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The Old Town Sites

Corfu's Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site with a number of landmarks, museums and buildings that are a delight to enjoy when cruising Grece and calling at this popular port of call. The visitor will not miss the Liston on Kapodistriou Street and the garden just in front - the Spianada or Square Esplanade, where cricket is played. The Square of the Saint aha Heroes Sqaure, in the midle of Nikiforou Theotoki, the main shopping street in the Old Town, is a place to enjoy a break. Not far, like all in the Old Town, the Town Hall Square today is another picturesque spot. Just south Corfu Town, Kanoni offers beautiful views of Kanoni Peninsula and the Mouse Island.


Photo of Liston in Corfu

Corfu - Liston

Photo by Tasoskessaris CC-By-SA

Editor Points: The Liston is a sight to behold, especially when the terrace arches are lit up at night. It is located on the western end of the Esplanade Square and features some of the city's most fashionable cafes. The Liston's elegant architecture dates back to 1807 when the French occupied the city and it is reminiscent of Paris' Rue de Rivoli. There is no off-season at The Liston, which is populated year-round. There is no better place to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the park view.

Where:  On the Spianada between Kapodistriou and Eleftherias Streets.

Spianada or Square Esplanade

Photo of	Maitland Monument	in	Corfu

Maitland Monument on the Spianada

Photo by dr. k CC-By-SA

Editor Points: The Spianada is a beautiful square at the center of Corfu Town. It also holds the title of largest square in the Balkans, not to mention it's the only spot in Greece where Cricket is played. Lush and green, this park owes its beauty to the French who planted trees here centuries ago. Today it is lined with quaint cafes and is the most popular meeting spot in town. On a stroll through the park, you will encounter several important monuments, including the Rotonda, an Ionic-style structure built in honor Sir Thomas Maitland, the first British Lord High Commissioner.

Where:  Between the Old Fortress and Old Town.

Kanoni Peninsula and Mouse Island

Photo of	Pontikonisi	in	Corfu

Corfu - Pontikonisi

Photo by stefanos kozanis public domain

Editor Points: Located on the South side of Corfu Town, Kanoni was the location of the island's first city and is therefore home to many archaeological sites including the ancient temple of Artemis. It is also one of the most picturesque areas of the island, and it offers stunning views of Mouse Island and the 17th-century Vlakhérna monastery. Kanoni is named after a famous cannon brought by the French in 1798 that sits at the top of the hill of Analypsi.

Where:  South of Corfu Town

Square of the Saint

Photo of	Heroes Square in Corfu

Heroes Square

Photo by enrique íñiguez rodríguez CC-By-SA

Editor Points: Also known as the Square of the Heroes of the Cypriot Struggle, the main buidling in this landmark is the Bank Note Museum. The area around the square is the site of three important churches: the Church of St. Spiridon, the Church of the Blessed Virgin of Strangers, and the Church of St. John the Baptist. Here you will also find traditional Greek restaurants, shops, and quaint old homes as well as a vibrant art scene during the summer.

Where:  In the midle of Nikiforou Theotoki Street, a busy shopping street, right of the Liston.

Town Hall Square

Photo of Town Hall in	Corfu

Town Hall Square

Photo by Dr. K. CC-By-SA

Editor Points: One of the most important meeting places during Venetian occupation, the Town Hall Square today is a picturesque and stylish area for having coffee or doing lunch. The Town Hall itself is a massive marble structure built between 1663 and 1693. It served as a club for noblemen and the first Greek opera house before becoming the Town Hall.

Where:  At the end of Evgeniou Voulgareos, right of the Liston.

Other Landmarks

Ionian Academy

Photo of	Ionian Academy	in	Corfu

Ionian Academy

Photo by dr.k CC-By-SA

Editor Points: The home of the first Greek university, the Ionian Academy, is located on the southern edge of the Esplanade Square. For 40 years beginning in 1824, it provided Greek students with the opportunity for academic growth. The building was destroyed by Italian raids in 1943 but has since been restored.

Where: At the end of Kapodistriou, Spianada.

Ionian Parliament

Editor Points: The Ionian Parliament building dates back to 1855 and was designed by architect John Chronis in neoclassical style. On each side of the Doric entrance, inscribed marble plaques commemorate the election that resulted in the unity of Greece and the Ionian Islands.

Where:  At the end of Moustoxidi Street Old Town.

Kaiser's Bridge

Editor Points: In 1907, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany bought the Achilleion Palace, which had been deserted after Elizabeth of Austria's assassination in 1898. The bridge was built to allow the Kaiser easier access to the beach from the palace. It originally formed an arch over the road from the lower gardens, although much of the bridge was destroyed in World War II.

Where: Close to the Achilleion Palace

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