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Churches, monasteries, and the synagogue in Corfu for passengers to the cruise port of Corfu (Kerkyra)

By: | Date: May 23, 2023

The Saint Spyridon Church and the Paleokastritsa Monastery are top highlights of Corfu and both are usualy included on excursions exploring the top sites of the island. The Saint Spyridon Church is located in the heart of Corfu Old Town and is reviewd below


The Paleokastritsa Monastery is located on a cape in the northwest coast, 14 miles (22 km) from the Cruise Port and is reviewd on the "Out of Town Page" (click to read about this famous highlight).

But Corfu has such a rich and diverse history that the cruise traveler will have the opportunity to visit many other religious sites like the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, the Catholic Cathedral, the Synagogue and the Church of Saints Jason and Sosipater.

Editor's Favorite Religious Sites

Saint Spyridon Church or Agios Spyridon

Photo of Saint Spiridon Church in Corfu

Saint Spyridon Church in Corfu

Photo by jean housen CC-By-SA

The Church of Saint Spyridon's bell tower with its red dome is perched atop the highest point in Corfu Town. The Church is the island's most sacred religious monument and is filled with Ionian treasures, namely the remains of Saint Spyridon. It is believed that the patron saint's miracles saved the island four times. He is so revered that Spyros became a very common name on the island. On religious holidays, his remains are carried around town. Built in the 1580s, the church is a typical example of Venetian architecture. It is a wonderful place to tour or worship. Cruise travelers should be aware that shorts are not allowed and ladies must have shoulders covered.

Where:On a street perpendicular to Kapodistriou in the center of Corfu Old Town and just a few minutes away from other top attractions.
Address:Saint Spyridon Street, 32
When: Everyday between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM
Admission: FREE
Phone: +30 2661 033059 (in English)
Visiting Time:Around 20 to 30 minutes.

Church of Pantokrator

Photo of Pontikonissi Island in Corfu


Photo by Stefanos Kozanis - public domain

Located on the islet of Pontikonissi (Mouse Island), the Church of Pantokrator is a small, domed orthodox church built in the 13th century. In the interior you can see memorial tablets of Elizabeth Empress of Austria and Archduke Rudolfo. To visit the church you must take a boat from the small port where the Vlaherna Monastery is located. According to legend, the Mouse Island was formed by Poseidon when the mythological God turned Ulysses ship into a rock, although another interpretation states that the island is, in fact, the rock where Ulysses' ship crashed.

Where: South of Corfu Old Town, just off the Kanoni peninsula.

Vlaherna Monastery

Photo of Vlaherna Monastery in Corfu

Vlaherna Monastery

Photo by Stefanos Kozanis - public domain

Located in the south end of the Kanoni peninsula, the tiny ground of monastery of Vlaherna is connected to the main land by a narrow 300m passage, giving the impression that the temple is floating in the sea. The all-white church contrast with the blue background of the bay has become one of the most photographed sceneries in Corfu. Built in the 17th century, visitors will enter the courtyard of the chapel through an archway under the bell tower to find inside stunning frescoes and typical wooden carved icons.

Where: South of Corfu Old Town, just off the Kanoni peninsula.

Catholic Cathedral of Saint James and Saint Christopher

Photo of the Catholic Cathedral of Saint James and Saint Christopher in Corfu

Catholic Cathedral in Corfu

Photo by Marc-Ryckaer CC By 3.0

The Catholic Cathedral of Saint James and Saint Christopher is located next to the Town Hall in Corfu Town. The Cathedral is the most important catholic church of the Ionic islands, including Zakynthos and Cephalonia, and where the Catholic residents of Corfu worship. The nave is surrounded by six chapels ornamented with old and beautiful ecclesiastical artworks. The original catholic cathedral was severely damaged in the early 1500s, after the end of the Venetian control of the island, but rebuilt in the 1700s. In 1905, renovation works started in the exterior of the church but, once again, the Cathedral suffered devastation by German bombings on September 1943. The final renovation was only completed in 1970.

Where:  Old Town, close to Town Hall

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Photo of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Corfu

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Corfu

Photo: Public Domain

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church is located near the Old Ionian Parliament in Corfu Town. It originally opened in 1864 for British residents. It suffered serious damage during the World War II and was reopened in 1971. Today it is an active church in the community.

Where:  Old Town, close to Ionian Parliament, on Lavrenti Mavili 21. Phone: +30 698 653 8755 | Website: (in English)


Photo of the Synagogue in Corfu

Synagogue aka Scuola Greca in Corfu

Photo: Public Domain

Although Corfu's Jewish population today is small, it has a long, complex history on the island. The synagogue, known as Scuola Greca (or Tempio Greco) dates back to the 17th century when it was built in Venetian style. It is still fully functional and in use. Out of all the synagogues on Corfu, this is the sole survivor of the bombing during WWII and one of the finest in Greece.

Where:  Old Town, not far from the New Fortress, at Velissarianou Street, 4. | Phone: +30 26610 47777

Church of Saints Jason and Sosipater

Photo of the Church of Saints Jason and Sosipater in Corfu

Church of Saints Jason and Sosipater in Corfu

Photo: Public Domain

The church is found in a neighborhood between Mon Repos and Garitsa, south of the Old Town. Built around 1,000 AD, it is the oldest church in Corfu and one of the few with Paleo-christian original Byzantine architecture. Its distinguishing features include frescoes dating back to the 11th and 14th century, the two sarcophagi believed to belong to St Jason and St Sosipater, tall wooden doors and a 17th-century bell tower.

Where:  Close to Mon Repos

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