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Laem Chabang Cruise Port

The Laem Chabang Terminal,  Bangkok cruise port

Basic guide to the docks and cruise terminal in Laem Chabang (Bangkok) port: where ships dock; shuttle bus to Pattaya; embarking and disembarking.

Updated: May 23, 2023

Laem Chabang (Bangkok) in Thailand has a huge large industrial port where cruise ships also dock. It is a major port of call and also, but not frequently, a Home Port (Embarkation-Disembarkation) for ships cruising South East Asia itineraries.

Where Ships Dock in Laem Chabang (Bangkok)

Although most cruise lines will show Bangkok as a cruise port, in reality, ships moor at the Laem Chabang Port, in the Golf of Thailand, which is located around 80 miles ( 130 km) from Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand.

Pattaya, the other main highlight of the port, is 25 miles (40 km) to the south. Travel time between Laem Chabang port and Bangkok is between 1 h 30 min and 2 hours. Pattaya is no more than 40 minutes away. Learn more about
Embarkation/Disembarkation in Laem Chabang, Bangkok

Docks and Berths in Laem Chabang (Bangkok) Cruise Port

The port has 3 very large basins and among a multitude of container terminals, cargo terminals and shipyards, there are a couple of berths specifically dedicated for cruise ships to dock.

There is one modern cruise terminal in the port - Terminal A - where you will not find more than a few basic services and amenities.

Once you walk down the gangway into the pier, the terminal is just a few feet/meters away. The exit gates of the terminal open into a main road of the industrial port. From here to the exit of the port itself is over 1 mile of inhospitable industrial roads. Walking is not advisable.

The tour buses for cruise travelers that booked onboard shore excursions will be parked outside the terminal and cruise staff from your ship will be guiding you.

Cruise travelers looking for duty-free shopping in Laem Chabang (Bangkok) will be disappointed to know that there are only a few souvenir shops at the cruise terminal.

Exploring On Your Own

Cruise travelers planning to explore Bangkok and/or Pattaya on your own may find local taxis and buses just outside the terminal. However, be aware that prices may not be the best. It is advisable to book ahead of time with online taxi and transfer services such as:

Within Walking distance of Laem Chabang Cruise Port

The cruise port is in the outskirts of the the town of Laem Chabang (with a population of 80,000) in an industrial and unappealing area.

There is nothing of interest to see or do within walking distance of the Laem Chabang port. If you read elsewhere that there is a Shopping Mall close by, the Harbor Mall, be aware that this is over 4 miles (6 km) away.

Shuttle Bus to Pattaya

Some cruise lines may offer a shuttle bus transfer to Pattaya, but not to Bangkok as this destination will be only available as a shore excursion. The shuttle bus is a great way to explore a day out in Pattaya. Always check onboard before deciding what to do in Laem Chabang.

Embarking and/or Disembarking in Laem Chabang, Bangkok

Laem Chabang, Bangkok, is not a major Home Port, but there are few cruises that start and / or end in the capital of Thailand. When Embarking / Disembarking in Bangkok, cruise lines usually offer overnight stay in a hotel and also pre or post packages excursions to Siem Reap (Cambodia) to visit Angkor Wat.

In fact, cruise travelers that have never been in Bangkok before should consider flying at least 2 days before the cruise to explore the many attractions of the city. For those traveling from Europe and America, flying at least one day ahead of the cruise is advisable. This will help you to recover from a long flight (any thing between 18 and 30 hours), and to overcome jet lag and adapt to a new time zone - around 12 hours. Even for those traveling from Australia, it should be noted that a flight from Sidney to Bangkok is over 9 hours long .

How to Get from the Airport to Bangkok

Because Bangkok has two airports, traveling to the City Center depends on the airline you will be using. If you are traveling with low cost Asian airlines such as AirAsia, Nokair and Lion Air, which is unlikely, you will fly to the Don Muang (DMG). Otherwise, your will fly to and from the Suvarnabhumi (BKK) International Airport.

Taxi and Grab Taxi

For around 500THB you can take a regular taxi or a Grab Taxi - this in an app (like Uber) that has become very popular in Thailand and is really useful. Visit the Grab Website.

Private Car Transfer

When traveling to (or from) the airport either late at night or very early in the morning, you may consider booking a Private Car Transfer online.
There are many different services available such as Klook Airport Transfers

Airport Rail Link - Skytrain

The most affordable and fastest way to get to the city is with the Airport Rail Link. This train connects the Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok City Center. The Airport Rail Link is open from 06:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Make sure to take the Airport Rail Link to Phyathai Station (the last station on this line) and transfer to the the train going to Samrong, which has a stop at the Siam Station. This a very central station in the heart of Bangkok. At this station you also have connections with the Silom Line of the BTS Skytrain.

The Skytrain is fabulous and cheap way to explore the highlights of Bangkok. Check the official website to learn how get a BTS Skytrain Rabbit Card to travel around Bangkok.

Bangkok Transportation Map

Image with Map of the BTS Route in Bangkok

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