Lucca for visitors
on a cruise to the Port
of Livorno in 2023

Panoramic Photo of Lucca from Clock Tower

Essential guide to Lucca for cruise passengers to Livorno in 2023: how to get there on your own, things to do, sightseeing, walks, shopping, dining, and basic info.

Updated: May 20, 2023

Cruise visitors tired of tourist crowds clogging the streets of Tuscany's major cities (known for their beauty and culture), will find that Lucca offers a wonderfully laid-back alternative.

Lucca's long history, beautiful churches, quaint piazzas and fabulous restaurants, all encircled by tree-topped Renaissance walls make it a unique and fascinating place to visit for a full day or just for a few hours.

How to Get to Lucca from Livorno

Getting to Lucca from Livorno is not complicated. The best and most affordable way is by train, but you may also look into a sharing a taxi. Learn How to Travel to Lucca by Train.

Lucca's Quaint Charm

One of the wealthiest and oldest cities in Tuscany, Lucca’s streets are laid out in a Roman grid and lined with lovely old trees that provide welcome shade on a hot summer’s day. The town is so flat that cars are almost unheard of and most people get from place to place on bicycles.

Even tourists can pretend to be a local for the day. Cruise visitors will find bikes for rent on squares close to the entrance gates of the city walls. The tourist information desk in Piazzale Verdi also has bikes for rent.

Photo of the Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca

Piazza Anfiteatro

Photo ©

Exploring Lucca atop a bicycle is a truly romantic Tuscan adventure. Visit the Duomo and admire the wooden Christ supposedly carved by Nicodemus, then stop by San Frediano to discover what an “action-packed” fresco looks like.

Of course no bike ride or walk through Lucca would be complete without a stop at the Piazza Anfiteatro, which was built over an ancient roman amphitheater and still retains its shape.

Lucca may not be the type of destination that draws crowds the way that Florence or Siena does, but its quiet charm and old world beauty make it a Tuscan town not to be missed.

Walking and Sightseeing

Lucca is a very easy town to explore on your own either on a bicycle or just walking around. The historical center is completely flat with the obvious exception of the defensive walls that surround it and with cars are not allowed inside, making it an pedestrian ONLY haven.

The cruise traveler will not find any sort of hop-on-hop-off buses but a few bicycle rentals may offer a guided visit. But considering that the city is so easy to explore on your own, the editor strongly suggests meandering at your own pace and leisure.

Top Things To See and Do

Whatever you enjoy visiting when exploring a small town like Lucca, there a few sites that must not be missed. Even if you are not particularly interested in religious sites, the cruise traveler will certainly pass by the Cattedrale di San Martino (Cathedral), the Basilica of St. Frediano and the Church of Saint Michael in the Forum and all of them are worth a pick inside. Discover the Top 7 Religious Sites in Lucca.

The Amphitheater Square, the Piazza Napoleone, the Via Fillungo and the most visited Towers (Torre Guinigi and Torre delle Ore) are landmarks to be added to your must-see list. Many other are worth a leisurely walk in Lucca. Learn more about the Top 6 Landmarks in Lucca.

For those interested in active pursuits, the Passeggiata Della Mura (City Walls Walk) will be a delight. The Mansi Palace Painting Museum and the Pfanner Palace are two sites to revisit halcyon days.

If the cruise traveler is keen on discovering the best art in Lucca the Museo Nazionale Villa Guinigi (National Museum Guinigi) is a must to be added to the Museo Della Cattedrale (Cathedral's Museum). Explore the Top 8 Highlights of Lucca.

Photo of Puccini Satue in Lucca

Puccini Satue

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Finally, a tour of Lucca would not be complete without a visit to the house where Giacomo Puccini was born (undoubtedly the most illustrious son of the city). And, if you are an Opera Fan and in particular of Puccini verismo, the cruise traveler should also check the schedule of the famous Puccini Festival that takes place every year (between mid-July and mid-August) in Torre del Lago. Visit Puccini Festival Official Website

Shops and Shopping in Lucca

Shopping in Lucca is very much restricted to two streets - Via Fillungo and Via Santa Lucia - but the cruise traveler should also venture into hidden squares where boutiques can be found. Read more about Shopping in Lucca.

Quick Bite or Lunch in Lucca

For lunch there are many obvious options, be it a quick bite on a cafe like the Caffetteria Turandot, the Enoteca Calasto, or on the Piazza Anfiteatro, or a more lavish lunch in excellent restaurants like the uber famous La Buca di Sant’Antonio. Discover the Top 6 Restaurants in Lucca.

Good to Know

Tourist Office

When traveling to Lucca by train from Livorno, the cruise traveler will find a Tourist Information Office outside the Railway Station - no more than 200 yards to the right.

However, the Editor has found this Office closed a few times at regular hours. The closest Tourist Office will be at the Palazzo Ducale on Piazza Napoleone ( the heart of the city). The Tourist Offices are open every day between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm and between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

Medical Emergencies

You will pharmacies all over Lucca but the following three are conveniently loacted. There is also a large and good hosptital


Farmacia Melosi:
Via Roma, 14
Phone: (0583) 491463

Farmacia Passarello Maria Gabriella:
Via Santa Croce, 8
Phone: (0583) 491396

Farmacia Giannini Di Giannini Paola:
Via S. Frediano, 15
Phone: (0583) 496562


Ospedale San Luca :
Via Guglielmo Lippi Francesconi
Phone: (0583) 055601
Open: 24 hours

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