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To Volterra, San Gimignano and beyond

Livorno has such a good network of 'Public Transportation' that both Buses and Trains are in fact the most popular ways to explore the most famous highlights of the region like Florence, Pisa and Lucca.

However, some of the hidden jewels of Tuscany are not as easy to explore by public transportation as it is the case of Volterra, San Gimignano or even Siena and you should consider renting a car if you wish to visit any of these.

Driving in Italy is not complicated at all, particularly in countryside roads. The landscape is absolutely spectacular and you will have both the time and flexibility to enjoy at leisure the wonders of Tuscany. All car rental representatives at the piers of the Port of Livorno have Automatic Cars available for those that are not familiar with a clutch and shifting gears. Car rental for a day is offered with very good deals: between €60.00 and €100.00 depending on the car size. If you are concerned with getting lost in the Italian maze of countryside roads, you have nothing to worry about as Car Rental comes with GPS and Maps.

If you enjoy driving, renting a car will be the best way of exploring Volterra (the journey is no more than 1 h 15 minutes - 45 miles / 73 km), as you will not have to worry about the tight train/bus connections (taking 2 hours each way). Parking in Volterra is easy, affordable and right by the main attractions. San Gimignano is another hidden jewel that is best explored by car, as you will not have to worry about the bus connection between the Rail Station in Poggibonsi and the town itself. Like in Volterra, parking is easy (outside the city walls) and affordable.

Siena is the other city that can be best explored by car - although the train / bus connections take almost as long as the drive to Siena (at least 2 hours - 80 miles / 130 km). The only drawback is that parking in Siena is outside the medieval walls and you will have a 15-minute walk to the main attractions. However, the same will happen if you go on a tour or by public transportation.

Photo of Hertz Car Rental Representatives at the Porto of Livorno

Hertz Car Rental at the Porto Mediceo

Photo by R. Rosado © Independent Quest LLC

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Last Update: January 22, 2018

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