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Sightseeing Livorno can be a very nice way of getting acquainted with this historic city and port. Traveling around by public bus is the most affordable way to explore the city and the Livorno Card offers both great deals and discounts. But there are also other more interesting ways of discovering Livorno like the City Sightseeing Bus or the Boat Tours (aka Giro in Battello).

Public Buses

Exploring Livorno on Public Buses is so easy that it is advisable to explore this option. Naturally and as mentioned before the cruise ship passenger can acquire individual tickets at newsstands but for as low as €3.00 you can use all buses all over the city for 24 hours. All the cruise ship passenger needs do is to buy Livorno Card, which can be acquired at the Tourist Information Office right on Piazza Municipio (Town Hall Square).

The main bus routes that give the visitor the opportunity to sightsee Livorno by public transportation depart either from Via Grande (Nº 1 to the South Coast and Nº 2 to Montenero) or just in the vicinity on Via Cogorano (Bus Nº 5 for Piazza Roma). Learn more about Public Buses in Livorno on IQCruising article.

Livorno Card

Besides the Free travel on the local bus service, the Livorno Card also allows Free entrance to the Fattori Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Sacred Art Museum; and provides Discounts on the City-sightseeing Bus, the Boat Tours, the Aquarium, the Itinerari Mascagni at the Teatro Goldoni and the Modigliani’s Home Museum. Find more about the Livorno Card.

Graphic image of Livorno Card

Very much recommended, the Livorno Card shouldn't put the visitor off using other sightseeing alternatives and especially the Giro in Battello (Boat Tours) and the Hop-On Hop-Off City Sightseeing tours - after all, you will also get a discount on any of these (or both) once you acquire the Livorno Card. In fact, both offer such unique and comfortable ways of sightseeing Livorno that are highly recommended as well.

Giro in Battello
(Boat Tours) - $

One of the most famous and popular ways of sightseeing Livorno from a unique perspective, the "Giro in Battello - as it is known in Livorno. It allows the cruise ship passenger to travel the Medieval Canals and see all major Landmarks in the vicinity and some of the Highlights of the city. Amongst the places of interest of the 'cruise' you will be passing under the bridge that is the Piazza della Repubblica - claimed to be the widest bridge in Europe. Equally interesting is the segment around the Fortezza Vecchia and the Porto Mediceo before exploring the Quartieri Venezia.

Photo of Boat Tours in the Canals of Livorno

Cruising the Canals of Livorno

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WHERE:Around the Fosso Reale
Prices:Adults - €12.00 | Children (4-12 years) €6.00 | Children under 3 years - FREE
When:April to end of October: 10:30 am | 11:30 am | 12:30 pm | 3:30pm
How Long:The duration of the tour is about 50 minutes.
Meeting Point: Tourism Office, Via Peroni 18 close to Piazza Municipio
Departing: Piazza della Repubblica (near the Fortezza Nuova in Viale deggli Avvalorati)
Must Know:The tour is hosted by a multilingual guide. The Livorno Card offers a discount of €1.50 for adults and €1.00 for children. Minimum of 20 passengers (in English)

NOTES: Highlights and Landmarks of the Tour: Old Fortress, Venice Quarter, New Fortress, Pontino S.Marco Quarter, Passage under Republic Square, Covered Market, Cavour Square, Scali degli Olandesi, Medicean Port.

City Sightseeing Bus
(Hop-On Hop-Off Classic) - $

The City Sightseeing Bus that tour the city with the classic Hop-On Hop-Off formula is, undoubtedly, one of the best ways to explore Livorno. Departing every 60 minutes, it allows the cruise ship passenger the opportunity to sightsee both landmarks and highlights but also to wander through the shopping areas, enjoy outdoors and hop-off at any of major highlights to visit Museums, Churches or Attractions. It is the ideal way to explore the South Coast and especially if you want to go as far as Montenero to visit a wonderful Sanctuary and enjoy fabulous views of the Mediterranean.

Photo of City Sightseeing Bus Livorno

Hop-On Hop-Off City Sightseeing Bus

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WHERE:All around town and as far as Montenero
How Long:The duration of the tour is about 60 minutes.
Commentary:Audio-guide in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian
Ticket Validity:24 hours
Prices:Adults - €12.00 | Children (5-15 years) €6.00 | Families (2 adults + 3 children) €12.00 | Children under 5 - FREE
When:April to middle of November:
Every 60 minutes (between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm)
Departing: Via Cogorano (next to Cruise Shuttle Bus Stop) or at any Sightseeing bus stop.
Main Stops:Venice Quarter | Aquarium | Bathing Establishments in Ardenza | Connection with the Montenero Funicular | Museo Fattori | Natural History Museum | Modigliani's House Museum | Grand Market | Fortezza Nuova (in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian)

NOTES: The Livorno Card offers a discount of €1.50 for adults and €1.00 for children. Keeping the ticket of this tour you will receive a discount of 10% on the price of the next tour in one of the other City Sightseeing tours in Italy and Europe.

Green Byke
(Bicycle Rentals and Tours) | Temporarily Closed

Although 'Temporarily Closed' the Green Byke is a Bicycle Rentals shop in Livorno that offers guided tours of Livorno and is worth visit the website below to check if or when this is re-open. It offers two different tours. The cruise traveler can tour the city passing by all the major highlights, landmarks and monuments of the city but also explore the south coast as far as the sanctuary of 'Madonna di Montenero'. Price of the tours depends on the number of participants. A couple will pay € 60.00 per person, whilst a group of 10 will coast € 20.00 per person. If you wish to just rent a bicycle, prices start as low as €5.00 for 3 hours.

WHERE:All around town and as far as Montenero
Commentary:Bi-lingual Guide English and Italian
How Long:Up to 3 hours.
Prices:2 participants - €60.00 | 4 participants €35.00 | 6 participants €30.00 | 8 participants €25.00 | 10 participants €20.00
Main Stops:Venice Quarter | Aquarium | Bathing Establishments in Ardenza | Connection with the Montenero Funicular | Museo Fattori | Natural History Museum | Modigliani's House Museum | Grand Market | Fortezza Nuova (in English, French, German, and Italian)

NOTES: Tours have to be booked online only. The Livorno Card offers a discount of 12% discount on Green Byke Tours.

Giro in Batello Video

Watch the under 3-minute video below to have a preview of what the Giro in Batello experience looks like.

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