The Piers and Terminals
in Livorno (Italy) Cruise Port:
Review (2022)

Everything you must know about the harbors, piers, docks, and cruise terminals in the port of Livorno (in Italy). Where ships dock. What's at the piers: all services and amenities, shuttle buses, taxis; and what's within walking distance.

Updated: June 1, 2023

Depending on the size of the ship but also on how many ships are calling at Livorno there are two main docking areas.

As a rule of thumb, most ships over 60.000 tons will dock at the Porto Industriale whilst the smaller ones will dock at the Porto Mediceo.

Which Ships Dock Where

However don't have for granted that your small ship will always dock at Porto Mediceo as there are a few events and/or eventualities that may force her to dock at Porto Industriale.

A regatta that takes place every year between April and May is one of those events that will close the Porto Mediceo and cruise ships (large or small) will have to dock at the Porto Industriale.

It can also happen, specifically in the early spring or late fall, that due to strong winds the Porto Mediceo may be closed and the smaller ships will have to dock at the Porto Industriale.

Livorno Port Map

Map of the Ports in Livorno

Porto Industriale

As the name suggests the Porto Industriale is far from attractive. The port is large, has a few pies and quite a few docking spots. Some of these docking spots have a terminal building but others only have an open pier.

Services and Amenities in the Porto Industriale

In fact, there are some docking spots where you will not find the basic amenities like restrooms, ATM's, phones or any kind of shops.

Photo of pier in the Porto Industriale  in Livorno

Livorno Pier in the Porto Industriale

Photo ©

However, even when cruise ships dock at these berths the cruise passenger will find a Tourist Information representation, Taxis and Car Rental services close to the gangway.

Other docking spots are serviced with a terminal building where most amenities can be found. Usually, large cruise ships dock close to a terminal building so that passengers can take advantage of services like ATM, Tourist Information, Taxi and Tour Services, and even Free Wi-Fi Internet.

Shuttle Bus and Taxis at the Porto Industriale in Livorno

Regardless of where cruise ships dock at the Porto Industriale, all cruise lines provide a shuttle bus directly to the Piazza Municipio.

Photo of Shuttle Bus at Piazza Municipio in Livorno

Shuttle Bus at Piazza Municipio

Photo ©

Wherever the cruise ships dock, you will also see a few taxis parked by the gangway (or the Terminal). but be aware that drivers are there waiting for passengers that wish to go as far as Pisa, Lucca or even Florence. Even so, some taxis will be willing to accept a ride to the Railway Station for € 25 euros.

Although the Porto Industriale is not far from the city center, the walk is not pleasant, it is easy to get lost as it requires meandering through containers, rail tracks and that sort of obstacles.

If docked farther from the exiting gates you may not be allowed to walk in the port. But if your ship is docked on the pier closest to Venezia and Fortezza Vecchia - B on the map - the walk may be an alternative.

In Piazza Municipio, or just around the corner in the Piazza Grande (Cathedral Square), you will find pretty much all that you may need to explore the historical attractions of the city.

Livorno Piazza Municipio Map

Map of Piazza Municipio in Livorno

Tourist Information on Piazza Municipio

Photo of Tourist Information at Piazza Municipio in Livorno

The Old Tourist Kiosk Was Removed

Photo ©

Cruise Travelers that have been in Livorno before will notice that the Tourist Information Kiosk on Piazza Municipio, next to the shuttle bus stop, has been removed. Although not particularly well signed, the Tourist Office is now much larger and is located inside the main building next to Cruise Port Shuttle Bus stop.

On Via Cogorano, the street that connects Piazza Municipio to Piazza Grande, you will find banks with ATM's, a cafe with Wi-Fi and an Exchange Office.

Next to the Cruise Port Shuttle bus stop you will also find the stop for the 'City-sightseeing' buses that will take you all around the city and as far as Montenero. Via Borra, the main street at the heart of the Venezia Quarter is just around the corner and so is the Via Madonna with its famous churches.

Public Buses

Photo of traveler next to a newsstand in a Livorno.

