The Terminals and Docks
in St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie
(USVI) Cruise Port Guide (2023)

Practical guide to docking or anchoring on a cruise to St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie (USVI): the two main cruise terminals, tourist info, taxi fares, shops and more.

Update: June 1, 2023

Many cruise travelers to St Thomas do not realize that there are two harbors in St Thomas both relatively close to Charlotte Amalie and that there is also a pier where tender-boats moor next to the main city of the Island.

Harbors, Docks and Piers

With 3 docking spots in the Havensight Cruise Ship Dock and another 2 docking spots in the Crown Bay Cruise Ship Dock, it happens quite frequently that cruise ships calling at St Thomas will have to anchor in the bay and tender passengers to a pier right by the waterfront in Charlotte Amalie (the main city and capital of St Thomas).

Photo of cruise ship Anchoring in St Thomas

Anchoring in St Thomas

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As much as the Editor would like to provide a list of what ships dock and where, and the ships that have to tender, the reality is that cruise lines cannot guarantee a specific docking spot, with the exception of Mega-Ships like the Royal Caribbean Oasis class, which dock at Crown Bay. Read our review of the Crown Bay Dock to learn about all its services and amenities.

All other ships will only be assigned a docking harbor on the morning of arrival. There is a tendency to believe that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise lines dock exclusively at Crown Bay but the Editor has been on ships of these cruise lines docked in Havensight. Read our review of the Havensight Dock to learn about all its services and amenities.

Tender to Charlotte Amalie

Although some cruise ship travelers find tendering a bit of an inconvenience, a tender boat can be a pleasant and easy way to get to town if you are planning to explore Charlotte Amalie. After all, you will not need to spend time and money to get to the city.

Photo of tendering pier in St Thomas

Tendering - Charlotte Amalie

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The tender pier is located right on the Waterfront - officially named Veterans Drive - and right across the street is the heart of Charlotte Amalie. If the cruise ship passenger is booked on a ship excursion there will be staff guiding you to tour buses parked close by.

Photo of Waterfront in St Thomas

Waterfront in Charlotte Amalie

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Tourist Information

If you need information or maps walk no more than 100 yards (more or less 100 meters) to the east side of the waterfront (to your right) where there is a tourist information kiosk by the entrance of the A.H. Riise Mall.

Photo of Tourist Kiosk in St Thomas

Tourist Information Kiosk in Charlotte Amalie

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Taxi Fares from Charlotte Amalie

To get a taxi to any of the major attractions of St Thomas or to spend the day on a beach, just across the street (Waterfront) and you will have taxis announcing departures to all major sites and offering all sorts of 'day-sightseeing-tours'.

Photo of Taxi in St Thomas

Taxi in St Thomas

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Taxi fares are clearly established and you shouldn't worry about being ripped off. Taxis are shared and the cruise ship passenger may have to wait a while to get these 'big' tropical taxis full with travel companions but that is part of the laid-back charm of the Caribbean.

Taxi Fares from Charlotte Amalie *

Blackbeard's CastleMagens BayCoki BeachCable BeachRed Hook Ferry

* Prices from Crown Bay and Havensight are very similar. Fares are person sharing a Taxi. Taxi fares may have been updated since last reviewed.

Shopping in Charlotte Amalie

Considering that Charlotte Amalie is a top 'shopping-paradise' in the Caribbean, many a cruise ship passenger want to see what this is all about. The overwhelming majority of the shops are on the Main Street (parallel to the Waterfront) and the Alleys in between these two thoroughfares.

Photo of Hibiscus Alley in Charlotte Amalie in St Thomas USVI

Hibiscus Alley in Charlotte Amalie

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The cruise traveler may find it easier to explore the shopping area by starting at either the West or the East ends. If you need to check the Tourist Information Kiosk head to the right and enter the shopping area on the A.H. Riise Mall. Otherwise, walk West (left) and enter the Palm Passage to cross to the Main Street.

Amenities, Services and Basics

Because the tendering Pier is on the waterfront in Charlotte Amalie, most services and amenities are within walking distance in the city itself.

Photo of ATM in St Thomas

Bank with ATM in Charlotte Amalie

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Banks with ATMs are just across the street - have in mind that US Dollar is the legal tender in the US Virgin Islands and that you will need cash for Taxis. There are public restrooms very close by the entrance of the A.H. Riise Mall, behind the Tourist Information kiosk.


Charlotte Amalie Services and Amenities

Charlotte Amalie
Tourist Information BoothYes
Post OfficeYes
Banks and ATM MachinesYes
Duty Free ShoppingThe best Duty-Free shops in St Thomas

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