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Essential guide of the museums in Mykonos for cruise travelers: reviews, photos, location, opening hours and entrance fees.

Update: May 23, 2023

Many cruise travelers find very strange that some of the most interesting museums in Mykonos are only open for a few hours in the evening. Although some open in the morning.

Photoof the Spyral Art Gallery in Mykonos, Greece.

Spyral Art Gallery, Mykonos

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In reality, most museums are visited by the those staying in the beach resorts and only visit Chora in the evening. This said the cruise traveler will have the opportunity to visit those few museums that open early in the morning such as the Archaeological Museum or the Museum of Folklore.

If your cruise is scheduled to sail late in the day, you may have an opportunity to visit the other small museums as well. But do not think that much was lost as you will find the most interesting exhibitions in the Archaeological Site of Delos and in Ano Mera.

The cruise traveler will also find quite a few interesting Art Galleries just walking around Mykonos Town - don't miss the opportunity to have a look inside

Archaeological Museum (in Chora)

Photoof Archaeological Museum in Mykonos, Greece.

Archaeological Museum, Mykonos

Photo Credit: Public Domain

This museum is one of the most popular attractions on the island, bringing you the long and very rich history of Mykonos. Here in this rather small museum you will discover relics from Rhenea and Delos, including items from tombs on these islands. The sculptures you will view depict scenes of mourning from the island of Rhenea, on which during the 6th century, the Delphic Oracle ordered the removal of all bodies from the island. One of the exceptional items in the museum is the statue of mythical Greek God Hercules, son of Zeus.

WHEREBetween Bus Station and town, Mykonos Town
Address:Ayios Stephanos
Open:Everyday between 08:00 am and 3:00 pm - April 1 to October 31  
Phone:(+30) 2289022325

Museum of Folklore (in Chora)

A visit to the Museum of Folklore can be a pleasant change from the other sights you come to the island to see. Here you can see the actual culture of Mykonos and its very rich past. Located in Chora this museum houses 19th-century antiquities galore.

Photo of the Museum of Folklore in Mykonos, Greece.

Museum of Folklore, Mykonos

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From vintage furniture, collections of art, historic photographs, musicians instruments and maritime equipment, there is much to see. One of the “must see” displays in the museum is the exquisite etching of traditional Mykonos vessels.

WHEREMykonos Town - Kastro Area
Address:Close to the Tendering Pier
Open:April to October -10:30 am to 2:00pm and 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm EXCEPT Sundays  
Entrance:Entry to the Museum is absolutely free
Phone:(+30) 2289022748

Aegean Maritime Museum (in Chora)

The Aegean Maritime Museum located in the heart of Mykonos Town, opened its doors in 1983, and is where you can find the history of Greek nautical traditions. Roaming about the building you will find marble sculptures, jewelry and ceramics from different historical periods.

Photoof the Aegean Maritime Museum in Mykonos, Greece.

Aegean Maritime Museum, Mykonos

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One of the most interesting and historic items on display is a large 7th century ceramic vase, with the oldest depiction of the Trojan horse. A walk in the gardens reveals reproduction of ancient marble gravestones, from sailors that were lost at sea from Delos and Mykonos.

WHEREMykonos Town
Address:10 Enoplon Dynameon Street
Open:Monday to Sunday - April 1 to October 31: evening only.  
Entrance:€ 3.00
Phone:(+30) 2289022700

Mykonos Agriculture Museum (in Chora)

The agriculture museum (belonging to the Folklore Museum) is housed in a windmill on the Boni Hill dating from the 16th century, and is located just on the edge of the Chora overlooking the town and bay below.

Photoof the Agriculture Museum in Mykonos, Greece.

Agriculture Museum, Mykonos

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Here you will find such exhibits as an old wine press, a water wheel, village oven and a traditional threshing machine. The windmill is in working order, and visiting the millers house you can find agriculture tools from the period on display.

WHERE Mykonos Town in one of a famous Windmills on Boni Hill  
Address:Ayios Ionnou
Open:Monday to Sunday: 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm (from June to October)  
Phone:(+30) 2289022748

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