Fattori's Museum
Top Highlight in Livorno
Cruise Port Guide (Review, 2023)

Discover the Fattori's Museum (Museo Fattori) a top attraction for cruise visitors to Livorno: how to get there; artworks; map; sights and restaurants nearby.

Last Update: June 28, 2023

The Fattori Museum is an interesting public art gallery to explore in Livorno and a must-see of the city for cruise passengers staying in port for the day.

Photo of the entrance of the Museum Fattori in Livorno

Fattori's Museum Entrance

Photo © IQCruising.com


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Overview and Artworks

Cruise travelers interested in art will find some of the best museums in the World in Florence, which are top highlights when cruising the Mediterranean and calling at the port of Livorno.

However, for the cruise passenger who prefers to spend the day in Livorno instead of going on a full-day shore excursion to Florence, the Fattori Museum is surprising.

Do not be lead to believe that this is just another museum dedicated to a local artist. More than the relevance of the artist for the city, it is the art itself that makes this museum a must-see.

Photo of Ships in Harbor painting by Giovanni Fattori

Ships in Harbor, painting by Giovanni Fattori

Photo: Public Domain

Named after Giovanni Fattori, a 19th-century artist born in Livorno and leading figure of the ‘Macchiaioli’ artistic movement, the gallery features his paintings, as well as works from a number of different artists from the ‘Macchiaioli’ and the post-‘Macchiaioli’ movements.

Very much like the impressionist movement, the ‘Macchiaioli’ artists wanted to cut with Romantic traditions, opposed Neoclassic tendencies and rejected academic purism. Instead they aimed to represent reality with contrasting impressions of 'machi' (spots) of color and chiaroscuro - hence the name of the aesthetic movement.

Photo of The Haystack painting by Giovanni Fattori

The Haystack, painting by Giovanni Fattori circa 1880

Photo: Public Domain

Among other artists, the works of Cristiano Banti, Silvestro Lega, Vincenzo Cabianca and Serafino De Tivoli must be highlighted. A painting attributed to Modigliani is also on display in the museum.

Photo of Shepherd and Cows painting by Giovanni Fattori

Shepherd and Cows, painting by Giovanni Fattori

Photo: Public Domain

The art gallery is situated in the midst of the beautiful gardens that belong to the Villa Mimbelli, which was built in the 19th century and has a stunning décor. This offers the cruise passenger a sense of peace and tranquility, which cannot be found on the busy city streets.

Next to the Villa Mimbelli the museum expands into large pavilions with interesting temporary exhibitions.

Good to Know: Closer to the Terrazza Mascagni than to the City Center, it is quite a walk from Piazza Duomo.

Basic Information

Where: 1 mile south of the City Center
Address: Via San Jacopo in Acquaviva 65
Openning Hours: Winter - from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM | Summer: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Closed: mondays, 15 August, New Year's Day and Christmas Day
Entrance: €6 (euros), €4 (euros) for groups of 15 or more
Visiting Time: At least 1 hour
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How to Get to the Museum Fattori

The most famous museum in Livorno is less than a 1 mile from the city center. Although it may be at walking distance for some, the most direct route is not that appealing and it is easy to get lost. Unless the cruise passenger wants to go for a nice walk along the Viale Italia, and then go on a detour westward to the Villa Mimbelli, public transportation is advisable.

The City Sightseeing bus that tours Livorno has a stop next to the museum. The Lam Blue (former Bus n. 1) and Bus n. 8R have stops on Via Grande and will take you to Viale Italia, which has bus stops next to the Aquarium and the Terrazza Mascagni, both within walking distance of the Museum - 300 meters east of Viale Italia.

Fattori Museum - Map

Map of Southern Area of Livorno with Highlights and Attractions

Attractions and Highlights Close to the Museum Fattori

Close to the Museum Fattori, the cruise passenger exploring the south area of Livorno will find a couple of highlights of the city: the Aquarium and the Terrazza Mascagni. On the northern side a famous 'Bagni' (bathing establishment) is a family attraction and farther south you will find the historically famous 'Bagni Pancaldi'.

Restaurants and Places for a Quick Bite Nearby

The cruise traveler will not find many restaurants in the vicinity of the museum and none that IQCruising would strongly recommend. The only exception is the restaurant of the Palazzo Hotel with a spectacular sea view set on a luxurious classic décor. Far from 'affordable', the cuisine has received mixed reviews and don't expect typical recipes of the Livornese traditions.

Photo of the Interior of the Restaurant Hotel Palazzo in Livorno

Interior of the Restaurant Hotel Palazzo

Photo: Courtesy of the Hotel Palazzo

Along the Viale Italia, in the area close to the Aquarium the cruise passenger will find a couple of places to have a quick bite all fresco.

Photo of Quick Bites Al Fresco on Viale Italia in Livorno

Coffee Shops on Viale Italia

Photo © IQCruising.com

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