Antigua (St John's)
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Panoramic photo of the nelson's dockyard in Antigua, St John's cruise port

Everything you must know about Antigua (St John's) cruise port: where is the terminal and where cruise ships dock; top things to do, the best beaches, shore excursions, what's in downtown, how to get around, and all you must know to explore Antigua on a cruise.

Update: February 12, 2024

Antigua is among the most popular destinations in the Eastern Caribbean cruise itineraries. Most cruise lines visit the island all year round, although the peak season is between November and May.

Thanks to its charm and diversity, there are many things to do in Antigua, an island state that appeals to visitors traveling on all cruise lines. Be it on the mega-ships of Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean, or the intimate luxury of Regent, Crystal, Seabourn, or Silversea.

Antigua (St John's) cruise port is located on the northwestern coast of Antigua, in the capital city of St. John's. The terminal is situated close to the city center.

Most cruise ships dock at the Heritage Quay pier, which is within walking distance of the terminal.

If you're looking for things to do in Antigua, there's no shortage of options. Some of the top attractions include visiting beautiful beaches like Dickenson Bay, Half Moon Bay, and Jolly Beach.

You can also explore historic sites like Nelson's Dockyard and Fort James, or take a scenic island tour to see more of Antigua's natural beauty.

There are many shore excursions available from the cruise port, including snorkeling and diving adventures, catamaran cruises, and island tours.

If you prefer to stay closer to downtown, you can explore the colorful local markets, do some shopping, or sample the local cuisine at one of the many restaurants.

Getting around Antigua is easy and convenient. Taxis are readily available at the cruise terminal, and there are also shuttle buses and private tours available.

If you prefer to explore on your own, you can rent a car or scooter, although it's important to note that driving is on the left-hand side of the road in Antigua.


  1. Where cruise ships dock
  2. What's at the cruise terminal
  3. Top things to do
  4. Best Beaches close to the port
  5. Shore excursions (Shorex)
  6. Local Tours
  7. Getting around
  8. What's in downtown St. John's
  9. Safety, emergencies, and basics

The paradisiacal beaches, the easiness to explore on your own, the natural beauty, and the historical landmarks are some of the unique features of Antigua, which appeal to all types of cruisers.

Amongst Antigua's top attractions, the Nelson's Dockyard, Shirley Heights, Betty's Hope Plantation, and Devil's Bridge are must-see sites to visit. St. John's is within walking distance of the cruise port and has a few interesting historical landmarks to explore on your own. And the beaches of Antigua are unanimously rated among some of the best in the Caribbean.

Photo of Shirley Heights Antigua

Shirley Heights, Antigua

Photo ©

Where Ships Dock in Antigua

Cruise ships dock on a beautiful bay known as St. John's harbor, although many times referred to as Heritage Quay, which is, in fact, the name of the cruise terminal of the Antigua cruise port. Until recently, the port only had two piers perpendicular to the city of St John's (the Capital of Antigua). However, a third pier was built on the northern shore of the bay.

Currently, as many as five cruise ships may dock simultaneously in Antigua. The exit gates of all three piers are around 500 feet (150 meters) from the cruise ships' gangways. Be aware that port security will check your boarding pass at the gates to the piers on your return.

Panoramic view of the bay of St John's with its three piers in Antigua cruise port
The bay of St John's, in Antigua, has now three piers where up to 5 mega-ships can dock. All piers have walking access to the cruise terminal aka Heritage Quay, which is a stone's throw away from St. John's, the capital of Antigua.

Photo courtesy of Antigua Cruise Port

Because cruise ships dock at Heritage Quay, at no more than a 5-minutes-walk from the piers to downtown St. John's, the landmarks and attractions of Antigua's main city and capital are easy to reach on foot and comfortable to explore on your own.

What's in the Cruise Terminal

Once passed the exit gates of the Piers, cruise passengers will be on a sizeable open-air terminal known as Heritage Quay, but many do not realize that close by, there is a very quaint spot to explore - the Redcliff Quay.

Heritage Quay Terminal

Heritage Quay attracts many cruise passengers, with over 30 prestigious duty-free shops, a food court, and a casino. For those that love shopping when cruising the Caribbean, this is one the places to exercise your bargaining skills in stores such as the ubiquitous Diamonds International, Tanzanite International, or Colombian Emeralds but also others like the Body Shop, Sunglass Hut, and Goldsmiths.

