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Learn about the Goldoni's Theatre (Teatro Goldoni) on a cruise to Livorno in 2023: how to get there; history; map; basic info; other highlights and restaurants nearby.

Last Update: June 28, 2023

Originally named "Leopold Theatre", the Goldoni Theater is Livorno's best and most loved theater, and a must see landmark for cruise visitors meandering the port-city of Tuscany.

Photo of the Goldoni's Theatre Facade in Livorno

Goldoni's Theatre Facade in Livorno

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The Goldoni Theater is the only theater that survived World War II devastation. Built in the 19th century, it was designed and built with a glass roof in an effort to capture the essence of both night and day, as desired by Francesco and Alexander Caporali, who first conceptualized the theater, although the theater itself was designed by Giuseppe Cappellini.

Photo of the Interior of the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno

Interior of Goldoni's Theatre in Livorno

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The latest restoration to the building was in 2004.

More than just an architectural landmark and a musical venue that the cruise ship passenger will very unlikely have much of an opportunity to enjoy, we included the Theatre in our highlights as it is also a museum dedicated to the great Livornese composer Pietro Mascagni (Livorno, 1863 - Rome, 1945).

Photo of Opera Composer Pietro Mascagni

Opera Composer Pietro Mascagni

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All sort of memorabilia is displayed in a biographical itinerary that invites the visitor to take a journey through the life of one of the most famous Italian opera composers.

Entitled "Itinerari Mascagni" the exhibition pays homage to Mascagni who was an initiator of the 'verista' melodramatic operatic movement when he wrote 'Cavalleria Rusticana'.

Practical Information

WHERE:Historical Centre
Address:Via Carlo Goldoni, 83
Open:Mornings Only: 10:00am to 1:00pm
Closed:Saturday and Sunday
Notes: On the small square by the Theatre, there are a couple of nice places to have a cappuccino or even a quick bite.

How to get to Goldoni Theatre

A bit off the beaten track, the Theater stands south of the city center, no more than 300 meters after crossing the Fosso Reale.

The easiest and most pleasant way to get there is to walk along Via Cairoli (right behind the Duomo), cross the Fosso Reale into Piazza Cavour, take a left turn on Via Rossi and then right to Via Mayer.

Alternatively, walk along Via Ricassoli all the way to Piazza Attias and then turn left into Via Mayer - the small square where the Theater stands is no more than 100 meters away.

Goldoni Theatre (Teatro) Map

Map of Teatro Goldoni's area in Livorno with Highlights and Attractions

Attractions and Highlights Nearby

Via Ricassoli is one of the main shopping streets of Livorno and is the place to go if looking for boutique, higher-end, fashion design. Behind Piazza Attias, Coin is a small department store (S on the map) .

Very close to Piazza Attias, the cruise passenger can find another interesting exhibition dedicated to a major artistic personality born in Livorno - the painter Amedeo Modigliani (1884–1920).

On Via Roma 38, 1st Floor (no lift) the Amedeo Modigliani Museum House (a on the map) is the birthplace of the famous painter. It only opens in the mornings. Via Magenta ends on Piazza della Vitoria with the church of 'Santa Maria del Soccorso' (b on the map) at its center.

On the way to the Teatro Goldoni or on the way back, the Valdesian Church (c on the map) , the English Cemetery (d on the map) and the Church of San Giorgio (e on the map) are famous landmarks west of the Teatro.

Along the Fosso Reale, the Dutch Church (f on the map) , the Liceo ... (g on the map) and, slightly off, the Church of San Bernardo (h on the map) - on Piazza XX Setembre - are landmarks on the Eastern side.

The 3 major highlights close by are the Duomo (A on the map) , the Synagogue (B on the map) and the Mercato Centrale (C on the map) . The views of the Fosso Reale from either side of the Piazza Cavour shouldn't be missed (I and II on the map) .

Restaurants Close to the Goldoni Theatre

On the same street of the Theatre, close to Piazza Attias, the restaurant 'Il Refugio' (1 on the map) offers the comfort of a classic ambiance to savor exceptionally good and diverse meat dishes.

For a quick bite, on the pedestrian Via Leonardo Cambini, the 'Cantina Nardi' (3 on the map) is one of the best places in the city to enjoy snacks (or traditional dishes) with a famous wine list in a very cozy indoor setting or outside al fresco.

On the same street of the Cantina, 'La Casina di Alice' (4 on the map) is a very well rated vegetarian restaurant. If going as far as the Piazza della Vitoria, the 'Pizzeria Sarda' (5 on the map) is a hidden al fresco delight for a pizza.

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