Best Restaurants
in Venice (Italy)
for Cruise Visitors

Top restaurants, cafes and bars for cruise travelers to Venice to enjoy lunch or a quick bite.


Venice is known for not offering as good a cuisine as visitors would expect, which means that if you are looking for gourmet cuisine it will be by pure luck that you will find an excellent restaurant. Considering that food is outstanding in most Italian cities, this may come as a surprise.

However, the good news is that the cruise traveler will find restaurants in Venice with the most wonderful settings: by a canal with gondolas passing by, on a side street, on a secluded square or on a large one contemplating major landmarks.

BE AWARE: do not sit at a cafe in any main square or close to a major landmark without checking the price list first. A coffee or a plain can of coke in Piazza San Marco, for example, can cost more than you will ever dream.

Editor's Picks - A to Z

Restaurant Bistrot Venise

Photo of Restaurant Bistrot Venise in Venice.

Restaurant Bistrot Venice

Photo ©

Restaurant Co Vino

Photo of Restaurant Co Vino in Venice.

Restaurant Co Vino, Venice

Photo ©

Restaurant Oliva Nera

Photo of Restaurant Oliva Nera in Venice.

Restaurant Oliva Nera, Venice

Photo ©

Restaurant Rosa Rossa

Photo of Restaurant Rosa Rossa in Venice.

Restaurant Rosa Rossa, Venice

Photo ©

Restaurant Tratoria Al Cugnai

Photo of Restaurant Tratoria Al Cugnai in Venice.

Restaurant Tratoria Al Cugnai, Venice

Photo ©

Enoteca Bacaro Risorto

Photo of Enoteca Bacaro Risorto in Venice.

Enoteca Bacaro Risorto, Venice

Photo ©

Pasticceria Rosa Salva

Photo of Restaurants Rosa Salva in Venice.

Pasticceria Rosa Salva, Venice

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Classic Restaurants - Great Locations

Restaurant Florian

Photo of Restaurant Florian in Venice.

Restaurant Florian, Venice

Photo ©

Gran Caffe

Photo of Restaurant Gran Caffe in Venice.

Restaurant Gran Caffe, Venice

Photo ©

Restaurant Caffe Lavena

Photo of Restaurant Caffe Lavena in Venice.

Restaurant Caffe Lavena, Venice

Photo ©

Restaurant Quadri

Photo of Restaurant Quadri in Venice.

Restaurant Quadri, Venice

Photo ©

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