Top 21 Restaurants
in St Thomas (USVI) Cruise Port

The best restaurants, cafes, and grills for cruise passengers to have lunch or a quick bite in St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie, and Heavensight Dock.

Update: September 16, 2022

Many cruise passengers that spend part of the day shopping in Charlotte Amalie tend to rush back to the ship without realizing that there are some delightful places downtown to have lunch, a quick bite, or just a refreshing drink.

These places are particularly appealing if you spent the day walking and exploring the historical landmarks of the city. Amalia Café, Café Amici, and Gladys' Cafe are amongst the Editor's Favorites.

Charlotte Amalie Top Restaurants

1. Amalia Café

One of the nicest restaurants for a quick bite or a light lunch, the Amalia Café is a wonderful open-air venue in quaint, cobblestone Palm Passage - close to the Waterfront entrance. Serving entrée specials and tapas, these typical small portion treats come in amazing varieties and do very nicely pair with Sangria or a good rioja.

Photo of Amalia Café restaurant in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Amalia Café - Palm Passage

Photo ©

Location:Downtown - west side, between Main Street and Waterfront
Prices:Between $15-$25 per person
Open:10:30 am for lunch and serves dinner till late.
Address:24 Palm Passage
Phone:340 714 7373
Nearby:The shops at the Palm Passage and all other in the Main Street.
Credit Cards:Visa, Master Card and Amex

NOTES: If the cruise ship passenger only feels like having a bit of a rest and a drink, the bar of Amalia Café at the center of the Palm Passage is ideal.

2. Café Amici

It is impossible to miss this open-air restaurant when entering the A.H.Riise Mall from the Waterfront side. It can be a bit crowded so get there early. It serves fabulous brick oven pizzas, traditional Italian pastas, fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps. This is one of the best places for lunch in downtown Charlotte Amalie when on a shopping excursion.

Photo of Café Amici restaurant in the A.H.Riise Mall, St. Thomas, US V.I.

Café Amici - A.H.Riise Mall

Photo ©

Location:Downtown - east side, close to the waterfront
Prices:Between $15 and $25
Open:10:30 am till late.
Address:AH Riise Mall
Website:Facebook Page
Nearby:All shopping in Downtown
Credit Cards:Visa and Master Card

3. Gladys' Cafe

It may not be easy to find as Galdy's in on a narrow passage of the historical Royal Dane Mall. But this is the place to enjoy real Caribbean food. Specialties like conch in butter sauce, jerk pork, pan-fried yellow-tail snapper are served in true traditional ways. The mahogany bar and original stone walls create the perfect Caribbean ambiance. If you enjoy Gladys' special hot sauces, take a bottle home for $5.00.

Photo of Gladys' Cafe restaurant in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Glady's Cafe

Photo ©

Location:Downtown - Royal Dane Mall
Prices:Between $15 and $25
Open:Between: 10:30 am - 3:00pm - NO DINNER
Address:28A Dronningens Gade
Credit Cards:Only Amex credit cards accepted

4. Green House

One of the most famous restaurants in Charlotte Amalie, the Greenhouse offers a tropical seafood menu blended with meat, salads and pizza. Peel-and-eat shrimp, Maine lobster, Alaskan king crab and certified Angus beef are top servings. If sailing late, Happy Hour with 2 for 1 Drinks starts at 4:30pm.

Photo of Green House restaurant in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Green House - Waterfront

Photo ©

Location:Waterfront Hwy. at Storetvaer Gade,
Prices:Between $15 and $30
Open:Every day of the week - 11:00am to 9:00pm
Address:Storetvaer Gade
Credit Cards:Master Card, Visa.

5. Beer Garden

Photo of Beer Garden in St. Thomas, US V.I.


Photo ©

The entrance is full of signs but none reveal the quaint charm of this small, hidden spot close to the Pissaro's House. The Free Wi-Fi is known by savvy cruisers.

Where: Main Street in Charlotte Amalie

6. Coconuts Bar & Grill

Photo of Coconuts in St. Thomas, US V.I.


Photo ©

Famous for its Backstreet Bushwhacker this is a grill and bar known by savvy cruise travelers.

Where: On a side alley off the Main Street in Charlotte Amalie.

7. Side Street Pub

Photo of Side Street Pub in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Side Street Pub

Photo ©

The name of this quaint 'pub' could not be more revealing - a great place for a quick bite or a liquid rest in the shade.

