The Best Beaches
North of Livorno (Italy)
Cruise Port: Review (2022)

The best beaches on the North Coast of Livono, for passengers on a cruise to the port of Livorno: reviews, location, opening hours, prices, photos, and how to get there.

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On the north coast of the Porto of Livorno, a 6.5-mile (10-kilometer) strip of sand with fabulous beaches stretches up to Marina de Pisa, a small town at the mouth of the River Arno.


The port of Livorno and Marina de Pisa are connected by one long road with a couple of central villages - Calambrone and Tirrenia. Cruise travelers will find along this road a succession of touristic establishments ("Bagni", resorts, hotels and restaurants), holiday villas and a few institutional buildings along the road. At the heart of Tirrenia there are also a few services like a pharmacy and a bank.

But the most interesting aspect for visitors cruising the Mediterranean and calling at the port of Livorno is the fact that along this 6.5-mile road you will find over 50 different "Bagni" (serviced beaches) offering all sorts of services: - umbrellas, deck chairs, sun-beds, showers, bars and restaurants.

Some of these go one step further and offer a variety of water sports such as the "Oasi del Mare" which offers windsurfing and sailing. The "Sunlight Park" is a Waterpark. Both are reviewed in the Water-ports Beaches Page

There are so many "Bagni" between Livorno and Marina di Pisa that the Editor only selected a few - and some are highlighted. All of these have something special that appeal to the Editor but don't let this selection stop you from exploring other "Bagni" if you find them more captivating.

Bagno La Siesta
Beach in Style

One of the best "Serviced Beach" north of Livorno, it is slightly over 1 mile (less than 2 km) from the Porto (in Calambrone). The quaint restaurant is a must - either eating on the terrace or on the beach under Caribbean styled umbrellas. Exclusive fish and pasta dishes. For a quick bite, light fare or cocktails there is also a bamboo beach bar with sitting gazebos. On the spacious and clean sand there is a beach-tennis area, beach-volley area, children playground, renting of pedal boats and canoes.
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Aerial Photo of the Bagno La Siesta

Photo Courtesy Bagno La Siesta

Where:Tirrenia - Calambrone
AddressViale del Tirreno, 74
Prices:Day Admission: Just Sun-bed €6.00 | 1 Umbrella and 2 Deck-chairs €15.00 | 1 Umbrella and 2 Sun-bed €22.00.
Phone349 848 8555
NotesBus from Livorno has a stop just before La Siesta, next to a large Church on a new apartment development. Across the street, look out for the not particularly visible sign. There is also a public (free) beach next to it - La Tintarelleria.

Bagno Maddalena
Family Friendly

Being 70 meters wide and over 100 meters deep it is one of the largest beaches in Tirrenia, is particularly good for families and it also has a special wheelchair access to the beach. It offers private cabanas with hot shower for a max. of 6 people (€40.00).
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Photo of the Entrance of Bagno Maddalena

Photo Courtesy Bagno Maddalena

Where:Tirrenia - 2.5 miles north of the port.
WhatBeach volleyball, tennis and soccer. Children's play area and nursery area. Self-service restaurant/pizzeria.
Prices:Day Admission: €6.00 (includes locker) | 1 Umbrella and 2 Sun-bed €22.00 (max. 4 persons).
Address:Viale del Tirreno, 48
Phone:39 05 03 72 25
NotesBetween Bagno Delfino and Bagno Laura (150 meters apart), the Bus Stop is right in front of "Bagno" Maddalena's the entrance. To return to Livorno, Bus Stop is next to Delfino's entrance.

Bagno Laura
Space on Sand

Organized in rows of umbrellas with deck chairs (and cots on request) the rows are spaced 7 meters apart. The beach also has an area of Cabins (2.60 square meters - square feet) with racks, bench, mirror and some even have hot shower - Cabin with Umbrella and 2 Chairs (max. 7 persons) €30.00 (weekends) €15.00 (weekdays). If you are not using a cabin, there are changing/dressing rooms. There is a children's play area and other entertainment area/activities like beach volleyball courts, soccer, tennis and ping pong.
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Photo of the Beach at Bagno Laura

Photo Courtesy Bagno Laura

Where:Tirrenia - 2.5 miles north of the port.
Address:Viale del Tirreno, 46
More: Pedal boats and canoes. Bar (for Snacks) and Restaurant ( €30.00 menu / €15.00 Children Menu). FREE Wi-Fi.
Prices:Day Admission: €5.00 | 1 Umbrella and 2 Sun-beds €20.00 (max. 4 persons)
NotesThe nearest Bus Stop is right in front of "Bagno" Maddalena - 50 meters south. To return to Livorno, Bus Stop is next to Delfino's entrance - 150 meters south.

Bagno Tirrenia
the Heart of Tirrenia

A short distance from the center of Tirrenia (Piazza Belvedere), a succession of Bagni starts with "Bagno" Mary; "Bagno" Venere is the next one and Tirrenia is less than 300 meters from the bus stop at Piazza Belvedere. The spacious beach is one of the better serviced in Tirrenia, including free hot showers and valet parking.
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Photo of the Beach at Bagno Tirrenia

Photo Courtesy Bagno Tirrenia

Where:Tirrenia - 3.5 miles (5.5 km) North of the Port of Livorno
AddressViale del Tirreno, 18
Prices:Day Admission: €5.00 | 1 Umbrella and 2 Sun-beds €18.00 (max. 4 persons) on weekdays, €25.00 (weekends).
More:Soccer field; Tennis and Beach Volley; Restaurant, Bar and Pizzeria.
NotesTo return to Livorno the closest bus stop is 200 meters north, just after "Bagno" Miramare.

