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Livorno has a very good and efficient public bus network with 15 routes, which are very easy to navigate especially for touristic purposes. The one and only inconvenience (riddle) to overcome is how to buy a ticket - the good news is that tickets can be acquired at any 'newsstand' (there are four, one at each corner, of Piazza Grande and two at the west end of Via Grande by the Quattro Mori Monument if you are docked at Porto Mediceo). At any of these newsstands, English is well understood. You can also buy bus tickets at tobacconists (Tabacchi) - there is one on Via Cogorano (where Suttle Bus stops) on the other side of the street.
Public Buses have a fixed fare of €1.20 and are valid for 75 minutes.

Insider's Tip A: wherever you want go buy two tickets (for both ways, so that you don't need to look out for another newsstand). Or, even better, Insider's Tip B: buy a LIVORNO CARD (at the Tourist Kiosk in Piazza Municipio) for €3.00 (Euros), which offers unlimited rides for 24 hours on public buses and FREE entries to the Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum and the Natural History Museum among other discounts. To know more about this card check the Livorno Card Website.

Map of the Bus Stops in Piazza Grande

Bus to Train Station

Bus Nº 1 - This is the bus route you will need to get to the Railway Station - bus stop is right in front of the Cathedral (Duomo) going East (left when facing the Cathedral). It runs between the Railway Station and Artignano with stops at Piazza della Repubblica, Via Grande, Port Mediceo (by Quattro Mori statue), Vialle Italia (the costal road to the south), Terrazza Mascagni, Naval Academy, Ardenza Mare and Antignano. If you are docked at the Porto Mediceo, the closest stop for Bus Nº 1 is at walking distance, at the start of Via Grande on the right - going East. There are a couple of newsstands just before the start of Via Grande where you can buy bus tickets.
Journey between Piazza Grande and the Railway Station: 10 minutes. A couple of minutes more if boarding the bus at the start of Via Grande.

Bus to South Coast

If the Aquarium, the Terraza Mascagni, Ardenza or Artignano are in your plans, just get on Bus Nº 1 on Piazza Grande but in the opposite direction (to the right when facing the Duomo) - going West and to the South Coast. Bus Nº 1 bus runs every 15 minutes (be aware: every 30 minutes on Sundays and Holidays. If walking from Porto Mediceo, the Bus Nº 1 stop is right at the beginning of Via Grande, but going East and then South all the way to Artigano. Journey between Piazza Grande and Antigano: 25 minutes.

Bus to Pisa and Tirrenia

The Bus Nº 10 - Bus Stop just behind the Duomo (P on Map) - runs between Livorno and Pisa, every 30 minutes (6:00 am to 10:00 pm) and can be a good alternative to the train as you do not have to get on the bus Nº 1 to the Railway Station and then on a Train to Pisa. The journey to Pisa takes around one hour. The bus stops along the way at the beaches of Tirrenia, at Marina the Pisa and at a couple of small villages before arriving in Pisa. The Bus Station in Pisa is not far from the railway station and, therefore, you will be at about the same (walking) distance to the major attractions in Pisa - more or less a mile away. Because this is an inter-city service you will not be on the most conformable bus in the world but considering the journey time it can be a nice way to travel to Pisa. To return to Livorno, the bus departs every 30 minutes (last bus at 8:00 pm). The fare for this Bus is €4.00 and is NOT included in the Livorno Card.

Bus to Montenero

Bus Nº 2: runs between the Railway Station and Montenero and has a convenient stop at Piazza Grande if you wish to go to Montenero. It is next to stop for Bus Nº 1 (going to the South Coast).Be aware: there is also a Bus Nº 2R that ends in Antigano. Regular Bus Nº 2 has Montenero written up front and is the one of interest. After the Piazza Grande, it has stops at Via Cairoli, Piazza Cavour, Via Ricasoli, Piazza Attias, Via Marradi, Villa Fabbricotti, Ardenza Terra, Antigano and Montenero (Piazza delle Carrozze) - it is on Piazza delle Carrozze that you the funicular has the bottom stop to go up hill to visit the monastery and enjoy spectacular views. Bus Nº 2 runs every 30 minutes.Journey between Piazza Grande and Montenero: 30 minutes.
PLEASE NOTE: although Bus Nº 2 also runs between Piazza Grande and the Railway Station, it takes longer than Bus Nº 1 and his neither the faster nor the most efficient way to get to the Train Station.

Other Buses

If the Natural History Museum or the Gardens of Villa Fabriciotti are on your must see list then Bus Nº 5 with a stop at Via Roma, is the one of interest. Like with other Buses, make sure to buy two tickets (or the Livorno Card) as you will not find Newsstands close to Piazza Roma. The stop for Bus Nº 5 is on Via Cogorano, on the other side of the street where the Shuttle Bus stops. It runs every 30 minutes and it takes around 10 minutes. If docked at the Porto Medico the bus stop is the same for Bus Nº 1 at the start of Via Grande, going West-South.

Livorno's Public Buses
At a Glance

Railway StationBus Nº 1
East Direction
-Bus Nº 1
East Direction
PISA -Nº 10 -
South CoastBus Nº 1
West Direction
-Bus Nº 1
West Direction
MonteneroBus Nº 2 - -
Piazza RomaBus Nº 5 - -
Map of the Bus Stops close to Porto Mediceo
Image of the Livorno Card
Photo of Tourism Kiosk at Piazza Municipio

Tourism Kiosk Piazza Municipio

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Photo of Tobacconist at Via Grande

Via Grande Tobacconist

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Photo of Bus Stop at Piazza Grande

Bus Stop at Piazza Grande

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Photo of Bus Stop 2 at Piazza Grande

Bus 2 Stop at Piazza Grande

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Photo of the inside of a bus in Livorno

Livorno Bus Inside

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