sandwiches, burgers and snacks are ideal for a light lunch.

Photo of Athena Cafe in Nassau.

Athena Cafe - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Downtown
Address: At the corner of Bay Street and Charlotte Street.
Open: Monday to Saturday: 9:30am to 6:00pm - Sunday: 9:30pm to 4:00pm
Prices: Between $12.00 to $30
Phone: 1 242 326 1296

NOTES: Online bookings are available on the Restaurants website.

Café Matisse - $$$

Editor Points: One of the best restaurants in Nassau, the Cafe Matisse is just a couple of blocks from the cruise ship terminal, in a corner right behind the Parliament Buildings. The exclusive Italian menu has a couple of Caribbean variations and it changes every 6 months. On a very hot day, the air-conditioned dinning room is ideal but the editor has a preference for the courtyard shaded by palms.

Photo of Cafe Matisse restaurant in Nassau.

Cafe Matisse - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Downtown, off Bay Street, behind Parliament Square
Address: Bank Lane
Open: Tuesday to Saturday: 12:00pm to 3:00pm - Dinner: 6:00pm to 11:00pm
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Prices: Main course between $20 and $50
Phone: (242) 356-7012

NOTES: Booking online is advisable.

Fat Tuesday - $$
Waterfront Nibbles

Editor Points: Fat Tuesday has a wonderful location on the waterfront, just before Junkanoo Beach. It is a great place to enjoy a good time by the water, dipping in the ocean and enjoying light fares like Conch Salad, Burgers or Paninis.

Photo of Fat Tuesday restaurant in Nassau.

Fat Tuesday - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Right after the British Colonial Hotel - 10 minute walk from Terminal
Address: West Bay Street
Open: Everyday: 11:00am - 2:00am
Prices: Conch Salad $12.00, Club Panini $12.00
Phone: (242) 323-7483

Graycliff Restaurant - $$$$
Wine Splurge

Editor Points: Renowned for its wine cellar with over 250,000 bottles from over 400 vintners in 15 countries, the Restaurant of the Graycliff Hotel is a Bahamian institution. A few cruise lines offer excursions with a wine luncheon or a day at the pool with a 3-course meal but, naturally, you can book your own. Both the Cigar and Chocolate Factories next door should be included in your gourmet experience.

Photo of Graycliff hotel restaurant in Nassau.

Graycliff - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Downtown - two blocks south of Bay Street - very close to the Government House.
Address: 8 thru 12 West Hill Street
Open: 12:30pm - 3:00pm
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Prices: Mains between $45 and $80
Phone: Reservation: 1 (800) 476-0446

NOTES: Reservations are mandatory as space is limited.

Hard Rock Cafe - $$$ | $$$

Editor Points: The world wide franchise has its presence in Nassau on a street connecting the Bay Street and Woodes Rogers Walk right by the cruise ship terminal. It isn't has large as most venues in the U.S. but it also has the signature music memorabilia and a shop with the typical t-shirts, pins and glassware. The menu includes the Legendary Burgers, Ribs, Cobb Salad, Combo Platter and besides the signature drinks you can enjoy the locally brewed Kalik beer.

Photo of Hard Rock Cafe restaurant in Nassau.

Hard Rock Cafe - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Downtown - one block from te cruise terminal
Address: Charlotte Street - connects Woodes Roger Walk and Bay Street
Open: Sunday to Thurday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Friday and Saturday 10:00am - 12:00pm
Phone: 1 242-325-7625

Luciano's of Chicago - $$ | $$$
Tuscan with a View

Editor Points: Not far from the cruise ship terminal - less than on mile East - Luciano's is located on a stunning mansion that once belonged to the first Premier of Nassau (Sir Roland Theodore "Pop" Symonette) and has beautiful seaside views overlooking Paradise Island and Atlantis. The menu is almost exclusively Italian with an emphasis on Tuscan cuisine although it also includes Bahamian specialties. For a light fare the Panini, sandwiches and wraps, served i the terrace are a delight.

Photo of Luciano of Chicago restaurant in Nassau.

Luciano's of Chicago - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Less than one mile East of the Cruise Ship Terminal
Address: East Bay Street
Open: Lunch: 11:30am - 3:00pm (Monday - Friday)
Dinner: 6:00pm - 10:00pm (Monday - Sunday)
Closed: Lunch - Saturday and Sunday
Prices: Mains between $18 and $30
Phone: (242) 323-7770

NOTES: Although Luciano's is not that far from the cruise terminal, there isn't much to be seen in the eastern section of Bay Street. Walking there is NOT pleasant.

Señor Frog's - $$$
Waterfront Fun

Editor Points: Well known and frequented by the young (at heart) and fun cruisers, Señor Frog's in Nassau (like its siblings in the Caribbean) is the right spot for those looking for drinks and finger bites with party ambience. All sorts of tropical cocktails, tequila shots, fresh conch salad, fritters and guacamole are on the menu.

