The Terminals and the Piers
in Dubrovnik, Croatia,
Cruise Port Review (2023)

Photo by IQCruising of the pier in Dubrovnik cruise port

What's in the port in Dubrovnik (Port of Gruž) for cruise travelers in 2023: where ships dock, anchoring and tendering, shuttle bus, taxis, public buses, ATMs, tourist info, shops and souvenirs, where to have lunch.

Update: May 23, 2023

The Port of Gruž, located in a beautiful bay formed by the mainland and the peninsula of Lapad, is the main docking port for cruise ships in Dubrovnik.


  1. Where Ships Dock
  2. Anchoring and tendering
  3. What's in Port of Gruž
  4. Sightseeing
  5. Shuttle bus
  6. Taxis and Uber
  7. Public buses
  8. Scooters rental
  9. ATMs and Money Exchange
  10. Tourist information
  11. Crew Center
  12. Shops and souvenirs
  13. What's close by the port in Gruž
  14. Dining in Port of Gruž

Where do cruise ships dock in Dubrovnik?

The cruise port in Gruž is at a distance of around 2 miles (3km) from the Old City. Unless there are too many ships visiting Dubrovnik the Port of Gruž will be where your cruise ship will dock.

Although the cruise ship passenger can walk to the historical town (uphill and without much to see on the way), all cruise lines offer shuttle Buses to the Historical Town - the main attraction of Dubrovnik and a UNESCO Heritage Site. Some cruise lines will charge for this service whilst others offer it free. More about transportation below.

Photo of Port of Gruž in Dubrovnik

Photo Courtesy of Restaurant Orsan

Anchoring and tendering

During the high season (July and August), the Port of Gruž may have as many as 5 cruise ships docked. When and if this happens other cruise ships will anchor south of the Old City and tender passengers to the Old Port.

Photo of the Old Port in Dubrovnik

The Old Port in Dubrovnik (2022)

Photo ©

The cruise traveler will have one of the most beautiful views of the medieval walls from the ship and a very pleasant boat ride as your cruise line tender passengers to the Old Port. The tender boat will dock next to the emblematic Fortress of St. John. Although many cruise travelers consider tendering an inconvenience, this can be advantageous as it will take less time to get straight into the main attraction that is the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Naturally, the cruise traveler will not find by the tender pier any of the amenities expected in a conventional port. But, as you will be right by the southern end of the Historical Center of Dubrovnik, all you may need is within walking distance.

What's in Dubrovnik's Port of Gruž

The Port of Gruž is a large port with a very long pier and capacity for 5 cruise ships to dock. It has a modern terminal and all basic amenities and services.

Photo of Shops and Crew Center in Dubrovnik Cruise Port

Shops and Crew Center

Photo ©

Being a very long pier, there are two exit gates. The northernmost gate is the main one, the largest and the closest to most amenities and services. The southern gate has a small, modern terminal building and is only used by small luxury cruise ships or for embarkation/disembarkation. Both gates are within walking distance from the gangways.

Photo of Pier Main Gate in Dubrovnik Cruise Port

Pier Main Gate

Photo ©

If you are booked on a shore excursion with your cruise ship, the tour buses will be parked right on the pier close to the gangway. If you have booked an excursion with independent tour operators the meeting point will be outside the exit gates. Make sure you clearly establish on which gate is the meeting point.


Cruise travelers may be disappointed to know that the typical City Sightseeing buses that are found in many European ports do not operate in the Port of Gruž. The good news is that are many other options to explore Dubrovnik.

Shuttle bus

Photo of Tour Buses at Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Tour and Shuttle Buses at The Pier

Photo: ©

All cruise lines offer shuttle buses to the Old Town, stopping on Brsalje Square, very close to Pile Gate, which is the main entrance to the walled city of Dubrovnik. Luxury cruise lines like Viking or Regent offer this service free of cost. But other cruise lines will charge for the shuttle bus. For example, in 2018, cruise lines such as Celebrity or Royal Caribbean charge €15.00 for one shuttle bus ticket (return). It may be advisable to check other (more affordable) transportation options like sharing a taxi or public buses.

