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With the exception of very small ships such as the ones belonging to ultra luxurious cruise lines (like Siversea or Seabourn), most cruise ships will dock at the Venice Passenger Terminal. This is a massive harbor, with four very large piers, less than 3/4 of a mile from Piazzale Roma. This large square is at the eastern edge of the Old City and his the main transportation hub of Vencie. In fact, this is the last area where cars and buses can circulate before entering the maze of water canals and the exclusively pedestrian zone that Venice is.

Photo of  Cruise Terminal in Venice.

Cruise Terminal, Venice

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The cruise traveler can easily reach Piazzale Roma, either on foot (10 to 15-minute walk) or using the people mover - a small electric train (like the ones found in many an airport, costing €1.50 for the 1-minute ride). Once at a Piazalle Roma, you have to choose to go north (towards the Railway Station and the Ghetto) or East (to cross the district of Dorsoduro). Either way, you will find signs with arrows indicating two main directions: San Marco and Rialto.

Basically, just enjoy the walk and do not worry about getting lost: you surely will as all visitors do and you surely find your way as all travelers do.
Essential to know: when walking back, the cruise traveler should look out for the signs indicating the two directions closer to the terminal: Ferrovia (Railway Station) or Piazzale Roma.

Photo of    Piazzale Roma in Venice.

Piazzale Roma, Venice

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Being the main transportation hub of Venice, the Piazzale Roma is the right spot to get on a Vaporetto - public water bus - as you will find here the central Vaporetto Pier with all and every single itinerary. In other words, all Vaporetto start and finish at Piazalle Roma. For those that like to walk, starting the exploration of Venice at Piazzale Roma is a delight and an easy place to return to by Vaporetto or Water Taxi - costing way more, obviously.

Photo of    Cruise Terminal in Venice.

Cruise Terminal, Venice

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San Basilico

If the visitor is traveling on cruise lines like Seabourn, Silversea or Regent, your ship will most probably dock at San Basilico. This is a small pier in the district of Dorsoduro, right before the beginning of the Fondamenta delle Zattere - a wonderful waterfront promenade on the southern edge of the city, facing the Giudecca. This is one of the nicest spots to Dock in Venice, within walking distance to many highlights and no more than 30 minutes away from Piazza San Mark on foot.

Photo of    Cruise Terminal San Basilico in Venice.

Cruise Terminal San Basilico, Venice

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From San Basilico, once you pass a small bridge that connects to the Zattere, you will find a major waterbus stop connecting to many top landmarks and highlights, but for those that plan to explore Venice on foot the walk along this waterfront promenade is a delight. The church of St. Mary of the Rosary (Gesuati) is not far, and turning left after this church, you will be very close to the Accademia and Guggenheim Collection. Crossing the wooden Accademia Bridge will allow a fabulous photo op and from Campo San Stefano you will be just 10 minutes away from Piazza San Marco.


What's at the Piers

The passenger cruise terminal has very good amenities and services. The most useful one is a very good public water transportation pier where you can get on a Vaporetto or a Water Taxi to all the main highlights, including the Airport. Keep in mind that the Vaporetto - public bus service - covers the entire city and has stops close to all and every main highlight, landmark, museum or religious site of interest.

Photo of Cruise Terminal in Venice, Italy.

Passenger Cruise Terminal, Venice

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Do not be put off by the price for a single journey (€8.00) and look instead for a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day pass. You will save a lot of money and walking. The Vaporetto network is very easy to navigate, with maps at every stop and once you buy a pass you will just hop-on and off to wherever you want to go. Since 2016, the ubiquitous Hop-On Hop-Off CitySightseeing Bus has also been operating in Venice with a waterbus departing from here. However, the cruise traveler should check the prices of the daily pass for the Vaporetto - for a very similar cost you will have more stops available.

Photo of    Cruise Terminal Shuttle Bus in Venice.

Shuttle Bus, Venice Cruise Terminal

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If your cruise ship is docked at the farther way spots and the walk to the main buildings where most services are found seems too long, do not be discouraged, there is a shuttle bus service connecting all docking spots to the main service area and stopping close to the people mover station.

Photo of    Taxi Stand in Venice.

Taxi Stand, Venice

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At the Passenger Cruise Terminal, you will find pretty much everything you may need, including a Pharmacy, ATM and Exchange Office, Souvenir Shops, Taxi stand, a couple of Coffee shops and you may even find a tourist representative or, at least, a desk with maps of Venice - make sure you grab one. Be aware that a taxi - the regular ones with wheels, not the water ones - will only be useful if going to Piazzale Roma or if embarking/disembarking. The fare to Piazzale Roma will be at least €20.00.


Embarking - Disembarking

Venice is a major embarkation cruise port for all cruise lines with itineraries in the Mediterranean. With thousands of cruise passengers embarking and disembarking every week, the operation is run surprisingly smooth thanks to very good infrastructures and good services. There are many different ways of getting directly from the Terminal to the Airport and in the opposite direction: by taxi, water-bus (Vaporetto) or water taxi. And by bus from Piazzale Roma.

Photo of    St Lucia Railway Station in Venice.

St Lucia Railway Station, Venice

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If planning to go somewhere else in Italy by train after or before your cruise, the Railway Station of St. Lucia is just next to Piazzale Roma and easy to access. For those staying overnight in Venice, a day trip to Verona or Padua should be considered and the train is undoubtedly the best way to explore these hidden jewels. But if you prefer to rent a car, you will find Hertz, Avis, and Europcar close by on your way to Piazzale Roma.

One service that can be very useful is the luggage storage and transfer - you can leave your suitcases at the pier or, even better, have them transferred to the airport or to the railway station. You can even have your luggage delivered anywhere in the European Union.

If docking at San Basilico, the cruise traveler will also have very goog connections to the airport - taxi, Vaporetto, and water-taxi. However, be aware that only the latter will take you next to the embarkation terminal as both the taxi and the Vaporetto stop 300 meters away.

Photo of    Cruise Terminal Map in Venice.

Cruise Terminal Map, Venice

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