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Cruise Port Review (2023)

The best watersports and serviced beaches in Livorno for cruise passengers: scuba, windsurf, and sailboats; location, prices, opening hours, and how to get there.

Update: June 30, 2023

Although never offered or mentioned onboard your cruise ships, Livorno has fabulous beaches and water sports activities at a very short distance that can be a great alternative to long tours to Florence and Pisa.


The beaches and watersports close to Livorno can be a great way of spending a relaxing day, in particular, if traveling with a young family.

Besides several Bathing Establishments (serviced beaches), Livorno has on offer Padi Diving Center, Windsurf and Sailboats, and a small but friendly Water Park. All these are between 20 and 30 minutes from your cruise ship and have reasonably affordable prices.

Serviced Beaches - Bathing Establishments ("Bagni")

Seldom mentioned in travel guides - both on paper or online - and ignored by all Cruise Lines, Livorno has many "Bagni" (Bathing Establishments) where a day on the beach can be enjoyable and a good alternative if not booked on a 10-hour tour.

All these "Bagni" with a history that goes back to the 18th Century are privately owned concessions offering beach services like umbrellas, deck-chairs, sunbeds, showers, lockers, bars, restaurants; and you may even find "Cabanas" in some of these.

Naturally, an entrance fee is charged and services paid, but these will provide both comfort and safety. On average, a couple would pay less than €30.00 (both) for the entrance fees, 1 umbrella, two sunbeds, and access to all facilities (lockers, showers, and so on).

A light lunch will cost around €15.00 (each) but if in a splurging mood some restaurants go as high as €35.00 per person.

The "Bagni" closer to the Port of Livorno are just south of the Historical Centre on the road to Ardenza in Viale Italia - LAM BLU Bus or LB (formally Bus Nº 1) takes you there in less than 15 minutes - check the Public Bus Review to learn more.

These are the oldest "Bathing Establishments" in Livorno which at some point in History were regularly visited by both Tuscan and Italian aristocracy. The noble glamour was lost long agoand, and gave way to a more down-to-earth reality.

These Bagni south of the Historical Livorno are large structures making use of the natural rocks by the ocean, where rows of deck chairs and sunbeds are placed, and providing access to the sea - by stairs, concrete steps, or diving boards.

A few "Bagni" have small sandy beaches but all have fabulous swimming pools - the "Bagni Pancaldi" prides itself on having an Olympic Pool (50 meters long).

FOREWORD OF ADVISE: The Italian "Bagni" have an ambiance of its own and it may not be your cup of tea. If you are revolted by cigarette smokers, irritated by children playing without adult supervision, disgusted by men in Speedo swim-wear, and shocked by not particularly attractive topples female bathers, be aware and warned that you will most probably come across one of these types if not all.

Sandy Beaches

If you prefer a proper sandy beach, then the 10-kilometer (6.5 miles) strip between Livorno and Marina di Pisa is the place to go. The bus N. 10 will take you there in less than 20 minutes from the Piazza della Repubblica.

The bus stop is around 500 feet from Piazza Municipio where the Cruise Port Shuttle stops - discover how to travel in Livorno by Public Bus Review. To learn more about the basics of Livorno, read the Must Know review.

Along the road north of Livorno connecting to Marina di Pisa there are over 50 "Bagni", pretty much the same 'serviced beaches' with the same type of services as the ones on the south coast but on a beautiful sand strip.

Because these "Bagni" are on the road to Pisa, you may even contemplate to exploring the famous city of the Leaning Tower in the morning and stop on the way back for a swim, and a quick bite, at one of these beaches. If renting a car, you can even go as far as Lucca and stop on the way back to your cruise ship.

Accademia Blue
(Padi Diving Center) - $

With 20 different dives, this is the place to go if you enjoy scuba and wish to explore the underwater Mediterranean in Livorno. The “Accademia” has a covered and fast boat expressly built for divers (up to 12 plus crew), equipment storage room, hot showers, and locker rooms; 60 tanks (10, 12 e 18 liters), Air and Nitrox; 25 jackets in different sizes, belts, and weights; 6 underwater computers.
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Photo of Scuba Diving in Livorno

Photo Courtesy Accademia Blue

Where: South Coast of Livorno just after Terrazza Mascagni in Acquaviva.
Address: Viale Italia, 62
Phone: +39 348 317 95 18
Notes: The Accademia is on "Bagni Pancaldi" which allows families to enjoy the beach services if only one is diving.
Getting There: Either City Sightseeing Bus or LAM BLU Bus, or LB (formally Bus Nº 1)

Oasi del Mare
(Water Sports Village) - $

If the cruise ship passenger has always wanted to try to windsurf or a sailboat, the opportunity waits for you with affordable courses for beginners (including children). But if you have previous experience rent a board or a boat by the hour or day (starting at €12.00 per hour for a windsurf board). And you can also enjoy all the services on the beach.
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Photo of Windsurfing at Oasi del Mare in Livorno

Photo Courtesy Oasi del Mare

Where: North of Livorno in Calambrone
Address: Viale del Tirreno, 88
Phone: +39 050 33605
What: Serviced Beach and Water Sports Centre
Prices: Day Admission: €5.00 | Umbrella, 2 sunbeds: €20.00 | Windsurf lesson: € 50.00 | Stand-Up Paddle: € 8.00
Notes: Calambrone is the first community as you leave Livorno - 2 km north of the cruise port.
Getting There: Bus N. 10 departing from Piazza della Repubblica, within walking distance from Piazza Municipio (500 feet - 150 meters - East)

Sunlight Park
(Water Park for the Family)

A great place to go if you are cruising with children and do not feel like dragging them around through museums and churches. It has all sorts of slides (Black Cannon, the Foam, Space Bowl, Rapid River, Black Hole) 2 swimming pools, a restaurant, a bar; and a green space area with sun beds and umbrellas
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Photo of Sunlight Park

Photo Courtesy Sunlight Park

Where: North of Livorno - Tirrenia
Address: Viale del Tirreno, 44
Phone: +39 50.33384
Open: May 1 to end Septembre - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Prices: Adult: €15.00 | Children (under 12): €10.00 | Umbrella + 2 sun loungers: €20.00 | Gazebo + 4 sun loungers, table with chairs: €50.00
Notes: Tirrenia is 6km (3.5 miles) from your cruise ship, between the port of Livorno and Marina di Pisa.
Getting There: Bus N. 10 departing from Piazza della Repubblica, within walking distance from Piazza Municipio (500 feet - 150 meters - East)

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