Photo of Heritage Quay Antigua

Heritage Quay, Antigua

Photo ©

Redcliff Quay

To the right (facing St. John's), the cruise passenger shouldn't miss a visit to the Redcliff Quay, which is connected to the Heritage Quay by a boardwalk along the south shore of the deep-water harbor. Redcliff Quay (a quaint and elegant spot in St. John's) is a must-see, particularly if you like to taste local flavors.

Photo of Redcliff Quay Antigua

Redcliff Quay, Antigua

Photo ©

Besides a good number of handicraft shops (and higher-end ones) ideal for buying gifts and souvenirs, there are a handful of cafes, bars, and restaurants to enjoy Caribbean delicacies but also Belgian waffles, Pizza, a glass of wine or just a bottle of Wadadli (the local beer).

Top 14 things to do and see on a cruise to Antigua (St. John's)

Antigua is a very safe cruise port for passengers, with many attractions to enjoy. Nelson's Dockyard is a top highlight for those who like to visit historical landmarks. For the most active, there are lots of thrilling activities. And the beaches of Antigua are as famous as numerous.

Photo of Nelson's Dockyard Museum Antigua

Nelson's Dockyard Museum, Antigua

Photo ©

  1. Don't Miss: Nelson's Dockyard, Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation, and Shirley Heights
  2. Must See: Devil's Bridge (Natural Wonder) and Nelson Four Poster Bed (at the Dockyard Museum)
  3. Must-Do: Dive in the amazing waters close to Falmouth Harbor. Sail aboard a catamaran. Discover coves, seclude beaches and uninhabited islands by kayak.
  4. Exciting activities: Kite-surfing, Windsurfing, and Stand Up Paddling in Nonsuch Bay. Experience the Antigua Rainforest's Canopy tour, including a Zip Line
  5. Best Beaches: With hundreds of beaches rated among the best in the Caribbean, it is impossible to name all. Read on to discover the best and closest to the cruise port in St John's.
  6. Resorts with day passes: Hawksbill (20-minute drive, all facilities, US$ 40.00 from 11:00 until 16:00 ). Sandals (15-minute drive, all facilities, US$ 120.00). Nonsuch Bay Resort (40-minute drive, all facilities, 10:00 am, and 6:00 pm, US $150.00)
  7. Adventure: Embark on a hiking adventure on different possible trails from Freeman's Bay up to Shirley Heights to marvel at exotic plants, spectacular vistas, and lush vegetation.
  8. Golf: there are two golf courses in Antigua. Cedar Valley Golf Club ( 18-hole, 70-par course, 3 miles north of St. John’s) and Jolly Harbor Golf Club (18-hole, 71-par course, East end of Antigua).
  9. Best Shopping: Heritage Quay (next to Piers) and Redcliff Quay (300 meters from Piers - on the right). Open between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Best-buys: Jewelry, Watches, Souvenirs.
  10. Quick Bites: There are a few nice places to enjoy a light lunch close to the cruise pier. Hemingway's is on St. Mary's Street, just outside the cruise terminal. Big Banana, C&C Wine House, and Napoleon are the places to go on Redcliff Quay.
  11. Local Flavors: Antigua's beer, Wadadli (Carib name for the Island), is famous. English Harbor 5-Year-Old Antigua Rum and Cavalier Rum are top-of-the-line. Fungi and Steam Fish is a local delicacy. Conch Fritters, Chicken Stew, Papaya Pie, Lobster, and Fresh Fish are popular local recipes.
  12. Visit the highlights of St John's downtown: St. John's Anglican Cathedral. Open every day. | Antigua and Barbuda Museum. Open: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm; Saturday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm; Closed Sundays
  13. Religious sites downtown: St. Michael's Mount Catholic Church is 0.7 miles (1 kilometer) from the cruise terminal. Taxi Fare: US$ 6.00 (one way) and the Ebenezer Methodist Church on St. Mary's Street.
  14. St. John's Public Market: 1/2 mile from the port at the end of Market Street. Open between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.

