Off Track Restaurants
in Livorno (Italy) Cruise Port
Guide and Review (2023)

Off-The-Beaten-Track Restaurants for cruise travelers to Livorno: reviews of Il Vernice, Pizzeria Sarda, Il Forte, La Botteghina and Hotel Palazzo Restaurant

Update: June 3, 2023

Besides the restaurants, Enotecas and cafés in the historical city center or very close by, the Editor has also selected a handful that the cruise traveler may want to try if venturing into less known areas.

Photo of Trattoria La Botteghina in Livorno

Trattoria La Botteghina in Livorno

Photo Courtesy of La Botteghina Management

Because some highlights and attractions in Livorno are not in the historic center, restaurants that are near these sites were also included. Some of these restaurants are not that far but are located in streets where the cruise ship passengers wouldn't normally walk, as there aren't any major attractions close by. Others are close to attractions or landmarks that are off the center like the ones in the south area of Livorno. We have selected both restaurants where traditional lunch is served and also a couple that famous for the quality of their light fares.

Il Vernice
(Nouvelle Tradition) - $$ to $$$

Well known and with an impeccable reputation, Il Vernice serves traditional cuisine (some slow cooked dishes) with a creative touch reflected also in the wine list - wine by the glass is an unusual option in Livorno. The modern décor with warm ethnic variations and excellent service create and wonderful ambiance.

Photo of Interior of Restaurant In Vernice in Livorno

In Vernice, Interior

Photo by Owner / Management

WHERE:South of Piazza XX Settembre
Prices:Between €25.00 and €35.00 per person
Open:Lunch: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Dinner: 7:00 pm - 11:00pm
Address:Via Sproni, 32
Phone:Fixed: 0586 21 95 46
Nearby: Piazza XX Settembre, Piazza della Repubblica, Fosso Real.
NOTES: Not far from the city center, Il Vernice is on a narrow street behind the Piazza XX Settembre and there is nothing close by (besides the square and the restaurant itself) that would attract the cruise ship passenger to go that far.
Not so Far:Piazza XX Settembre, Piazza della Repubblica, Fosso Real.

Pizzeria Sarda
(Pizza Al Fresco) - $ to $$

The very simple décor would never reveal the great quality of the pizzas served here with the bonus of a very quiet, shaded outside seating area. Also on the menu the famous Torta di Ceci and a great selection of antipasti. A truly off the beaten place for a light lunch.

Photo of Outside seating of Pizzeria Sarda in Livorno

Pizzeria Sarda, Al Fresco

Photo by Owner / Management

WHERE: South City Center
Prices:Between €10.00 and €20.00 per person
Open:Lunch: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Dinner: 7:00 pm - 10:00pm
Address:Piazza Della Vittoria, 34
Phone:Fixed: 0586 88 96 63
Website:Pizzeria Sarda Facebook Page
Notes: Even for those visiting the Church on the Piazza della Vittoria or enjoying the shaded gardens it is not easy to find that behind the church, hidden in a corner, fabulous Pizza is being served al fresco at Pizzeria Sarda.
Not So Far:Piazza della Vittoria, Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso, Teatro Goldoni.

Il Forte
(Wine and Cheese) - $ to $$$

On a narrow but long street on the edge of the Venice Quarter, Il Forte is one of the most surprising restaurants in Livorno for a Quick Bite offering over 30 different kinds of cheese, all sorts of Prosciutto (including Spanish) and a wine list to match. All at affordable prices. Seriously worthwhile the off track walk if the cruise ship passenger is exploring this old quarter.

Photo of delicacies of Restaurant Il Forte in Livorno

Il Forte, Delicacies

Photo by Owner / Management

WHERE:Venice Quarter
Prices:Between €12.00 and €30.00 per person
Open:Lunch: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm | Dinner: 7:00 pm - 1:00 am
Address:Via del Forte San Pietro, 32
Phone:Mobil: 338 453 9246
Nearby: St. Catherine's Church, Via Borra, Fortezza Vecchia, Saint Ferdinand's Church.
Notes: Like all Enotecas prices vary depending on the choice of wine as this can start as low as €5.00 for a glass and go as high as €100.00 for a bottle

(Hidden Trattoria) - $ to $$

This family run Trattoria for locals is the place to have lunch when the cruise ship passenger is venturing south of the city center to visit the Natural History Museum. Great traditional cuisine with affordable prices - including a "Pranzzi di Lavoro" (fixed daily menu) and even Cacciucco. The desserts are a must.

Photo of the interior of Restaurant Trattoria La Botteghinain Livorno

Trattoria La Botteghina

Photo by Owner / Management

WHERE: South of City Center
Prices:Between €15.00 and €25.00 per person
Open:Lunch: 11:00am - 3:00pm | Dinner: Dinner: 7:00pm - 12:00am
Address:Via Roma, 159
Phone:Fixed: 0586 80 51 10
Nearby:Natural History Museum, Villa Fabbricotti.
Closed:Discovered by IQCruising when visiting the Natural History Museum and exploring the gardens of Villa Fabbricotti, this both an Off Track and a Restaurants where locals have an affordable lunch.

(Lunch with View) - $$$ to $$$$

The restaurant on the fifth floor of the Hotel Palazzo (the best in Livorno and one of the top in Italy) has a spectacular sea view set on luxurious classic décor. The cuisine has received mixed reviews as it doesn't share neither the fordable prices nor the typical recipes of the Livornese traditions. But the service is impeccable. A place to go for lunch on a special occasion.

Photo of the interior of Palazzo Restaurant in Livorno

Hotel Palazzo Restaurant

Photo by Owner / Management

WHERE:South Coast
Prices:Between €40.00 and €60.00 per person
Open:Lunch: 12:30pm - 2:30pm | Dinner: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
AddressViale Italia, 195
Phone:Fixed: 0586 26 08 36
Nearby:Aquarium, Museum Fattori, Terrazza Mascagni.
Notes:Amazingly, this is one of the Restaurant is the Hotel is one of the few places to have lunch (far from affordable) when visiting the highlights and attractions of Via Italia.

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