Classic Restaurants
in Livorno (Italy) Cruise Port
Guide and Review (2023)

Best Traditional Restaurants in Livorno for Cruise Travelers: overview and reviews of Aragosta, Le Volte, Il Rifugio and L'Ancora

Update: June 3, 2023

There is a good number of restaurants in Livorno that have slightly more affordable prices than the upper-end selected by the Editor. But there also other traditional restaurants that offer excellent cuisine and service.

All the restaurants reviewd on this page have a classic décor with an impeccable ambience and great locations in distinct areas. Although they are not typically touristic restaurants, English is well understood and reasonably well spoken.

Photo of a dish prepared at the Restaurant Bistrot M in Livorno

Photo Courtesy Restaurant Bistrot M


The cuisine emphasis is on fish, like in most restaurants in Livorno but the pasta and meat - especially in Il Rifugio - are delicious. All these restaurants all have very good wine lists. By the old Porto Mediceo, the cruise passenger will find Aragosta and Le Volte, which are ideally placed for those exploring the area by the sea or if your cruise ship is docked at the old port.

In the Venice Quarter, by the canal, L'Ancora is a traditional lunch option whilst meandering through this neighborhood. Like the higher-end restaurants, these are not the type of places to order a pizza or a quick bite but to enjoy an excellent Tuscan lunch in a classic setting.

(Sea flavors by the old port) - $$

In a relaxed setting by the Porto Mediceo, Aragosta has an unpretentious décor with flawless and friendly service. Specialized in fresh fish and seafood, it offers, as expected, a fabulous, traditional Cacciucco (€26.00 per person). Not exactly cheap but with honest prices - even lower than expected for this level of cuisine and service. However, since it was featured on a BBC documentary it has become a bit 'too' known and can get crowded at times.

Photo of the interior of the Restaurant Aragosta in Livorno by Management

Aragosta - Interior

Photo Courtesy of Aragosta

WHERE:West of City Centre - Porto Mediceo
Prices:Between €18.00 and €30.00 per person.
Open:Lunch: 12:00pm - 2:30pm | Dinner: 7:30pm - 11:30pm
AddressPiazza dell'Arsenale, 6
Phone:Fixed: 0586 89 53 95
Nearby:Porto Mediceo, Fortezza Vecchia, Quattro Mori Monument, Fosso Reale.
Notes:If your cruise ship is docked in the Porto Mediceo, Aragosta is literally around the corner on the way to Via Grande and the City Centre. If docked elsewhere, and exploring the area coming from the City Centre, the cruise traveler will need to cross the bridge towards the Porto Mediceo where Aragosta is located.

(Flavors by the Sea) - $$

A favorite with local business people, Le Volte offers generous servings in their great diversity of fresh fish and crustaceous - lobster, scampi, tuna, oysters and so many more - perfectly cooked in a refined but conventional way. The good cuisine is matched by prompt and friendly service in a lovely ambience - the veranda opening into the port and the sea is delightful. Good wine list (including some non-Italian wines).

Photo by Management of the Interior of Restaurant Le Volte in Livorno

Le Volte Interior

Photo Courtesy of Le Volte

WHERE:West of City Centre - Porto Mediceo
Prices:Between €20.00 and €40.00 per person.
Open:Lunch: 12:00pm - 2:30pm | Dinner: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Address:Via Calafati, 4
Phone:Fixed: 0586 89 68 68
Nearby:Porto Mediceo, Fortezza Vecchia, Quattro Mori Monument, Fosso Reale.
Notes:deal, like Aragosta, if docked in the Porto Mediceo, as it is literally located in the smaller and older port. If exploring the area coming from the City Centre, you will need to cross the bridge towards the Porto Mediceo and turn left (south) where Le Volte is located.

(Hidden Classic) - $$

Ignored by touristic guides, Il Rifugio has a local and loyal business clientele that treasure the comfort of the classic ambience to savour exceptionally good and diverse meat dishes - after all, few restaurants offer different types of carpaccio. The home made pasta, the softness of the meat, the smoothness of the sauces, the finesse of the desserts are praised but those that have discovered this hidden classic.

Photo by nanagement of the interior of Restaurant Il Rifugio in Livorno

Il Rifugio, Interior

Photo Courtesy of Il Rifugio

WHERE:South of City Centre
Prices:Between €25.00 and €40.00 per person.
Open:Lunch: 12:30pm - 3:00pm | Dinner: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Closed:Saturday (lunch) and Sunday
AddressVia Enrico Mayer, 80
Phone:Fixed: 0586 21 19 42
Nearby:Via Ricassoli, Teatro Goldoni, Modigliani's Home Museum, Piazza Victoria
Notes:A great place to have a quite, cozy lunch out of the touristic buzz when exploring the south area - just a few meters from the Teatro Goldoni and the Modigliani's Museum.

(Venezia Al Fresco) - $$

Praised by many, L'Ancora has been having mixed reviews - the negative ones mostly complaining about the high prices (€30.00 per person?). Of course, there are more affordable places to eat but the standards that this family-run restaurant has been keeping for years are in tune with this kind of pricing. The location by the canal is exceptional, the interior very attractive, the service is excellent - menu in English although not much is spoken by waiters or owners.

Photo by Management of the interior of the RestaurantL'Ancora in Livorno

L'Ancora, Interior

Photo Courtesy L'Ancora

WHERE:Venice Quarter
Prices:Between €25.00 and €35.00 per person | Antipasti: €8, 00 to €13,00 | Mains between: €10, 00 and €18,00 | Deserts: €4,50
Open:Lunch: 12:30pm - 3:00pm | Dinner: 7:30pm - 11:30pm
Address:Scali delle Ancore, 10
Phone:Fixed: 0586 88 14 01
Nearby:Venice Quarter, St. Ferdinando Church, Via Borra, St. Catherine's Church, Mercatino Americano.
Notes:One of the places for lunch whilst exploring the Venice Quarter, in particular if you walk the eastern part of the old neighborhood and are on the way back to Piazza Municipio.

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