Taxis and Uber

Regardless of where your cruise ship docks the cruise passenger will find at the pier, right by the gangway, a good number of taxis offering transfers to the Old City (€ 14 Euros for the ride, one way).

Photo of Taxis Prices at Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Taxis Prices

Photo: ©

Taxis will also offer city panorama tours for € 50 Euros per hour, which is not exactly the best deal but convenient if you prefer private transfers. Uber does operate in Dubrovnik and can be slightly cheaper. The Editor used Uber in May 2018 and paid US$8.00 for the ride to Pile Gate. You can check Uber fares here.
Learn More about Transportation and Basics of Dubrovnik.

Cruise Tip: if you walk outside the terminal, you will find that taxis offer a transfer to the Old Town for €10.00. These taxis also offer Panoramic Tours for € 50 Euros per hour (the same price as the ones you will find at the pier by the gangway). These taxis are parked right in front of the bus station - turn right if exiting the main gate, or left if exiting the southern gate. You can also book a taxi online ( which can be advantageous if you are planning go out of town. Discover Hidden Jewels Outside Dubrovnik.

Public buses

Outside the gated area of the port the cruise traveler will find the Main Bus Station. Turn right after exiting the main (northern) gate.

Photo of Main Bus Station in Dubrovnik Cruise Port

Main Bus Station

Photo ©

Buses #1a, #1b,#1c, #3 #3a and #8 will stop at Brsalje Square right by the Pile Gate. Buses #7 goes to Lapad (direction Babin Kuk). If docked closer to the southern gate, turn right and the bus stop is just a few yards (meters) away in front of the Travel Corner, where you can buy tickets. The bus ticket (one way) to the Old Town costs 15 kuna (around $2.00). You will need Kuna (the official and legal tender in Croatia) which is very easy to exchange or cash on a ATM right at the Bus Station.

Photo of Dubrovnik Hertitage BUS in Dubrovnik Cruise Port

Dubrovnik Heritage Line Bus by the Main Gate

Photo ©

Offered by the city's public buses the Dubrovnik Heritage Line runs everyday (when cruise ships are in port) from the Main Gate to Pile Gate (the main entrance to the Old Town). The journey takes 10 minutes and costs 15 kuna (around $2.00). Like with all public transportation in Croatia you will have to pay the ticket cash with Croatian Kuna. Obviously, the service runs as well from the Old Town back to the Port of Gruž.

Scooters rental

If you are planning to rent a scooter, which can be both fun and an easy way to explore sites beyond the Old Historical Town of Dubrovnik, there is a shop very close by. Once outside the main gate, turn left and walk around 300 feet (100 meters). Around 1/2 mile (700 meters) south of the main gate, or just around the corner from the south gate, you may as well rent scooters at the Dubrovnik Travel Corner.

Money exchange and ATM's

The best place to exchange money or cash kuna is at the Main Bus Station, where you will find both a Money Exchange Office and the ATM of OptaBanka. There has been conflicting reports about the use of money in Croatia, it is advisable to Learn More about Money and Basic Information before cruising.

Photo of Currency Exchange in Dubrovnik Cruise Port

Currency Exchange

Photo ©

Tourist information

The Official Tourist Information Office is on the terminal building right by the southern exit gate.

Photo of Shops at Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Tourist Shop but NO Information

Photo: ©

However, be aware that there are a couple of shops at the pier with gifts and souvenirs that proclaim to be Tourist Centers. Do not be fooled in thinking that any of these is an official Tourist Information Center. Outside the gated area of the port, around 1/2 mile south, there is also an Information and Booking Center - Travel Corner - where you can book tours, rent a scooter, a car or buy local bus tickets. Many of these services can be booked online on its excellent website:

Crew Center, services and amenities

In the central area of the dock, just north of the Main Gate, there is a very good Crew Center.