Photo of Senor Frogs restaurant in Nassau.

Senor Frogs - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Downtown - at the west end of the Woodes Rogers Walk
Address: Popey Square
Open: Everyday: 11:00am to 1:00am
Phone: (242) 323-1777

NOTES: Service is far from fast but always fun.

Sharkeez - $$$

Editor Points: It is impossible to miss the shop on the ground floor and the bar upstairs with its emblematic thatched roof of the Sharkeez when on a stroll through the Woodes Rogers Walk. It isn't the best place if you looking for gourmet, cuisine food, but it has a great location with a nice view for a drink and finger food.

Photo of Sharkeez restaurant in Nassau.

Sharkeez - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Downtown - just around the corner from the cruise ship terminal.
Address: Woodes Rogers Walk
Open: Everyday: 10:00am -
Prices: $15.00 for a hamburger
Phone: 242-322–8144

NOTES: Expect to pay for the location and view.

Van Breugel's - $$$
European Caribbean Fusion

Editor Points: Located just around the corner (literally) from Bay Street, this is a local's favorite so do arrive early for lunch. The building is a delight in itself and is has a charming decor on the verandas and the two levels of indoor areas. The cuisine blends European with Caribbean traditions. Besides the Chef's specials, the Pastas, Snacks and Tapas are perfect for a light fare: the Grilled Mahi-Mahi Burger and Fries ($18.50) is a must.

Photo of Van Breugel's restaurant in Nassau.

Van Breugel's - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Downtown - off Bay Street, one block south
Address: Charlotte Street South
Open: Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30pm | Friday 8:30am - 1:00am | Saturday: 10:00 am - 1:00 am | Sunday (Brunch): 11:00am - 4:00pm
Prices: Mains between $16.00 and $45.00
Phone: 242 322 2484

Editor's Favorite Specialty: Coconut Curry Conch Chowder

Via Caffe - $$
Italian Delighst

Editor Points: As the cruise ship passengers exists the cruise terminal through the eastern gate, Via Cafe is right across the street in the corner of the Woodes Rogers Walk and the Rawson Square. This is a quite spot for a genuine Italian coffee or gelato, but also for a quick bite - the Panini and Salads are delicious.

Photo of Via restaurant in Nassau.

Via - Nassau

Photo: copyright

WHERE Downtown - just outside the Cruise Ship Terminal (eastern gate).
Address: Rawson Square
Open: Everyday between 7:00 and midnight
Phone: 242 322-7209

Explore Nassau

Quick Bites


Cafe Skans

Photo of Cafe Skans restaurant in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

Reasonably priced this a place where locals go for breakfast or a light lunch. Not much of a fancy decor but well cooked food.
Address: Bay Street.


Photo of Casablanca restaurant in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

Deli-Bar with cold beers, sandwiches and finger food at great prices.
Address: Woodes Rogers Walk.

Conch Fritters

Photo of Conch Fritters restaurant in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

Open to Marlborough Street, this is a place has been going trough some revamping - closed, reopened, closed again. It is known for its Conch Fritters but be aware that these are not as cheap as on other places. If you never tried these Bahamian delicacies you may not taste the difference.
Address: Marlborough Street and Blue Hill Road

Conch N'Kalik

Photo of Conch N'Kalik restaurant in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

With all sorts of conch recipes in the menu, this Grill Bar also has very good fresh fish, chicken wings, BBQ Ribs at affordable prices
Address: Pompey Square


Photo of DFriters restaurant in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

On the Fish Fry area, there are so many good restaurants that the DFrittes is favored for having one of the nicest shaded sitting areas.
Address: Arawak Cay - 1 mile west of Downtown

Euro Tandori

Photo of Euro Tandori restaurant in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

Popular with cruise ship crew, this is a small and friendly Indian restaurant with an European cafe flare.
Address: Charlotte Street

Ice Cream Corner

Photo of Ice Cream Corner in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

At the west end of Bay Street, this is one of the few places in Dowtown Nassau to taste an Ice Cream.
Address: Bay Street

Island Spice

Photo of Island Spice restaurant in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

Another of the many nice places on the Fish Fry area to enjoy a drink and typical fish Bahamian flavors sitting in the shade.
Address: Arawak Cay - 1 mile west of Downtown

Starbucks Coffee

Photo of Starbucks Coffee in Nassau.

Photo: copyright

The baristas in Nassau do the job up to the high standards found anywhere in the World. The WIFI is a bit slower than in the U.S. and is not free ($3.00 per hour)
Address: Charlotte Street


Will the cruise ship passenger have time for lunch in Nassau?
Considering that shops, attractions, landmarks and activities are so close downtown, you will have more than time to enjoy a light fare or a gourmet lunch. But if you plan to go to the beaches in Paradise Island, then you will better off exploring the restaurants and cafes in the Marina Village of Atlantis.

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