How to Travel to Calambrone, Tirrenia and Marina de Pisa

The most affordable (and easy) way of getting there is on Bus N. 10, which connects Livorno to Pisa, departing every 30 minutes and taking around half hour to reach Marina di Pisa with multiple stops along the way. The Bus stop in Livorno is on Piazza della Repubblica and a ticket will cost €3.00 each way. Naturally, it is advisable to buy a return ticket straight away.

The bus stops along the way to Marina di Pisa are frequent and you will easily see the signs for the entrance of the "Bagni" (always on your left). Some bus stops are literally next to "Bagni" and is also easy to find the bus stop for your return to Livorno. As you will most likely be exploring the area for the first time, do not hesitate to ask the bus driver to stop by the "Bagni" where you want to go.

To hire a Taxi is another possible transportation for a 'day on the beach' including a return service with a pick-up time. However, be aware that Taxi drivers may ask you over €60.00 for each way. Alternatively, renting a car at the pier can be a good alternative, as it will allow you the flexibility to also explore Pisa (or Lucca) in the morning and then stop by in Tirrenia for an afternoon at the beach.

All Beaches between Calambrone and Tirrenia

Between Calambrone and Tirrenia: As the Bus N.10 from Livorno exits the city and crosses a small bridge, it enters the community of Calambrone and on the left side of the road a modest sign marks the entrance to "Bagno La Rondine" with the bus stop a few meters away.

This is the first "Bagno" of Calambrone and is followed by the "Camping Mare & Sol" (for campers only). Less than 200 meters farther you will see the sign for "La Playa Felice" just before the next bus stop - very close to two more serviced beaches:"Bagno Nirvana" (which has a swimming pool in its grounds) and "Bagno Etruria" (80 meters apart).

Oasi del Mare (highlighted under Water Sports) is the next beach in Calambrone - the bus stop right after it is closer to the entrance. After a 1-kilometer stretch with a few hotels, a new urban development has a bus stop just before a recently reconstructed Church - this is the one to the best bus stop for La Siesta (highlighted), La Tintarelleria (public beach next to it) and for Stefano Beach (200 meters north) - there is a bus stop next to this for the return. After another 1-kilometre stretch with hotels you will be exiting Calambrone and entering the community of Tirrenia.

Between Tirrenia and Marina di Pisa: As soon as you enter Tirrenia you will see on the left side of the road a succession of pathways in between buildings that give access to the sea but the first 'service beach' will be "Bagno Meloria" - bus stop is 100 meters down the road just after "Bagno Luana" and before "Bagno Rosalba".

Bagno Rosalba

Photo of Bagno Rosalba Beach

Photo Courtesy Bagno Rosalba

Address: Viale del Tirrenio, 56
Phone: (3401) 04 09 66

After "Bagno Rosalba", the next two serviced beaches - "Bagno Rosa" and "Bagno Fiorello" - are just a few meters apart and the previous bus stop is the closest.

But for next series of seaside attractions, the bus stop between "Bagno Maddalena" and "Bagno Laura" (both highlighted) is also the best for "Bagno Delfino" (100 meters south) and also for the Sunlight Park (highlighted and 100 meters north). This bus stop is also good for two beaches down the road - Florida and Nettuno. The closest bus stop for the return to Livorno is next to Delfino.

Bagno Delfino

Notes: Clean beach, good for kids, nice and affordable restaurant with Tuscan Cuisine.

Photo of Beach of Bagno Delfino

Photo Courtesy Bagno Delfino

Address: Viale del Tirrenio, 50
Phone: 050 37491

Before reaching the Piazza Belvedere - a wide roundabout that is the heart of Tirrenia - the bus N. 10 has one more stop in front of "Bagno Lomi", which is the closest to the previous beach - "Bagno Europa", 40 meters south - and also to "Siria" and "Bagno Alma".

The closest bus stop for all these to the return to Livorno is next to "Bagno Europa". However, both "Bagno Vittoria" and "Bagno Roma" are less than 200 meters away from Piazza Belvedere and it will be easier to walk south to any of these.

Bagno Vittoria

Photo of Bagno Vittoria

Photo Courtesy Bagno Vittoria

Address: Viale del Tirreno, 30
Phone: 050 35506

The bus stop at Piazza Belvedere is also the closest to the next series of serviced beaches - Lido is the first one, 100 meters north, followed by "Bagno" Venere. But if planning to go to "Bagno Tirrenia" (highlighted), Miramare, La Perla, Corralo or Maestrale the bus stop right in front of the latter might be the best one, although 200 meters north of "Bagno Tirrenia".

Bagno Venere

Good to Know: Besides a wide beach, Bagno Venere has a self-service Restaurant and Pizzeria.

Photo of Bagno Venere Beach

Photo Courtesy Bagno Venere

Address: Viale del Tirrenio,20
Phone / Fax: 05 03 73 11

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