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Cruise Port Guide: Review (2023)

Photo by IQCruising of local crafts for sale  in Dubrovnik cruise port

Shopping guide to the best shops and what to buy in Dubrovnik for passengers on a cruise to the port of Dubrovnik in 2022: local crafts, souvenirs and gifts, wines, chocolates, open air markets and international brands

Update: May 23, 2023

Shopping in Dubrovnik is pretty much all geared for the visiting tourist, but if you really look around you can find some unique items at local boutiques in the Old Town. From paintings by local artists to wines from the area you can find them everywhere.


  1. Boutique Croata
  2. Dubrovačka Kuća
  3. Kraš Chocolates
  4. Maria (Fashion)
  5. Medusa Gifts
  6. Michal Negrin
  7. Open Air Market
  8. Ronchi Hats

One thing that Dubrovnik is known for is embroidery, and the best place to find it is in the region of Konavle located between Dubrovnik and Cavtat, but as the cruise traveler meanders the Old Town stumbling upon locals selling embroidery is inevitable.

If you are seeking handmade jewelry, Swarovski crystal or famous brands, the place to go is right on the main street of the Old City where you will find shops like Benetton and Max Mara. For those looking for more competitive prices, try some of the shops on the side streets off the Placa - Stradum. Also, you might want to check out the daily market on the Gundulić Square

Photo of Local Crafts in Dubrovnik

Embroidery and Souvenirs

Photo ©

Opening Hours

FOREWORD OF ADVISE: Although Dubrovnik is a touristic port like few in the Mediterranean and most shops are open as long as there are visitors in town, some shops may closed on Sundays and on Public Holidays. With some exceptions, shops are open between 9:00 am and 1:00pm; and from 3:00pm to 8:00pm.

Editor's picks

Dubrovnik is bustling with shops, in particular, in the walled Old Town. The shops below were all reviewed by the Editor along many years and on the most recent visit to Dubrovnik in June 2018.

Boutique Croata
Tie's Galore

In the country where the Neck Tie was invented it would be impossible not have a shop exclusively dedicated to this accessory. Here you will find an excellent selection of silk ties in presentation boxes and will be invited to get acquainted with the “History of the Tie”.

Photo of Boutique Croata Shop in Dubrovnik

Neck Tie Invention

Photo ©

What:Gentleman's Fashion
Where: Old Town - close to the Gundulić Square.
Address: Pred Dvorom 2

Dubrovačka Kuća
Wines and More

This is the shop for the cruise ship traveler to purchase Croatian wines, honey, olive oil and even works by a local artists.

Photo of Dubrovačka Kuća Shop in Dubrovnik

Gourmet Delights

Photo: Tourist Board

What: Wines, Delicacies, Arts and Crafts - Souvenirs / Gifts
Where: Old Town
Address: Svetog Dominika

Croatian Chocolates

Have a sweet tooth? Do not miis the best Croatian chocolates and visit this store for your chocolates, hazelnut sweets, or bag of Krasotice biscuits.

Photo of Kraš Chocolate Shop in Dubrovnik

Sweet Delicacies

Photo: Dubrovnik Tourist Board

What: Chocolates, Delicacies, Biscuites and all types of Sweets
Where: Old Town
Address: Zamanjina 2

Fashion Design

If in need of a special attire for a special occasion / event - when on a cruise ship you may need one for a gala night - this ladies store features designer clothing where you can feel rich just looking around.

Photo of Maria Shop in Dubrovnik

Designer Clothing

Photo: Dubrovnik Tourist Board

What: Fashion Design for Ladies
Where: Old Town - close to Ploce Gate
Address: Svetog Dominika

Natural Gifts

Far from being a tourist trap, it has a nice choice of authentic Croatian gifts and souvenirs like natural cosmetics, hand made wooden toys, gourmet products (black truffle, flower sea salt, home made fruit liqueurs), sponges and embroidery.

Photo of Medusa Shop in Dubrovnik

Gifts and Art Shop

Photo: Dubrovnik Tourist Board

What: Gits, Souvenirs and Art Shop
Where: Old Town
Address: Prijeko 18

Michal Negrin
Fashion Design

This is where you can find whimsical Victorian dresses providing old style Dubrovnik’s elegance.

Photo of Michal Negrin Shop in Dubrovnik

Halcyon Days

Photo ©

What: Fashion Design
Where: Old Town - close to Old Port
Address: Pred Dvorom 1

Open Air Market
Local Produce

Located in Old Town, this is where you find fresh fruit and vegetables, some souvenirs, or maybe some fresh figs. An event nor to be missed between Monday and Saturday from 7:00am to 1:00pm

Photo of Open Air Market in Dubrovnik

By locals for Locals

What: Fresh Market and Souvenirs
Where: Old Town - close to St. Blaise Church
Address: Gundulić Square
Website: Facebook Page

Hat Shop

This is family run millinery where you find traditional hats has been open since 1858.

Photo of Ronchi Shop in Dubrovnik

Designer Hats

Photo: Dubrovnik Tourist Board

What: Hats and more hats
Where: Old Town - close to St. Blaise Church
Address: Lucarica 2
Website: Facebook Page

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