Where: Creque's Alley, just off the Main Street in Charlotte Amalie
Website: Facebook Page

8. Amalia Café Bar

Photo of Amalia Café Bar in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Amalia Café Bar

Photo ©

A quaint shaded place to rehydrate, have a rest, a quick bite, finger food or just wait for the ones in your party still on a shopping spree.

Where: Palm Passage

9. Bumpa's

Photo of Bumpa's in St. Thomas, US V.I.


Photo ©

Well know by savvy cruisers this is a great deli overlooking the harbor to have a quick bite or even breakfast if you miss it onboard your cruise ship.

Where: Charlotte Amalie - Waterfront

Havensight Dock Restaurants

Although the large majority of cruise ship travelers prefer to have lunch onboard - after all it is paid for on your cruise - there are some very nice places to have lunch, and even breakfast, in or close to the Havensight Mall. The Barefoot Buddha and the Beni Iguana's Sushi Bar are two of the Editor's favorites. For a drink (or two) you will also find a few places - Mojo's, Hooters, the Dog House or the Da Lime in Da Coconut Rum Bar (in the Yacht Haven Grand).

10. Barefoot Buddha

For the cruise ship passenger looking for a light lunch, breakfast, or just a coffee with croissant, the Barefoot Buddha is the place to go. More of a coffee house than a 'restaurant' its serves breakfast all day, fresh baked bread, bagels, Panini, wraps filled with fresh, healthy ingredients, soups and salads. The organic coffee and tea drinks are wonderful as are the fresh juices.

Photo of Barefoot Buddha restaurant in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Barefoot Buddha - Havensight

Photo ©

Location: Just outside the Havensight Mall - on the left, across the main road.
Prices:Between $10 and $20
Open:Monday -Saturday: 7:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday 8:00pm - 3:00pm
Phone: (340) 777-3668
Credit Cards: Maste Card and Visa
Nearby:Havensight Mall, Paradise Point, Butterfly Farm

11. Delly Deck

Well known amongst crew members, the Delly Deck is more of a diner than a 'restaurant' serving affordable breakfast and lunch - all sorts of eggs and omelets, waffles and pancakes are in the menu. As well as salads, sandwiches, burgers or fish 'n chips.

NOTES: Breakfast only served until 11:00am

Photo of Deli Deck restaurant in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Deli Deck - Havensight Mall

Photo ©

Location:In the Havensight Mall - on the East, right side, close to the exit.
Prices:Between $10 and $20
Open:Every day - 8:00am - 9:00pm
Address:Building III
Credit Cards: Master Card and Visa
Nearby:Havensight Mall, Paradise Point, Butterfly Farm

12. (Currently Closed) Senor Frogs

For the cruise ship traveler that is looking for a fun, tropical day, hopping between bar, restaurant and pool this is your place. Senor Frog's never disappoints those that enjoy balloons on everyone's heads conga lines, umbrella drinks, beach music and dancing on the bar.

Photo of Senor Frogs in the Havensight Mall St. Thomas, US V.I.

Senor Frogs - Havensight

Photo ©

Location: On the south side of the Havensight mall - across from the Gate 4
Prices:Between $25 and $50
Open:Open only when cruise ships are in the Havensight dock.
Credit Cards: Master Card and Visa
Nearby:Havensight Mall, Paradise Point, Butterfly Farm

13. Shipwreck Tavern

This Tavern is well known for its burger menu - all 3/4lb. - served exactly as you wish, with the options of substituting ground beef with Turkey, Chicken or Garden, and a great selection of additional toppings. But the salads, sandwiches and wraps are equally famous. The Caribbean pirates decor extends to the pool bar if you feel like a game.

Photo of Shipwreck Tavern in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Shipwreck Tavern - Havensight Dock

Photo ©

Location: Just outside the Havensight Mall - across the main road right in front of the main exit.
Prices:Between $15 and $25
Open:Sunday to Tuesday: 10:30 am - 10:00pm | Wednesday to Saturday: 10:30 am - 1:00am
Address:Al Cohen Mall
Credit Cards: Master Card and Visa
Nearby:Havensight Mall, Paradise Point, Butterfly Farm

14. Beni Iguana's

Passing by this sushi bar-restaurant, the cruise ship traveler will never guess the high-tech atmosphere inside and even less that it displays a 5-foot-tall reef tank. Tuna Carpaccio and steamed mussels with iguana sauce - a creamy dressing - are two of the signature dishes for those that are not into tempura rolls, sashimi or sushi.

