Major Museums
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Best museums and art galleries
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The cruise visitor will be surprised with the number and quality of the museums that are to be found in Corfu. With over 10,000 works, the Museum of Asian Art (housed in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George) is certainly one of the most surprising.

The Banknote Museum has another unexpected collection. The Paleopolis Archaeological Museum in the Mon Repos Palace and the Antivouniotissas Museum display less surprising thematic collections but of great quality, in particular, the latter.

Cruise travelers should be aware that, regardless of what you may read and be told by so-called 'port-guides', the Archaeological Museum is currently closed for renovation works.

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Antivouniotissas Museum

Dedicated to the Holy Virgin, the Panagia Antivouniotissa Church is a well-preserved example of a Corfiot “Heptanesian Basilica” of the 15th Century. This type of church is specifically defined by an exterior narthex and a timber roof.

Photo of the Antivouniotissas Museum in Corfu

Antivouniotissas Museum in Corfu

Photo by Hedwig Storch CC-By-SA

Seen from the street, it doesn't look like much, but the interior is spectacular with painted tapestries and an intricately adorned ceiling. Though the main objective of the museum was to recreate the church, the scared artworks on display are a must see. Works are from the 15th to the 20th centuries provide an excellent view of six centuries of religious artwork creativity.

Photo of the Antivouniotissas Museum in Corfu

Antivouniotissas Museum in Corfu

Photo by Hedwig Storch CC-By-SA

Where:Antivouniotissa Church (center of Corfu Old Town and just a few minutes away from other top attractions).
Address:3 Parados Arseniou Street
When: Tuesday to Sunday: 8:00AM to 3:00PM | Closed: Monday, December 25 , January 1, March 25 , May 1 and Orthodox Easter Sunday.
Admission: Full: €4.00 | Reduced: €2.00
Phone: 26610 38313 (in English)
Visiting Time:Around 30 to 45 minutes.

Museum of Asian Art

The Museum of Asian Art is housed inside the Palace of Saints Michael and George. It displays over 10,000 works obtained from private collections. The art is diverse and not typically what you see in a Greek museum. Impressive Chinese porcelains, masks from the Japanese Noh Theater, bronze relics and sculptures are among the items on display. The only Asian Art Museum in all Greece is definitely worth a stop on your tour of the palace.

Photo of Asian Art Museum in Corfu

Japanese Fan

Photo by management

Where:Saint Michael & Saint George Palace (center of Corfu Old Town and just a few minutes away from other top attractions).  
When:Monday to Sunday between 8AM to 8PM | Closed: December 25, December 26, January 1, March 25, May 1, and Easter.
Facilities for disabled:YES
Phone:+30 26610 30443
Visiting Time:At least 1 hour.

Municipal Art Gallery

There is certainly much to see in the Palace of Saints Michael and George, with the Municipal Art Gallery being another excellent museum occupying the east wing. Here you will find works by 19th-century Corfiot painters as well as form the Heptanese School, which is (in fact) the bridge between the Byzantine tradition and modern Greek art. On display the cruise traveler will also find temporary exhibitions with works by modern Greek artists. Some of the most famous works on display here are "The Piano Tuner" by G. Samartzis, "Arab Musician" by P. Prossalendis, and “Warrior of 21" by Sp. Prossalendis. This is an excellent museum for viewing the artistic trends of Greek painting.

Photo of the Municipal Art Gallery in Corfu

Municipal Art Gallery

Photo by Courtesy of the Municipal Art Gallery

Where:Saint Michael & Saint George Palace (center of Corfu Old Town and just a few minutes away from other top attractions).
When:Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM | Closed on Monday
Admission:Admission €4.00 | €3.00 (Reduced) Free on Sunday
Phone:+30 2661 048690 (in English) | Facebook Page
Visiting Time:At least 1 hour.

