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As it happens in most regions with a rich past in Italy, the genuine native people from Livorno have a distinct Italian accent with some particular and peculiar expressions that leads some to consider "Livornese" to be a specific dialect – when, in fact, is a sub-dialect of the 'parent' Florentine dialect.

Although is not absolutely clear that the specific expressions and words spoken in Livorno are sufficiently characteristic to establish 'Livornese' as a distinct dialect the reality is that besides 'scholar' disputes, a satirical magazine entirely written in this 'dialect' is published monthly with the revealing title "Il Vernacoliere" - founded in 1982 as a successor of Livornocronaca (first published in 1961).

Amongst the most famous Livorno’s personalities, the writer (and politician) Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi (1804 – 1873) must be mentioned as one of the Livorno's natives even though he wrote in 'standard' Italian - a small square at the end of Via Grande is named after him.

Tourism Information

Conveniently placed in Piazza Municipio - where the cruise ship shuttle stops - there is a Tourist Information Kiosk. This is a place to get additional tourist information, if required, and to double check for any recent updates. But keep in mind that at the pier where your cruise ship docks, next to your gangway there might be a local Tourist Representative as well.

The Tourist Information Kiosk at Piazza Municipio is the best place to buy the Livorno Card, which for €3.00 (Euros) offers FREE travel on the local CTT bus service, FREE entrance on museums like the Giovanni Fattori art gallery, the Natural History Museum and the Sacred Art Museum. It also offers discounts on the City Sightseeing tour, the Boat Tours on the Medici Canals and the Aquarium. You can also buy at his Kiosk the tickets for any of these tours.


Italy was part of the first group of countries founding what is know as the Eurozone adopting the Euro in 2002 and dismissing the Lira which was the country’s currency between 1861 and 2002. The Euro has 7 notes (5, 10, 20, 50, 100 200 and 500). The Euro is divided in cents. There are 5 coins (1cent, 2 cents, 5 cents 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 Euro and 2 Euros).


USA Consulate
The USA does not have a Consular Section in Livorno. However, there is one close by in Florence in case of an emergency. The Consular Section in Florence is part of the United States Mission to Italy, which includes the American Embassy in Rome, and has a staff 18 and 3 Foreign Service Officers.

The U.S. Consul General is Abigail (Abby) M. Rupp (since July 2014).
Address: Lungarno Vespucci, 38 - Florence
Telephone (switchboard): (+39) 055.266.951
Emergency Services:
Monday through Friday - 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (walk-in).
After Hours Emergency - Call (+39) 055.266.951

Other Consulates
Spanish Consulate:
Piazza Cavour, 12 - Phone: (+39) 0586 84 61 11
French Consulate:
Via della Padula, 251 - Phone: (+39) 0586 85 13 26
Greek Consulate:
Piazza Attias - Phone: (+39) 0586 26 56 87
Danish Consulate:
Via Del Marzocco 25 - Phone: (+39) 0586 25 01 11; (+39) 0586 89 41 51
Swedish Consulate:
Via Cogorano 25 - Phone: (+39) 0586 89 41 32; (+39) 0586 89 42 33
Finnish Consulate:
Piazza Attias - Phone: (+39) 0586 20 38 64
Uruguayan Consulate:
Via De Larderel, 93 - Phone: (+39) 0586 88 31 63

Basic Phone Numbers:
112 - Carabinieri (National Police)
113 - Local Police
118 - Ambulance
115 - Fire
116 - Roadside Assistance - paid service
117 - Finance Police

Essential Information
At a Glance

LANGUAGE Italian - English spoken in tourist areas.
WEATHER Moderate Winters, Warm Summers
TOURISM INFO Main Kiosk at Piazza Municipio
TRANSPORTS Taxis, Buses and Train. Airport in Pisa.
COMMUNICATIONS Good and efficient.
internet At Caffes and a few Enotecas
Phone Codes Country (351), Livorno (21)
Post Very Efficient - Main Office at Via Cairolli
Courriers DHL
MONEY MATTERS Euro (since 2001)
Banks Open: 8:00am - 3:00pm
ATM Widely available.
Exchange Very few, only touristic areas.
Credit Cards Widely accepted, specailly VISA and Amex.
Tipping NOT required
Haggling NOT customary, will not take you far.
HEALTH MATTERS Livorno has a modern Hospital; Pharmacies on main streets - namely on Via Grande.
EMERGENCIES USA consulate in Florence.
TIME ZONE European Continental Time (+ 1 GMT)
ELECTRICITY 240 V - 2 pin european socket

Public Holidays

During public Holidays most businesses, attractions, museums and shops will be closed although a few coffee shops and restaurants may open.

January 1 - New Year
January 6 - Epiphany
Pasqueta - Easter Monday
April 25 - Italy's Liberation Day
May 1 - Labour Day
May 22 - Santa Giulia Day (Livorno's Patron Saint)
August 15 - Assumption of the Virgin Mary
November 1 - All Souls Day
December 8 - Immaculate Conception of the Virgin
December 25 - Christmas

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