Photo of Beni Iguana's restaurant in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Beni Iguana's - Havensight Mall

Photo ©

Location:Building IX on north side
Prices:Between $15 and $25 per person
Open:Monday to Saturday: 10:30 am - 9:00pm | Sunday: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Credit Cards: Master Card and Visa
Nearby:Havensight Mall, Paradise Point and the Butterfly Farm.

15. Mojos

Photo of Mojos bar in St. Thomas, US V.I.


Photo ©

This topical tiki bar is a very cool place for a quick bite and bit of shade.

Where: On the main street next to the exit of the Havensight Mall.
Website: Facebook Page

16. Dog House

Photo of Dog House in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Dog House

Photo ©

A small place for a great, quick bite with genuine local flavors and ambiance.

Where: On the street right in front of the Havensight Mall exit.
Website: Facebook Page

17. (Currently Closed) Hooters

Photo of Hooters in St. Thomas, US V.I.


Photo ©

The nearly famous delightfully tacky, yet unrefined restaurant has its presence in St Thomas.

Where: On the street just outside the Havensight Mall, to the left.

Yacht Haven Restaurants

18. Grande Cru

Although it only serves lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, one of the best gourmet cutting edge restaurants in St. Thomas is just a stone away from the Havensight Cruise Dock. All is food is house-made (including stocks, breads, pastas and desserts). If your ship sails late, don't miss the Happy Hour (5:00pm - 7:00pm) and enjoy specialty crafted Martinis for $5.00 or one of the superb 25 wines by the glass.

Photo of Grande Cru restaurant in the Yacht Haven St. Thomas, US V.I.

Grande Cru - Yacht Haven

Photo ©

Location:Yacht Haven Grand - overlooking the marina
Prices:Between $26 and $50 per person
Open:Lunch - Thursday and Friday only - 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Dinner - 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Phone:340 -774-7263
Website:Official Website
Credit Cards: Master Card and Visa
Nearby:Shopping in the Yacht Haven, Havensight Mall, Paradise Point, Butterfly Farm

19. Fat Turtle

A lovely open-air bar with spacious outside sitting area, the Fat Turtle is quite place to have a drink, or a light fare or a full lunch. Overlooking the Marina, the lunch menu offers a good selection of starters (crab cakes, peel shrimps or tuna tempura are the Editor's favorites), Salads, Sandwiches and Pizzas.

Photo of Fat Turtle restaurant in the Yacht Haven, St. Thomas, US V.I.

Fat Turtle - Yacht Haven

Photo ©

Location:Yacht Haven Grand - overlooking the marina
Prices:Between $15 and $25
Open:Every day for lunch and dinner until 12:00pm
Credit Cards: Master Card and Visa
Nearby:Shopping in the Yacht Haven, Havensight Mall, Paradise Point, Butterfly Farm

20. Rum Bar

Photo of Rum Bar in St. Thomas, US V.I.

Rum Bar - Yacht Haven

Photo ©

Da Lime in Da Coconut is one of the first kiosks close to the entrance of the Yacht Haven Grande when walking from the Havensight Dock. A wonderful place to enjoy a refreshing drink in the shade.

21. Bad Ass Coffee

Photo of Bad Ass Coffee in the Yacht Haven, St. Thomas US VI.

Bad Ass Coffee - Yacht Haven

Photo ©

If you are a Coffee Addict, this is the best place to go in St Thomas offering gourmet grains from Hawaii, blends from Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the famous 100% Kona coffee.

Will the cruise ship passenger have time for lunch in St. Thomas? Most cruise ship tours only allow a few hours free time during your exploration of St. Thomas, which isn't enough for lunch. But if going on a shopping and sightseeing tour, the cruise ship passenger will end the excursion in Charlotte Amalie and should try one of the places on this page. Naturally, if exploring St. Thomas on your own, you will have enough time for a nice lunch.

How FREE is Tax FREE?
St. Thomas is a duty-free port that offers tax breaks to both retailers and also consumers. Hence the lower prices offered by shops in the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, the cruise ship traveler should be aware that there are limitations to the amount of goods that can be taken home. U.S. residents are allowed: $1,600 per person; 5 liters of liquor (residents over 21 years); 5 cartons of cigarettes and 100 cigars (but not from Cuba); all island made items and loose gemstones are exempt.

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