Banknote Museum of the Ionian Bank

Money enthusiasts will delight in this museum, also known as the Numismatic Museum or the Paper Money Museum. It is the only museum in Greece devoted solely to the display of currency and it is well known internationally. This unique museum not only displays a large collection of banknotes, it also shows the process in which money is made. You will see the dye, metal plates, machinery, and the paper used in the process of printing money. It is housed on the first floor of the historic building in which the first Branch of the Ionian Bank in Corfu opened in 1840.

Photo of    Money Museum in    Corfu

Corfu - Money Museum

Photo by joanbanjo CC-By-SA

Where: Square of the Saint (center of Corfu Old Town and just a few minutes away from other top attractions).
Address: Aghiou Spyridonos Square (aka Square of the Saint)
When: 1 October to 31 March: Wednesday until Sunday between 08.00 AM and 3.00 PM. | Closed: Monday and Tuesday
1 April - 30 September: Wednesday: 9.00AM to 2.00PM & 5.30PM to 8.30PM | Thursday: 9.00AM to 3.00PM | Friday: 9.00AM to 2.00PM & 5.30PM to 8.30PM | Saturday: 9.00AM to 3.00PM | Sunday: 8.30AM to 3.00PM | Closed: Monday and Tuesday | January 1, March 25, May 1, Easter Sunday, December 25, December 26.
Admission: FREE
Phone: 26610 41552 (in English)
Visiting Time:Around 20 to 30 minutes.

Paleopolis Archaeological Museum

The Museum of Palaeopolis is housed in the Mon Repos Estate, located on the southern side of the island. Inside the museum you will find a collection of archaeological relics excavated in what is now the Kanoni area, dating from the Early Antiquity to the Roman period. The surrounding gardens are beautifully landscaped and provide a perfect area for picnicking. There are also several Doric temples on the property.

Photo of Mon Repos Palace in Corfu

Mon Repos Palace in Corfu

Photo by Marc Ryckaert CC-By-SA

Where:Mon Repos Palace, around 3 miles (4.8 km) south of the Cruise Port, 15 to 20 minutes by car.
Address:Dairpfela 16.
When:Winter - Open every day except Monday: 08.00 am to 3.00 pm. | Summer - from April 1st, open everyday from 08.00 am to 4.00 pm. Last admission: 30 minutes before closing.
Admission: €3.00 | Reduced: €2.00 |
Phone: +30 2661 041369
Visiting Time:At least 1 hour, including gardens. Cruise Travelers should be aware that it will take around 20 minutes driving from the port or the City Center.

Serbian Museum of Corfu

The Serbian Museum commemorates the Balkan War of 1915-17, in which Corfu played an instrumental role in helping the Serbian Army. Photographs, uniforms, war medals, flags, arms and ammunition, and surgical tools on display tell the story of this tragic battle. Opening times are limited, so make sure to contact the museum for current information.

Photo of Serbian Museum in Corfu

Serbian Museum in Corfu

Photo - public domain

Where: Center of Corfu Old Town, close to the former Ionian Parliament and just a few minutes away from other top attractions.
Address:Moustoxidou 19
Admission: NA
Phone: +30 26610 33960

Archaeological Museum
Currently closed for renovation works.

The Archaeological Museum was built between 1962 and 1965 for the purpose of providing a space to exhibit a massive 6th-century BC Gorgon pediment of the Artemis temple that was found in Paleopolis. The museum displays spectacular relics from Corfu's many excavation sites. Of particular interest is a collection of coins, many of which date back to the 6th-century BC. There is also a fascinating collection of Bronze Age pieces.

Photo of Archaelogical Museum in Corfu

Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Photo by joanbanjo CC-By-SA

Where:Armeni Vraila Street
When: Regardless of the information found all over the Internet (including Google that shows the Museum open Tuesday to Sunday 9AM to 3PM) the Museum is currently closed for renovation works. Due to open in 2019.
Admission: Admission €4.00
Phone: +30 26610 30680

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