Crown Bay Dock
St. Thomas (USVI) Cruise Port
Guide and Review (2022)

Photo of Royal Caribbeans' Explorer of the Seas docked at Crown Bay Dock pier in St Thomas (USVI) cruise port

All you need to know about the Crown Bay Dock in St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie (USVI) cruise port in 2022: what's at the terminal, duty-free shops, tourist info, Wi-Fi, ATMs, how to get to Charlotte Amalie, the beaches, taxis fares, and more ...

Update: September 13, 2022

IQCruising visited St Thomas on February 14, 2022, and docked at the Crown Bay. A week later, we called at St Thomas again on another cruise; and we docked at the Havensight Dock Terminal.

With two docking spots on the long and only pier of the Crown Bay Cruise Ship Dock, the exiting gates are right in front of your cruise ship, at no more than 500 feet (150 meters) from the gangway. The pier gates open into a very well-kept cruise terminal with absolutely all the services and amenities you may need.


  1. What's at the terminal
  2. Services and amenities
  3. Duty-Free Shops
  4. Tourist Information and Wi-Fi
  5. How to getting around
  6. Taxi Fares
  7. Within Walking Distance
  8. Money and Currency
  9. Crown Bay Basic Info
Panoramic view of 4 ships docked at the T-shaped cruise piers in Puerto Costa Maya
Royal Caribbean's Explorer Of The Seas docked at the Crown Bay Dock in February 2022, on a trypical Eastern Caribbean itinerary.

Photo taken on February 14, 2022 ©

Photo of Cruise Ships in the Crown Bay Dock St. Thomas

Two cruise ships docked at the long pier of the Crown Bay Dock

Photo ©

As you may be aware, two devastating hurricanes (Irma and Maria) hit St Thomas in 2017. Although you will still see many blemishes of these two hurricanes all over the island, you will not notice a scratch in the Crown Bay Dock, rebuilt as it was to its former glory.

Photo of Shops of Crown Bay in St. Thomas

Panoramic photo of Crown Bay Dock in March 2019

Photo ©

When we last cruised to St Thomas and docked at Crown Bay (in Februrary 2022), all we noticed was the fresh paint on most buildings. Even so, we updated a few photos on this review of the Crown Bay Dock Cruise Terminal.

What's in Crown Bay Dock Cruise Terminal (St Thomas Port)

Be Aware: the cruise ship passenger in St Thomas is required to have both the ship card and a valid photo ID to re-enter the pier.

If booked on a shore excursions, the cruise ship passenger will be guided by the Shorex staff to the tour buses parked just outside the gate of the Cruise Terminal.

But if you are planning to explore St Thomas independently, which is both easy and safe, you will enter a large shopping mall (the Crown Bay Center) just outside the pier gates. Besides lots of duty-free shops, you will find everything you need to discover the island on your own.

Photo of Crown Bay Center in St. Thomas

Crown Bay Center tour dispatch area and online tour operaters meeting point.

Photo ©

For those booked with pre-arranged private online services, you will find your independent tour guides outside the pier gates as you enter this open-air shopping mall.

Services and Amenities

The Crown Bay Center (or Terminal) is very well equipped with all sorts of amenities and services, including an excelent taxi dispatach with fixed fares and the ubiquitous shops found in the Caribbean. And the following services and amenities:

  • Tourist Information
  • ATM (US dollars only)
  • Restrooms
  • Convenience Stores
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Taxi Dispatch
  • Restaurants
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Local Crafts Stalls
  • Duty-Free Shops
Photo of Convenience store  in the Crown Bay Dock, St. Thomas

Convenience Store in the Crown Bay Dock

Photo © IQCruising.

Duty-Free Shops and Shopping in Crown Bay

In fact, as you walk into the Cruise Terminal, the first buildings you will come across are embellished with the shop windows of major labels and stores like Cardow, Diamonds International, Del Sol, , Little Switzerland or Milano. But there is also a vast area with all sorts of souvenir kiosks.

  • Cardow: liquor, perfume and jewelry
  • Cariloha: bamboo based fabrics
  • Diamonds International the most famous jewelry shop in the Caribbean
  • Del Sol: color changing clothing, t-shirts& accessories.
  • J.C. Jewelers
  • Little Switzerland
  • Milano Diamond Gallery
  • Omni Jewelers
  • Royal Caribbean: watches, jewelery and gifts

After all, St Thomas is known as a shopper's paradise and it starts right as you step out of your cruise ship. There are so many shops in Crown Bay that IQCruising has an article reviewing most of them.
Click Here to Discover All Shops in Crown Bay.