The best beaches in Antigua for cruise passengers

The beaches of Antigua are as stunning as numerous. In fact, the island proclaims to have as many beaches as there are days in the year. On these beaches the sugar-white sand blends with clear turquoise clear waters in idyllic settings backed by resorts, restaurants, grills, and bars offering all kinds of water-sports and activities.

Even more tempting, you can easily take a taxi at a very affordable cost to any of these beautiful beaches. The following are the best and most famous beaches in Antigua by distance from the cruise port in St John's:

  1. Fort James Beach: on the northwest coast, 2.48 miles (4km) from the cruise port around a 13-minute ride.
  2. Runaway Beach: on the northwest coast, 3.1 miles (5km) from the cruise port around a 15-minute taxi ride.
  3. Buccaneer Beach Club: on the west coast, 2.98 miles (4.8km) from cruise port around a 12-minute taxi ride.
  4. Dickenson Bay Beach: on the northwestern coast, 3.1 miles (5km) from cruise port around a 15-minute taxi ride.
  5. Jabberwock Beach: on the northeastern coast, 6.2 miles (9.7km) from cruise port around a 20-minute taxi ride.
  6. Deep Bay Beach: on the western coast, by the Five Islands Village, 4.2 miles (6.8km) from cruise port around a 20-minute taxi ride.
  7. Hawksbill Beach: on the western coast (Five Islands peninsula), 4.97 miles (8km) from cruise port around a 20-minute taxi
  8. Galley Bay Beach: on the western coast (Five Islands peninsula), 4.66 miles (7.5km) from cruise port around a 20-minute taxi
  9. Hermitage Beach: on the west coast, 6.2 miles (10km) from cruise port around a 25-minute taxi ride.
  10. Jolly Beach: on the west coast, 6 miles (9.7km) from cruise port around a 25-minute taxi ride.
  11. Ffryes Beach: on the west coast (Five Islands peninsula), 7.14 miles (11.5km) from cruise port around a 25-minute taxi ride.
  12. Darkwood Beach: on the southwest coast, 7.45 miles (12km) from cruise port around a 25-minute taxi ride.
  13. Valley Church Beach: on the west coast, 6.52 miles (10.5km) from cruise port around a 25-minute taxi ride.
  14. Turners Beach (Crab Hill) Beach: on the southwest coast, 8.45 miles (13.6km) from cruise port around a 28-minute taxi ride.
  15. Carlisle Bay Beach: on the south coast, 10.68 miles (17.2km) from cruise port around a 34-minute taxi ride.
  16. Rendezvous Bay Beach: on the south coast (near Falmouth Harbour), 10.8 miles 17.4km) from cruise port around a 35-minute taxi ride.
  17. Pigeon Point Beach: on the southeast coast, 11.55 miles (18.6km) from cruise port around a 35-minute taxi ride.
  18. Freeman's Bay (Galleon Beach): on the south coast, 11.8 miles (19km) from cruise port around a 35-minute taxi ride.
  19. Long Bay Beach: on the south coast (in the Nelson's Dockyard National Park), 12.24 miles (19.7km) from cruise port around a 40-minute taxi ride.
  20. Windward Bay Beach: on the southeast coast, 11.74 miles (18.9km) from cruise port around a 40-minute taxi ride.
  21. Half Moon Beach: on the southeast coast, 15.65 miles (25.2km) from cruise port around a 45-minute taxi ride.

Shore Excursions in Antigua cruise port

As much as there are lots of nice and easy things to do on your own when calling at the port of St John's in Antigua, all cruise lines and independent local tour operators offer excellent cruise excursions, which cruise passengers should consider.

Typical tours like the ones to the Shirley Heights Lookout the Nelson's Dockyard (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) or the Betty’s Hope sugar plantation are a must. A Beach Break is combinable with a visit to Stingray City or the Canopy Zipline Adventure. An there are many exciting activities for thos into adrenaline pumping.

Obviously, all cruise lines offer many and diverse shore excursions in Antigua. Celebrity Cruises offers as many 37 shore excursions and Royal Caribbean has 38 cruise excursions. Carnival lists 17 shore excursions. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has available 14 shore excursions. Oceania Cruises organizes 18 shore excursions, Holland America offers 19 cruise excursions, and Princess has 21 excursions available.

