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As mentioned on the "At the Pier" page, taxis parked by the gangway are waiting for passengers that wish to go as far as Pisa, Lucca or even Florence. Even so, some taxis will be willing to accept a ride to the Railway Station for €25.00 (Euros). However, if you find this exorbitant, there is a Taxi Stand with a reasonable number of cars in town, on Piazza Grande, left side of the Cathedral (Duomo).

These drivers comply with the basic meter fares and a ride to the Railway Station shouldn't cost more than €6.00 (Euros) - it is advisable to ask the driver before entering the taxi but, most probably, he/she will tell you that it will cost whatever shows on the meter.

Naturally, there is also a Taxi Stand at the Train Station where you can get a taxi back to any of the piers, or to Piazza Grande, when returning from Florence, Pisa or Lucca; however, do not take it for granted that it will be a "metered" fare - just in case be prepared to pay at least €25.00 (Euros) from the railway station to either the Porto Industriale or the Porto Mediceo.

Besides the railway station, you may also consider taking a taxi to any of the attractions in Livorno be it the Museu Fattori or the Aquarium - although you can walk to any of them (slightly under one mile from the Piazza Grande), or get on a public bus, a taxi ride will not cost more than €7.00 (Euros) and can be worth it. If you wish to go as far as Ardenza, Antignano or Tirrenia you will be better off by considering a taxi at the pier and negotiate a price for a return fare with waiting time.

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Photo of Taxis at Piazza Grande

Taxis at Piazza Grande

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Photo of Taxi at the Railway Station

Taxi at the Railway Station

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