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Harbor and Docks

Cruise Port Basics

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Where Cruise Ships Dock

Montego Bay is a popular port of call for cruise lines like Carnival, MSC, Pullmantur, and NCL but also Viking or Cunard. Cruise ships dock in what is known as Montego Bay Freeport which is around 3 miles (5 km) to the west of the second largest city in Jamaica. With 6 berths, the Port receives as many as 4 cruise ships per day - although this rare.

There is only one large Terminal building (a bit run down) that doesn't compare in modernity and amenities to the recently redeveloped port of Falmouth but that has basic services. Besides a number of typical duty-free and souvenir shops, restrooms, and beverage stand, there is also a Tourist Office booth at the terminal that can be of help to guide the cruise traveler wishing to explore Montego Bay on your own - also the right place to ask about what are official taxi fares.

Photo of Doctors Cave Beach in Montego Bay

Doctor's Cave - Montego Bay

Photo by Op Deo Public Domain

Getting Around

Because the Cruise Port is not close to Montego Bay's attractions or any of the island's highlights, a 3-mile walk is not really an option - no shade, very hot and humid. The way to town is along a busy road - the main exit to the south of Jamaica - and, unless the weather is cool and you have been in Mo'Bay before, the walk is not advisable even if you are planning to just go Downtown (the closest attraction to the Port) or a bit farther to the Doctor's Cave Beach.

The good news is that right outside the Terminal the cruise traveler will find licensed taxi drivers with 'official' rates to all major attractions - a ride to Montego Bay shouldn't cost more than $5.00 and a taxi ride to Negril - 1 Hour and 15 Minutes - costs around $24.00 per person.

The days when haggling was mandatory to avoid a serious rip-off are long gone. Almost all destinations have standard fares and these only depend on how many passengers will be in the cab - check or for Taxi Fares. However, be aware that to return to the ship, taxi drivers in town (or wherever you heading) may try to increase the return fare. If visiting only and the sights in town, you may be better off by getting on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus aka Hot Spot Shuttle - $15.00 per person. Some cruise lines (Carnival) sell the Hot Spot Shuttle onboard for a couple of dollars more than the regular rate. The shuttle has stops close to all main attractions in Mo'Bay - Hip-Strip, Margaritaville, Doctors Cave and Downtown.

To See and Do

There are a few interesting attractions in Mo'Bay or relatively close by. In the heart of the city, on Sam Sharpe Square, you will find the Cage (a monument evoking the days of slavery) and the Montego Bay Cultural Centre - an extension of the National Gallery of Jamaica. On a more active note, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville is, together with Doctor's Cave Beach, one of the main attractions in town. For all other top attractions near by you should either book a tour onboard your cruise ship, with independent tour operators online or a licensed taxi driver.

Just a few miles away, there are plantation houses that are a delight to visit for those interested in the rich history of Jamaica such as Bellefield Great House with its tropical gardens, views, and antique furnishings; the immaculately preserved Greenwood Great House that once belonged to the family of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, the famous English poet; the Rose Hall Great House where besides eerie stories of ghosts and witches, there are two championship golf courses - Cinnamon Hill and White Witch. If your cruise call at Montego Bay on a Tuesday or a Friday, you should consider an unusual tour to a working plantation - coffee and pineapples - in Croydon by the Catadupa Mountain.

If Golf is your thing, the Tryall Club is a famous luxury must in Jamaica, whilst at the more affordable Half Moon Golf Club there are also other activities on the property such as the Equestrian Centre and an area with duty-free shopping. Further along the north coast, Braco Stables offer a unique Ride n' Swim experience; the Hampden Estate offers a journey into the heart of a working rum distillery established in 1750. At the Rasta Village, visitors can learn about the ways of Rastafari, participate in organic farming and learn to make traditional crafts.

Photo of Rafting in Martha Brae

Rafting in Martha Brae

Photo courtesy Tourist Board

Around twenty miles from Montego Bay, rafting on a 30 ft bamboo raft in Martha Brae is one of the top highlights of Jamaica and an opportunity for the cruise traveler to experience a truly unique tour. Rafting is also possible in the Mountain Valley.

Excursions and Tours

All cruise lines offer exclent shore excursions (aka Shorex) and tours of Montego Bay. Besides the sightseeing options mentioned above, the cruise traveler should consider independent tour operators such as Jamaica Tour | Viator | Tours by Locals | Shore Trips | Shore Excursions,

Good To Know

Montego Bay has excelent information provided by offical websites that can be very helpful for the cruise traveler to explore and discover major attractions, restaurants, shopping, activities and tours.
Useful Links: Montego Bay Port Authority | Jamaica Tourist Board | Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).

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Essential Info

Montego Bay

Image of Map of Jamaica showing Montego Bay and cities close by

Current Local Time

Time Zone

Montego Bay and Jamaica are on Eastern Standard Time (EST) - 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is often called Eastern Time Zone.

Eastern Standard Time in Jamaica doesn't use daylight saving time/summer time.


Find more about Weather in Montego Bay, JM

Money Matters

Currency: Jamaican Dollars are the leag tender but US dollars are widely accepted.

A tip is not obligatory but a small amount left for excellent service is greatly appreciated specially on tours and restaurants.

Perfectly acceptable and expected on craft markets, souvenirs and duty-free shops but not at all on officialy rated taxis.


Image of Jamaica Flag

Jamaica Flag

Montego Bay Population:
110,115 (2011)

Jamaica Population:
2,970,340 (2016 est.)

Ethnic Groups:
Black 92.1%, Mixed 6.1%, East Indian 0.8%, other 0.4%, unspecified 0.7% (2011 est.)

Protestant 64.8% (includes Seventh Day Adventist 12.0%, Pentecostal 11.0%, Other Church of God 9.2%, New Testament Church of God 7.2%, Baptist 6.7%, Church of God in Jamaica 4.8%, Church of God of Prophecy 4.5%, Anglican 2.8%, United Church 2.1% and Methodist 1.6%), Roman Catholic 2.2%, Jehovah's Witness 1.9%, Rastafarian 1.1%, other 6.5%, none 21.3% (2011 est.)


Wikipedia, CIA Factbook

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