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The Best Places to Have a Quick Bite in Livorno for Cruise Travelers: overview and reviews of Caffè Duomo, Caffè Il Punto, Enoteca Il Vinaino, Enoteca Forte San Pietro, Cantina Nardi and Enoteca Faraoni

Update: June 3, 2023

Whilst touring, sightseeing or just walking around Livorno the cruise passenger will inevitably stumble upon a number of places where Panini, Sandwiches or even pizzas are obviously been served. Most of them are pleasant, with good service and with good food.

Quick Bites Overview

Photo of a bruschetta of the Cantina Nardi in Livorno

Photo Courtesy Cantina Nardi

But there is a handful of venues, which the Editor has selected that have something special about them and that are recommended for cruise visitors who just wish to have a light lunch or a snack. With a few exceptions these are the kind of places that only locals know about and that do not show up on travel guides.

These are the most affordable places to have a light lunch or just a snack with prices varying between €7.00 (for Coffee and Panini) and €15.00 (for a good glass of wine and some cold cuts - Cheese or Prosciutto and Salumi - with Focaccia). Some of the selected places offer Free Wi-Fi Internet, which can be a convenient way for checking your emails whilst enjoying a light fare. It will certainly out cheaper than checking emails onboard the cruise ship.

(Traditional Coffee) - $ to $$

Behind the Duomo, in the southern corner with Via del Tempio, close to all highlights in the heart of the city its one of the best places for a cappuccino and more. All sorts of Pastries, Panini and Sandwiches are tempting but the Caffe Duomo also offers light lunches and even ice cream. Service is impeccable and English is well spoken. It is well-known to be one of the best places in the city centre to access Free WI-Fi Internet.

WHERE:City Centre - behind Duomo
Prices:Between €5.00 and €15.00 per person
Open:9:00 pm - 7:00 pm
AddressVia Cairoli 6,
Phone:Fixed: 0586 89 01 62
Website:Facebook Page
Nearby:Duomo (Cathedral), Synagogue, St. Giulia, Piazza Grande, Via Grande, Fosso Reale.
Notes:The outside tables under the arcades are an invitation for a shaded rest whilst exploring the city centre. If you are looking for typical pizzas or Livorno's traditional cuisine this is NOT the place to go.

(Pastries and Light Fares) - $ to $$

ike most Caffès in Livorno, Il Punto opens early to serve all sorts of coffees, pastries and sandwiches for breakfast. For lunch pastas and salads are also offered and this one of the best places for a light fare but don't expect wooden oven pizzas or traditional livornese cuisine.

Photo of Caffè Il Punto on Via Grande in Livorno

Caffè Il Punto on Via Grande

Photo ©

WHERE:City Centre -
Prices:Between €6.00 and €15.00 per person
Open:6:30 am - 7:00 pm
Address:Via Grande, 221
Phone:Fixed: 0586 89 52 45
Website:Facebook Page
Nearby:Quattro Mori, Porto Mediceo, Piazza Grande, Duomo.
Notes:Don't be surprised to see crew members sitting outside with their laptops as this is a well know Caffè for its FREE Wi-Fi Internet.

(Wine, Prociuto and more) - $ to $$

On a tiny square at the end of Via Grande (West Side) close to Porto Mediceo and the Quattro Mori monument, Il Vinaino is the best enoteca in the city centre. It offers a very good selection of Italian wines by the glass and typical Tuscan cuisine at lunch and dinner. It has become very popular with locals and it is advisable to arrive early (before 1:00 pm) to have a light lunch. FREE Wi-Fi Internet.

Photo of Enoteca Vinaini on Via Grande in Livorno

Enoteca with Wi-Fi in Via Grande

Photo ©

WHERE:City Centre -
Prices:Between €10.00 and €20.00 per person
Open:7:00 pm - 10:30pm
AddressPiazza Colonnella 14 - off Via Grande
Phone:0586 89 58 46
Website:Facebook Page
Nearby:Quattro Mori monument, Porto Mediceo, Piazza Grande, Duomo.
Notes:The bronze sculpture on the Square (Piazza Colonnella) is a reproduction of the famous pair created by Piero Taca which are in Florence - on the other side of Via Grande the second one completes the pair.
Notes:The bronze sculpture on the Square (Piazza Colonnella) is a reproduction of the famous pair of - on the other side of Via Grande the second one completes the pair.

(Wine and Light Fare) - $ to $$

In the heart of Venezia Quarter, next to one of the top highlights of Livorno (the Church of St. Catherine), this enoteca is at the right spot when exploring this old neighbourhood and stopping for a light lunch - be it traditional cold cuts of more creative flavours (how does chickpeas cream with prawns sound?). Like any good enoteca, the wine list is excellent and the main reason to enjoy a light fare with very friendly service in a modernized rustic décor.

Photo of Enoteca Forte San Pietro in Livorno

Enoteca in Venezia

Photo ©

WHERE:City Centre - Venice Quarter
Prices:Between €10.00 and €30.00 per person
Open:11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Address:Piazza dei Domenicani, 2
Phone:Fixed: 0586 88 08 00
Website:Facebook Page
Nearby:St. Catherine's Church, Via Borra, Fosso Real, Forteza Vecchia.
Notes:If looking for the more traditional and substantial livornese cuisine there are other restaurants close by like "L'Antica Venezia" on the same square.

(Wine with Tradition) - $ to $$

Famous for its wine list and snacks, Cantina Nardi is both an Enoteca and a fabulous restaurant serving traditional dishes in a very cozy indoor setting or outside al fresco. Its snacks include typical panini and sandwiches but also pastries and sweets prepared with high quality.

Photo of Cantina Nardi Staff in Livorno

Friendly Service at Cantina Nardi

Photo by management

WHERE:City Centre - South
Prices:Between €10.00 and €30.00 per person
Open:Lunch: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Dinner: 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Address:Via Leonardo Cambini, 6/8
Phone:Fixed: 0586 80 80 06
Website:Cantina Nardi
Nearby:Via Ricasoli, Teatro Goldoni, Modigliani's Home Museum, Piazza Victoria
Closed:Located close to Modigliani's Home and Piazza Attias, its one of the best places to stop for a quick bite when exploring the south are of the city centre.

(Wines Galore) - $ to $$

Completely ignored by travel guides and not known to cruise ship passengers, Faraoni may look from the outside as just a wine shop but is, in fact, an Enoteca serving light fares and even a fixed price menu (antipasto, main, house wine and water for €15.00). The wine list is extraordinary in variety and arguably one of the best in Livorno.

Photo of Enoteca Faraoni in Livorno

Wine with Fixed Menu

Photo ©

WHERE:City Centre - Piazza XX Settembre
Prices:Between €10.00 and €20.00 per person
Open:Lunch: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Dinner: Closed
Address:Via Mentana, 85
Phone:Fixed: 0586 88 60 78
Website:Facebook Page
Nearby:Fosso Real, Piazza XX Setembre, Piazza dela Repubblica.
Notes:If your cruise ship allows alchool to be consumed onboard this is one of the best places to buy affordable Tuscany wine.

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