Cruise travelers looking for great shopping deals should explore the Main Street, Alleys and Passages in Charlotte Amalie where the top brands and most famous shops in St Thomas are located. Learn More about the Best Shops in Charlotte Amalie.

Photo of Shopping Kiosks in the Crown Bay Dock, St. Thomas

Souvenir Kiosks in Crown Bay

Photo ©

If shopping is not in your plans and the cruise traveler just wants to go out to explore the attractions of St Thomas, or spend a day on the beach the taxi dispatch is by the exit of the mall. All taxi fares are per person, fixed and official. Keep reading to learn more about how to get around by taxi in St Thomas.

However, if you want to buy liquor, fragrances, tobacco, gifts or souvenirs there is a good shop - Duty Free St Thomas -, a couple of convenience stores and an area with Kiosks selling all kinds of souvenirs.

Photo of Tourist Information in the Crown Bay Dock, St. Thomas

Tourist Information in Crown Bay

Photo ©

Tourist Information and Wi-Fi

The Information Center is located close to the exit of the Mall - on the north side - and is impossible to miss considering that the building replicates a windmill. Here you will find maps and all information you may need to explore St Thomas on your own.

Photo of Wi-Fi Spot in the Crown Bay Dock, St. Thomas

Free Wi-Fi in Crown Bay

Photo ©

If you missed this emblematic building, don't rush around looking for it as there are other information booths all over the Crown Bay Center.

Photo of Information Booth in the Crown Bay Dock, St. Thomas cruise port

Information Booth in the Crown Bay Dock, St Thomas cruise port

Photo ©

Close to main Information Center you will find a bank with an ATM. Not far, to the left, there is an area well-know by cruise crew, staff, officers and savvy cruisers where FREE Wi-Fi is available and that can be useful if you need to check your emails.

Photo of Taxi Dispatch in the Crown Bay Dock, St. Thomas

Taxi Dispatch in Crown Bay

Photo ©

How to get to Charlotte Amalie and around St Thomas by Taxi

If your cruise ship docks at the Crown Bay, walking to Charlotte Amalie is quite a stretch (over 2 miles) and not particularly pleasant until you get close to town.

The best way to get anywhere - including downtown - is by taxi. Next to exit of the mall there is a taxi dispatch, which displays taxi fares to the main attractions in St. Thomas, including all major beaches.

Photo of Taxi Arrival in the Crown Bay Dock, St. Thomas

Typical Shared Taxi in Crown Bay

Photo ©

These fares are official so haggling will not take you far - in fact, you will never get a bad deal as they are affordable. Just keep in mind that taxis in St. Thomas are shared an you will need to with wait for other cruise travelers to until the taxi is full but, usually, it doesn't take long.

Taxi fares may have been updated since last reviewed in March 2019. However, there was just an increase of $1.00 on the longer rides since 2011. Prices from Charlotte Amalie are very similar if you wish to pass by the capital of St Thomas.

Taxi Fares from Crown Bay Dock *

Charlotte AmalieMagens BayEmerald BeachCoki PointRed Hook FerryCoral WorldBolongo BayMorning StarSaphire BeachHull Bay
US$5US$12US$5 US$14US$15US$15US$12US$12US$15US$15

* Fares are person sharing a Taxi.

Within Walking Distance of Crown Bay and Nearby

Close to the Crown Bay Dock you will not find any major attraction within walking distance but there are some very nice beaches that you can go to on a taxi like the Emerald Beach.

Although father away, other famous beaches are easy to get to by by taxi such as Magens Bay, Brewer's Beach, the Lindberg Beach and Hull Bay, the latter on the north coast. Keep in mind that St Thomas is a small island and the distance to all major attractions is never that far.

Money and Currency

Photo of ATM in the Crown Bay Dock, St. Thomas

Photo ©

Keep in mind that St Thomas is an unincorporated territory of the United States of America and that the $USD is the legal tender in the Island. If you need cash for your taxi rides and pocket money, there is an ATM close to the Information Center.

Crown Bay Basic Info

Crown Bay
Tourist InformationYes
Post OfficeNO
Banks and ATM MachinesYes
RestaurantsJust for a quick bite
Duty Free ShoppingAround 20 retail shops

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