The Cruise Terminal
and Tender Pier in Mykonos
Port Guide and Review (2023)

Everything you must know about where cruise ships dock or anchor in Mykonos: the cruise terminal, tender boat pier, taxis, shuttle buses and water taxis.

Update: May 23, 2023

When calling at the port of Mykonos, your cruise ship will either dock or drop anchor. That will depend on the number of vessels visiting Mykonos on a given day and the size of your cruise ship.

While cruise ships dock in Mykonos at the New Port, ships drop anchor on a large bay in front of Mykonos town and tender passengers to a pier by Mykonos downtown.

Naturally, most cruise travelers prefer to dock than tendering but in the case of Mykonos tendering can be quite advantageous as the tender boat will dock at a pier just a few yards away from the main attractions of the main town - Mykonos Town aka Chora.

The New Port in Mykonos cruise port

If docking, the cruise ship will be mooring at the New Port, which is located around 1.5 miles from Mykonos Town. This pier only has space for one large ship - such as the large Royal Caribbean or Celebrity cruise ships - or two smaller ones.

There was a time when the transportation from the New Port to Mykonos Town was a bit of hassle with taxis and buses charging ridiculous amounts, but these days most cruise lines offer free shuttles to the bus station just outside Mykonos Town.

From here, the cruise traveler will have to walk no more than 200 meters along the town's beach to the edge of the town.

Alternatively, the cruise traveler also has the choice of getting on a water taxi to the pier next to Mykonos Town. This will cost €2.00 and will take around 10 minutes.

This water-taxi can be particularly convenient if planning to explore the Archaeological Site in the Island of Delos as the stop in Mykonos Town is right at the Pier from where the ships to Delos depart.

It should be noted that if more than two ships are calling at Mykonos there is a fair chance that your cruise ship might be tendering.

What's at the tender pier

If tendering to Mykonos Town, the cruise traveler will not find much at the tendering pier but, as mentioned above, you will be right in town.

Cruise visitors planning to explore Mykonos on their own beyond the Old Town will need to walk to the northern edge of the town to find the public Bus Station and numerous car rentals.

To travel to any of the marvelous beaches on the island Mykonos or the quaint village of Ano Mera, you can either take a public bus, rent a car, or a scooter.

The walk is pleasant, no more than 1 kilometer (3/4 mile) long, lined by cafes and restaurants to the Old Town Beach.

What's at the New Port

If docking at the New Port, the cruise traveler will find most basics needs close by. Among these most cruise lines offer a Shuttle transfer to the bus station close to the Old Town and there is also a boat transfer right into the piers of the Old Town.

In the New Port, you will find cafes (for refreshments), souvenir shops, restrooms, public buses and a taxi stand. This port is also the Ferry Port that connects Mykonos to many other Islands close by and is, in reality, the main sea entrance to the island.

Close to the New Port, the cruise traveler will also find a very nice beach - St. Stefanos - with a couple of nice restaurants (Epistrofi is an Editor's Favorite) and all services you may expect on a serviced beach.

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