Photo of Crew Center in the Port of Gruž in Dubrovnik

Crew Center, May 2018

Photo ©

Here you will find a good number of basic amenities (Wi-Fi Internet, International Phone Calling, Coffee Shop and Restrooms). The Crew Center is not 'exclusively' for crew, staff or officers and many a savvy cruiser use it as well. If you read on other websites that the Crew Center is closed do not rely on such outdated information. For more information and services check or their Facebook Page.

Shops, souvenirs and gifts

Between the Main Gate and the Crew Center, the Cruise Traveler will find a large covered area with a good number of stalls selling all sorts of gifts and souvenirs.

Photo of Shops, Souvenirs and Gifts in the Port of Gruž in Dubrovnik

Shops, Souvenirs and Gifts

Photo ©

On the building after the Crew Center, there are also shops selling typical Croatian products: wines, liqueurs, chocolates, truffles, and olive oil. Around 1/4 mile (350 meters) south of the Main Gate, there is a supermarket - Konzum - that can be useful for those looking for more basic products. Close to this supermarket there is a pharmacy - Ljekarna Gruž. However, it is in the Old Town that the best shops in Dubrovnik will be found. Explore the Best Buys and Shops in Dubrovnik.

What's close by the cruise port in Gruž

Outside the gated area of the port, 1/2 mile (700 meters) south of the main gate but just around the corner from the southern gate (and terminal), there are many tourist services and amenities that can be of interest for cruise travelers.

Photo of NAME in Dubrovnik Cruise Port

Travel Corner

Photo ©

The ticket office of Jadrolinija Ferries is impossible to miss next to the Travel Corner. Across the street, you will see the ticket booth of G & V Lines and the pier where the ferries of Krilo and Jadrolinija also dock. On the other side of a nicely kept garden there are services like ATM, Car and Scooter Rentals.

A bit farther south, a Fresh Market is interesting for those that like to feel the real ambiance of how locals shop for food. On a pier right in front of the market, you will find the Water Taxi that connects Gruž to Lapad. This is a fabulous way to get to Copacabana and Cava Beaches in Lapad. Unfortunately, the water taxi only runs with two departure times in the morning (9:00 AM and 10:00 AM). Explore the Beaches of Dubrovnik.

Next to the water taxi, is the pier where the tour ship Karaka docks. Karaka is a replica of an historic (16th century ship) and offers a number of interesting and fun excursions. Also close by, is the pier where Dubrovnik Boat Excursions depart to the Elaphite Islands (Lopud, Šipan and Koločep). These islands are some of the hidden treasures that can be explored when cruising to Dubrovnik. Find Out What to See and Do besides the Old Town.

Restaurants and coffee shops close by

Photo of Bistro 49 in the Port of Gruž in Dubrovnik

Bistro 49

Photo ©

Cruise Travelers that do not want to miss the opportunity to savor real Croatian flavors and genuine cuisine have a great options in the Port of Gruž. Right across the street from the main gate, the Restaurant Bistro 49 is an excellent place to enjoy lunch. The modern decor and air-conditioned interior are inviting (specially in warm summer days), the food is delicious and the Malvasia wine memorable.

Around 1/2 mile south of the main gate, next to the Travel Corner, there is a very nice al fresco coffee shop well know by Crew Members and savvy cruisers. Right across the street the Konoba Porat is one of the good restaurants in Gruž to taste delicious local and home made cuisine. The restaurant Amfora, close by, is the another highly recommended place to enjoy lunch. Learn More about Croatian Flavors and Top Restaurants in Dubrovnik.

Photo of Restaurant Orsan Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Port

Gourmet Lunch at Orsan

Photo by Management

For a gourmet lunch in a more sophisticated ambiance, the cruise traveler will find on the opposite side of the bay where cruise ships dock, the Dubrovnik’s Yacht Club. As it is expected in a Yacht Club, you will find the Restaurant Orsan to be one of the best in Dubrovnik. Be aware that walking there is a bit of a stretch - close to 1.5 miles ( 2.6 km).

Dubrovnik's cruise port at a glance

Services and Amenities

Port of GružOld Port
Tourist InformationYesClose By
Rent-a-CarClose ByNo
ATMClose ByYes
RestroomsYesClose By
Crew CenterYesNo

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