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The Port of Gruž is located in a beautiful bay formed by the mainland and the peninsula of Lapad, it is the main docking port for cruise ships in Dubrovnik and is at a distance of 2 miles (3km) from the Old City. Unless there are too many cruise ships visiting Dubrovnik the Port of Gruž will be, most probably, the place where your cruise ship will dock.

Photo of Port of Gruž Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Photo: © Port Authority

Although the cruise ship passenger can walk to the historical town (uphill and without much to see on the way) taxis, buses and shuttles provided but the cruise lines are easier ways to get to the main attraction of Dubrovnik and UNESCO Heritage Site.

If the Port of Gruž is full, which only happens once in a while (in the high season - July and August), it may happen that cruise ships, specially smaller ones, will anchor south of the Old City and tender passengers to the Old Port. The tender boat will dock right by the emblematic fortress of St John’s. Although many cruise ship travellers consider tendering an inconvenience, this can be advantageous as it will take less time to get straight into the main attraction that is the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Port of Gruž

The Port of Gruž is a large port with docking capacity for 4 large cruise ships and it has a modern terminal. Regardless of where your cruise ship docks the passenger will find at the pier, right by the gangway, a good number of taxis offering transfers to the Old City (€ 13 Euros for the ride, one way) and city panorama tours (€ 50 Euros per hour) - not exactly the best deal but convenient if you prefer private transfers.

Photo of Port of Gruž in Dubrovnik

Photo by Restaurant Orsam

At the Pier you will also find Shuttle Buses (most cruise lines provide these at a cost) and a number of shopping kiosks with all types of souvenirs. Close to the Terminal, in the southern area of the dock, there is a very good Crew Center with all basic amenities (Wi-Fi Internet, International Phone Calling, Coffee Shop and Restrooms). If you read on other websites that the Crew Center is closed do not rely on this information and check or their Facebook Page. Still inside the port, farther south, there is a Tourist Information center and more shops.

Being a long dock, there are two exit gates - the southernmost is the closest to the amenities of Gruž . Outside the gated area of the port the cruise ship traveller will find the Main Bus Station: buses #1, #1a, #1b, #3 and #8 will stop at Brsalje Square right by the Pile Gate. Buses #4 and #6 go to Lapad. The bus ticket (one way) costs 12kn (Kuna), around US$2.00. On the Main Bus Station, there is a Money Exchange Office which you may need as Public Buses only accept KUNA.

Photo of Port of Gruž in Dubrovnik

Crew Center Dubrovnik

Phot by Management

Farther south, there is a supermarket - Konzum. Shortly after this supermarket, you will find an Information and Booking Center - Travel Corner - where you can book tours, rent a scooter or buy local bus tickets. Next to the Travel Corner, there is a very nice al fresco coffee shop well know by Crew Members. Right across the street the Konoba Porat is one the best restaurants in the Port of Gruž to savour delicious local and home made cuisine.

For a gourmet lunch in a more sophisticated ambience, the cruise ship traveller will find on the opposite side of the bay where cruise ships dock, the Dubrovnik’s Yacht Club and its excellent restaurant - Orsan - one of the best in town..

Port of Gruž Website:

Old Port

If the Port of Gruž is full, it is possible that your cruise ship will anchor just south of the Old City. The cruise traveller will have one of the most beautiful views of the medieval walls from the ship and a very pleasant boat ride as your cruise line tender passengers to the Old Port. The tender boat will dock next to the famous and emblematic Fortress of St. John. Naturally, the cruise ship passenger will not find any of the typical amenities expected in a conventional port, but as you will be, literally, right by southern end of the Historical Center of Dubrovnik all is at a very short distance.

Pier at a Glance

What's at Dubrovniks's Piers

Port of Gruž Old Port
Tourist Information Yes Close By
Taxis Yes No
Rent-a-Car No No
ATM No Yes
Phones Yes Yes
Restrooms Yes Close By
Crew Center Yes No
Shopping Yes Yes

Tourist Office

Port of Gruž
Address: Obala Pape Ivana Pavla II 1 - Phone: (+385- 20) 41 79 83
Opening Hours: 8.00 am to 9.00 pm


Dubrovnik Port Photos

Photo of Tour Buses at Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Photo: ©

Tour and Shuttle Buses at the Pier

Photo of Taxis at Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Photo: ©

Taxis at the Pier

Photo of Shops at Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Photo: ©

Shops at the Pier

Photo of Restaurant Orsam Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Photo by Management

Restaurant Orsam


How far is the Port of Gruž from the Old City?
Around 2 miles (3 km).

What is the easiest way to get to the Old City from the Port of Gruž?
Either by taxi, costing (€ 13 Euros for the ride - 2015 prices), or by public bus - 12kn (Kuna), around US$2.00.

Do I need Kuna (Croatian money) to pay taxis and buses?
Taxis do accept payment with Euros. For buses you will need Kuna.

Where is the nearest place to exchange money?
There is a Money Exchange Office on the Main Bus Terminal.

Can I walk to the Old City from the Port of Gruž?
Yes but it is a up hill walk without much to see.

Is there a nice restaurant close to the Port of Gruž?
Yes. The Konoba Porat is one of the best in the area. The Restaurant Orsam is just accros the bay where cruise ships dock.

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