Main Streets
in Livorno (Italy) Cruise Port
Guide and Review (2022)

Major Streets and Avenues in Livorno for Cruise Travelers. Reviews with photos of Via Grande, Via Cairoli, Via Ricasoli, Via Magenta and Viale Italia.

Update: June 30, 2023

When docking in Livorno, most cruise ship passengers will most probably take a tour to highlighted destinations like Florence, Pisa or Lucca. But when exploring these highlights on your own or just spending the day in the city itself, the Via Grande is impossible to miss.

The shuttle buses from the cruise ship port will stop close by – on Piazza Municipio. Just around the corner, the Piazza Grande is intersected by Via Grande. This is the main street of Livorno where most shops located under the arcades that line it.

Behind the Duomo (Cathedral), Via Cairoli leads to Piazza Cavour where Via Ricasoli starts. On this street, the cruise traveler will find some of the best shops of Livorno. Via Magenta and Viale Italia are more off the beaten track but each has its own charm.

Via Grande
(Livorno's Main Street)

Via Grande is the main street of Livorno and it intersects the Piazza Grande. At the east end of the street is the Piazza della Repubblica and at the west end, next to the Porto Mediceo, is the Piazza Pamiglioni where the famous Quattro Mori monument stands. Via Grande originated in the 16th century when the city was expanded and the Old Fortress was built. The street is lined by arcades under which the cruise ship passengers can find the main shops of Livorno. The street retained its size and grandeur during the reconstruction after World War II.

Photo of Via Grande in Livorno by Luca Aless

Photo by Luca Aless - Creative Commons

WHERE:City Centre
Shopping:All major shops in Livorno:
Basics:Pharmacies, ATM, Tobacconists, Supermarket.
Flavors: Gelatarias, Enoteca, Caffe (with Free Wi-Fi)
Highlights:Cathedral (Duomo), Via Madonna, Quattro Mori
Close By:St. Giulia Church and Synagogue.

Via Cairoli
(Behind the Duomo)

In the center of Livorno, this 250-meter long street, connects Piazza Grande (behind the Cathedral as seen on photo) and Piazza Cavour - it was developed to its present standing in the early 20th century. Among its main buildings the sumptuous Post Office (1919-24) and the Palazzo della Galleria (right in front) are two major points of interest. At the end of Via Cairoli, a bridge (already part of the Piazza Cavour) over the Fosso Real offers great views of this highlight.

Notes: The area around Via Cairoli was once the main residential area of the Jewish community.

Photo of Via Cairoli in Livorno by Etienne (Li)

Photo by Etienne (Li) - Creative Commons

WHERE:City Centre - behind the Cathedral
Basics:Post Office, ATM, Newsstands
Flavors: Caffe Duomo (free Wi-Fi) and restaurant "La Vecchia Senese"
Close By:At the start of the Street, on the right a small street (Via del Tiempo) connects to Piazza Benamozegh where the Synagogue stands.

Via Ricasoli
(Beyond the Fosso Real)

Once past the bridge over the Fosso Real, this pedestrian 300 meters long street connects the Piazza Cavour and Piazza Attias. It is home to small fashion boutiques like Elena Miro, Guess, Oltre, Max&Co., Miura, Tru Trussardi, Pimkie, Tommy Hilfiger, Golden Point, Liu. Jo or Pinko. At the end of the street, Piazza Attias is the starting point of two interesting streets: Via Roma (where Modigliani House is) and Via Enrico Mayer (leading to the Teatro Goldoni).

Photo of Via Ricasoli in Livorno by  R. Rosado

Photo ©

WHERE:City Centre
Basics:Pharmacy, ATM, Tobacconists
Flavors:Ristorante Il Rifugio (Via Enrico Mayer, 80) and Pizzeria Bella Napoli (Via Sardi, 41/43)
Close By:Teatro Goldoni and Modigliani's House

Notes: Coin - a small department store - is located in the south corner of Piazza Attias.

Via Magenta
(Still in the Centre)

Still in the city center - 1 kilometer (or 3/4 of a mile) from the Piazza Grande, the Via Magenta is the street that leads to Piazza della Vitoria and the largest church in Livorno - Santa Maria del Soccorso. As an inevitably touristic path, there are a few shops - Risaliti and Veronica Orlandi (jewelry shops) - and also a few Cafeterias and Pizzerias. Between Piazza Cavour and Via Magenta, the Pizzeria Seghieri (Via Ernesto Rossi 19) is a good place for a quick bite.

NOTES: Behind the Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso, Pizzeria Sarda has a quiet, shaded outside seating.

Photo of Via Magenta in Livorno by Etienne (Li)

Photo by Etienne (Li) - Creative Commons

WHERE:City Centre
Basics:Pharmacy, Tobacconists
Flavors:Cafeteria Oyster; Pizza e Torta; Ai Paparazzi.
Delight:Shade in Piazza della Vitoria
Close By:Santa Maria del Soccorso, Teatro Goldoni, Modigliani's House

Viale Italia
(South Coast Road)

South of the Porto Mediceo, passing the Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini and the Orlando's Shipyards, Viale Italia runs over 2 miles along the coast all the way to Ardenza. If going that far, a visit to Antignano and the Sanctuary of Montenero is a must. Right from the start of Viale Italia a wonderful park runs along the coast on the west side of the street interspersed with tree shaded cafés. Along the first mile, you will find the Aquarium, the famous Terrazza Mascagni, the Grand Hotel Palazzo and the Church of San Jacopo in Acquaviva; farther south the Naval Academy, a number of Bagni (bathing establishments) and the Parco Bartolini are the main sites to visit.

Notes: The walk to the start of Viale Italia is not the most attractive but both the LAM Blue Bus and the City Sightseeing Bus are good ways to get there.

Photo of Viale Italia in Livorno by Luca Aless

Photo by Luca Aless - Creative Commons

WHERE:South of the City Center
How:Bus # 1 runs along Viale Italia with stops next to all major sites.
Basics:Pharmacy San Iacop and a few cafés on the east side of the street.
Highlights:Aquarium and Terrazza Mascagni
Close By:The Fattori Museum is 400 yards east of Viale Italia

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