Livorno's Aquarium
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Livorno's Aquarium (Aquario Comunale “D. Cestoni")
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For those cruising with a young family, or for the cruiser interested in marine life, the aquarium in Livorno is one of the main attractions in this port of call. With a number of buildings interconnected, the central area of the Aquarium has a rectangular plan, around which a semicircular shaped display accommodates fish tanks.

Photo of Entrance of Livorno's Aquarium

Livorno's Aquarium

Photo Courtesy of Aquario Comunale D. Cestoni

Aquarium Overview

In total, the Aquarium houses 33 display tanks containing approximately 2,000 marine animals of 300 different species. With a public area of 3,000 square meters and 1,000 cubic meters of water, it is the third biggest aquarium in Italy and the largest in Tuscany.

Photo of Fish Tanks in Livorno's Aquarium

One of the 33 tanks

Photo Courtesy of Aquario Comunale D. Cestoni

The location by the Mediterranean Sea is unique, and the reason why it once was a medical center dedicated to heliotherapy before it was transformed the aquarium that was first inaugurated in 1937. Destroyed during the Second World War, the aquarium was rebuilt in the 1950's and in 1968 became part of the University of Marine Biology.

In the 1990's, when all the area and specially the Terrazza Mascagni were redesigned, the Aquarium was also extended. However, it was only recently that it finally acquired its present form - the new, modern and renovated Aquarium was re-inaugurated in 2010.

WHERE:South of Historical Centre
Address:Viale Italia
Open:Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm | Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm | July & August: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm  
Closed:24 and 25 December
Entrance:Adults: €14.00 (euros)
Children: €8.00 (euros)

How to Get There for Cruise Travelers

Only if docked at the Porto Mediceo should the cruise passenger contemplate walking to the Aquarium - just over 1-mile away. Considering that there is a LAM BLU or LB bus (formally Bus Nº 1) stop at the start of Via Grande, very close to the Porto Mediceo, and that bus tickets can be bought at the newsstands right before Via Grande, the editor recommends this public transportation to get to the Aquarium.

For those docked at the Porto Industriale, the shuttle bus will drop cruise passengers on Piazza Municipio which is within walking distance of Via Grande. On this main street you will find the bus stop for the LAM BLU or LB bus (formally Bus Nº 1). Make sure to take the west/south direction, on the right hand side of Via Grande when walking from Piazza Municipio.

If the cruise passenger is planning to visit other highlights and attractions in the South Area of Livorno it's advisable to get a Livorno Card at the Tourist Information Office on Piazza Municipio and enjoy unlimited bus rides for the entire day. Alternatively, get on the Hop-On Hop-Off City Sightseeing bus.

Aquarium Map and Nearby

Map of Southern Area of Livorno with Highlights and Attractions

Other Attractions and Highlights Near the Aquarium

Photo of Band Stand on Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno

The Band Stand on Terrazza Mascagni

Photo ©

Not far from the Aquarium, the cruise passenger exploring the south area of Livorno will also find the Terrazza Mascagni. Around 300 meters from the Terrazza, the Fattori's Museum exhibits major works by the most famous painter from Livorno. Both the Terrazza and the Fattori Museum are highlights of Livorno.

Photo of the painting 'Ships in Harbor' by Giovanni Fattori

'Ships in Harbor' by Giovanni Fattori

Public Domain

Very close to the Aquarium you will find the 'Bagni Tirrenio' - a bathing establishment which is a family attraction. Farther south, right after the 'Terrazza' the cruise passenger will find the historically famous 'Bagni Pancaldi'.

Restaurants Near the Aquarium

Along the Viale Italia, between the now ruined 'Scoglio della Regina' and 'Bagni Tirrenio' the cruise passenger will find a couple of informal places to have a quick bite al fresco. Just look out for the coffee shops close to the Aquarium by the northern side of the Terrazza

Photo of Quick Bites on Viale Italia in Livorno

Coffee Shops close to the Terrazza Mascagni

Public Domain

With the exception of the restaurant of the Palazzo Hotel, set on luxurious classic décor and with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, there is no other recommendation.

Photo of Hotel Palazzo's Restaurant in Livorno

Hotel Palazzo Restaurant

Public Domain

Be aware that the restaurant at the Palazzo Hotel is far from 'affordable', not exactly a place to go on swimming attire and that the cuisine has received mixed reviews.

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