Buying Bus Tickets in Livorno's newsstands

Photo ©

If you wish to travel by train to Pisa, Lucca or Florence, the public bus stop to the Railway Station is on Via Grande, the large avenue that intersect Piazza Grande. When walking from Piazza Municipio, once at the Piazza Grande, facing the Cathedral (Duomo), cross the Via Grande and turn right. The LAM BLU, or LB (formally Bus Nº 1) stop to the Railway Station is impossible to miss, heading left (East).

On the opposite side of Via Grande, traveling right (West) and towards the sea, LAM BLU Bus is ideal if you wish to explore Montenero, the Acquario or the Passeggiata Mascagni in the south coast. Make sure you buy bus tickets at the Newsstands on the Piazza Grande (strongly advisable to buy two tickets so that you don't have to look for another kiosk on the way back).

Porto Mediceo

The old Porto Mediceo is obviously named after the famous Florentine family that ruled Tuscany (and Livorno) in Renaissance times. It is only used by the small luxury ships of cruise lines like Regent, Silversea, Seabourn, Oceania or Azamara.

The Port Mediceo occupies a large area and has two main docking spots. The closest docking spot to the city - C on the map - is within walking distance to the city center, no more than 10 minutes walk to the start of Via Grande. The docking spot on the west side of the port - D on map -

Services and Amenities in Porto Mediceo

At the pier, you will not find restrooms, ATM's or shops but there is always a Tourist Information Representative, major Rent-a-Car reps, and a few taxis. Considering the proximity to the city, cruise lines do not provide shuttle buses.

Be also aware that Taxis drivers are there looking out for passengers that wish to do one-day-tours to the cities close by and will plainly refuse (or ask exorbitant amounts) for the fare to the city center or even to the train station.

Photo of pier at Porto Mediceo in Livorno

Livorno's Porto Mediceo at the pier

Photo ©

If a taxi driver agrees to take you anywhere in Livorno, don't expect to pay less than € 25.00 (euros) to get to the railway station. However, on Piazza Grande (aka Piazza Duomo) (less than 1/2 mile from the port) there is a taxi stand that will charge 'normal' prices - around € 8.00 (euros).

Within Walking distance from Porto Mediceo

The walk from Porto Mediceo to the Piazza Grande (aka Piazza Duomo) in the heart of the city is pleasant. As you cross the bridge that separates the port from the city, the view of the Fortezza Vecchia on your left shouldn't be missed.

Once in the large square that borders the port (Piazza Pantaglione) the cruise traveler will see the famous 'Quattro Mori' statue, which is one of the monumental highlights of Livorno next to the start of Via Grande.

If you are planning to get on a bus - either to the Railway Station (to travel to Florence, Lucca or Pisa) or to explore the coast as far as Montenero - the bus stops are at the beginning of Via Grande.

If heading to the Railway Station, the LAM BLU, or LB (formally Bus Nº 1) stop will be on your right - heading East, passing the Duomo (Cathedral) and the Piazza Repubblica. If you wish to venture as far as Montenero, or just to go south to the Passeggiata Mascagni, the LAM BLU, or LB (formally Bus Nº 1) stop will be on the left of Via Grande heading south.

Regardless of where you heading make sure you buy a bus ticket at the Newsstand (Kiosk) right before the start of Via Grande (English is widely understood in Livorno) and we strongly advise the purchase of two tickets straight away so that you don't need to look out for newsstands to buy tickets for your return.

Porto Mediceo D

Very seldom it will happen that cruise ships will dock at the farther spot in the Port Mediceo - D on map. Like the other pie of Porto Mediceo - C on the map - only small luxury ships dock here and only in special occasions.

The walk to the city center (Piazza Grande) is almost a mile long but as soon you exit the pier gates the walk has some pleasant views. Usually, cruise lines do provide Shuttle Buses to Piazza Municipio.

Photo of Ship Docked at Porto Mediceo in Livorno

Ship Docked at Porto Mediceo

Photo ©

Like in all other docking spots in the Port of Livorno, you will not find restrooms, ATM's or shops. Don't count 100% on finding a Tourist Information Representative or major Rent-a-Car services at the pier. A few taxis may be available in the morning and, like on the other docking spots, will be looking out for 'day-tours' not for a short ride to the city center.

Pier at a Glance

What's at Livorno's docks and cruise terminals

Mediceo A
Mediceo B
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