Besides the cruise excursions organized by cruise liens, there are also shore excursions and tours offered by the following reputable private online services:

Local Tours and Excursions

Antigua has a very good number of local tour guides, operators and services that can be of interest for the cruise tarveler calloing at the port of St John's for the day. Here is a list of local private with online services:

Getting around in Antigua

Getting around Antigua is easy, affordable and considering that English is the official language communicating couldn't be more straight forward. The local population is very friendly and not pushy. In fact, unless you ask locals for directions the residents of St John's will not approach the cruise passenger.

Within walking distance

The cruise terminal is right by St. John's and therefore there isn't a shuttle bus as all the historical landmarks of the city are within walking distance. More about Downtown St John's below.

Taxis in Antigua

In the Heritage Quay Terminal, you will find a Taxi Dispatch Kiosk with official taxi rates. Prices are reasonable and taxis are the best way to go to any of the fabulous beaches in Antigua. Most taxi-drivers are reasonably good guides as well and, considering the size of the island, can take you to most highlights in a half-day tour. Although drivers are required to show a rate card (fares are officially fixed), make sure you agree on a fare before entering the taxi. For a half-day tour, you shouldn't be paying more US$ 120 (for the taxi with as many as 4 passengers).

Car rental

Renting a car is not the best solution unless you are familiar with driving on the left and are willing to discover your way around as roads are poorly signed. Besides, a temporary driving license will be imposed ($20) in addition to a minimum of $50 for a one-day rental.

What's in downtown St. John's

Outside the Heritage and Redcliff Quays, you will find yourself in downtown St. John's. This small town (with around 30,000 souls) has a charm of its own and safe to walk around and explore on your own. Locals go about their business and will not harassing visitors but if you need any help with directions they are very friendly.

Landmarks, churches and museum

Within walking distance, less than 10-minute walk from the pier, the Anglican St. John's Cathedral is a must-see, which has been under restoration for some time. As you sail into St. John's the magnificent towers dominated the skyline and you will see these baroque structures as you walk around.

Photo of St. John's Cathedral Antigua

St. John's Cathedral, Antigua

Photo ©

Close by, on the corner of Market and Long Streets, the old courthouse (dating back to 1750) is now occupied by the small but interesting Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.

Walking the main streets of St. John's, the cruise passenger will not miss imposing buildings such as the Ebenezer Methodist Church on St. Mary's Street, and numerous banks with well-known international names. But you will need to walk to the end of Market Street (to the south) if you would like to explore a typical West Indian Public Market with its colorful stalls and lively bargaining.

Safety, US travel advisory and basics

For comprehensive and updated information about traveling to Antigua see the U.S. Department of State website page evolving advisory.

Covid-19 advise for cruises to Antigua (St John's) cruise port

For updated coronavirus (Covid-19) information and travel advice to Antigua visit the website of the U.S. Embassy in Barbados. For more Traveler's Health advice to Antigua see the CDC Website.

Antigua Basic Info

St. John's Population:30.000 - one third of the Island's total.
LanguageEnglish is the official language.
Tourist Information:Small Desk just outside the Pier Gate, on the right.
Entry Requirements:Valid Passport IS required for citizens of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. A valid photo ID (such as a driver's license) is required to enter the Piers. Cruise ship visitors are not required a visa provided that they arrive in the morning and depart the same evening.
Currency:The Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$) is the official currency. However, U.S. dollars, traveler's checks and credit cards are widely accepted.
ATM's:On the main streets in Town - 5 to 10 minute walk from Pier.
Post OfficeLower High Street - open 8:00 am to 3:00pm | There is also a Post Office in Nelson’s Dockyard.
Internet Most Cafes and Restaurants on both Heritage and Redcliff Quays.
Phones:Country Code: 1-268. Many US phones may work but is advisable to check with your provider to avoid roaming charges.  
Electricity:Standard American 120 V current but also 110 V in resorts.
Rent-a-Car: Avis, Hertz and Dollar.
Driving:Driving is on the left.
Drinking:Legal drinking age is 16 years.
Smoking:Smoking is prohibited in public buildings but may be allowed in bars and restaurants outdoors.
Emergencies:Dial 999 - 911
Pharmacies: St. John's Pharmacy - right outside the Heritage Quay at the start of St. Mary's Street.
HospitalMount St. John’s Medical Centre - Queen Elisabeth Highway 10-minute drive from Pier.

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