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Photo by IQCruising of Photo of boat in Cabbage Beach close to Nassau cruise port

Everything you must know to enjoy active pursuits on a cruise to the port of Nassau: reviews of British Colonial Hotel, Graycliff Hotel, Fishing Trips, Fat Tuesday, Self-Drive Boats, Segway and Surrey Tours.

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The cruise port in Nassau offers lots of different activities. In Nassau, the cruise passenger will always find something fun, exciting, adrenaline-pumping, or just plainly relaxing to do.

For those looking to spend a relaxing day at the beach the British Colonial Hotel, the Junkanoo Beach with its bars or the Fat Tuesday Beach Club are places to go.

Top activities to enjoy in Nassau

If looking for something more active, diving, snorkeling, fishing trips, catamaran sails, dolphin and sea lion encounters are on offer. Cruise passengers can also enjoy a ride on a Horse Drawn Carriage, go on a Segway Tour or even a self-driving boat ride in the harbor.

British Colonial Hotel Beach Break

This famous hotel is many times listed and reviewed both as a hotel and a landmark of Nassau. But the British Colonial Hotel is also one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing day on a private beach, as it offers day-passes to cruise ship passengers. For $60 you will have access to the hotel's pool and private beach with $40 food and beverage credit. Most savvy cruisers know about this and therefore you should either take your chances and get there as early as possible or book Online before getting to Nassau.

Photo of the British Colonial Hotel in Nassau.

British Colonial Hotel - Nassau

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WHEREDowntown - 10 minute walk from Cruise Terminal
WhatResort - Private Beach and Pool
Must KnowBook ONLINE
Prices$60 per person with $40 food and beverage credit
When:Everyday - morning and afternoon

Graycliff Hotel, Chocolates and Cigars

A classic institution in Nassau, the Graycliff is much more than just an excellent hotel in Nassau - its restaurant is one of the best in the Caribbean, offering Wine and Cheese Tastings and Wine Luncheons to cruise ship travelers. It also features two attractions that cruise travelers may enjoy on a discovery tour: the Cigar and Chocolate factories. Although some cruise lines offer tours of the Graycliff, the hotel is within walking distance from the terminal and will be easy to do it on your own. The hotel also offers day-passes if you wish to enjoy a day by the pool.

Photo of Graycliff Hotel Chocolate Shop in Nassau.

Graycliff Hotel - Nassau

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WHEREDowntown - 10 minute walk from cruise terminal
WhatCigar and Chocolate Factories; Wine and Cheese Tastings, Wine Luncheon
Must KnowWine cellar with over 250,000 bottles from over 400 vintners in 15 countries.
When:Everyday - morning and afternoon
Address: 8 - 12 West Hill Street (Downtown)
Phone:1 (800) 476-0446

Fishing Trips Charters

Considering that The Bahamas has one of the best waters for sport-fishing in the Caribbean, the cruise ship passenger should consider a fishing expedition. There are a number of charters available that you can book online. Below you find 3 of the best.

Photo of Fishing Trips in Nassau

NAME - Nassau

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Chubasco Fishing Charters:
Born Free Charters:
Hunter Charters:

Beach and Waterfront Segway Tour

After a short and easy orientation/training session the Segway tour will take the cruise ship passenger along a scenic roll to Junkanoo Beach and then to the Arawak Cay - aka Fish Fry Marketplace - for a short break. The tour ends with some 'free riding' on the green slopes of the Fort Charlotte.

Photo of Segway ride in Nassau.

Segway - Nassau

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NOTES: Free transportation for cruise ship passengers is provided

WHERETour starts behind the Cricket Club on Bay Street (just across from “The Fish Fry”) about a mile west of downtown Nassau.
WhatAdventure Tour
Prices$80 per person + 7.5% VAT
When:Everyday - morning and afternoon
Duration:2 hours
Phone:(242) 4261150
Good to know::Some cruise lines offer the Beach and Waterfront Segway Tour as part of their Shorex Xxcursions (Carnival: $89.99 per Person). You will only be able to book online if your cruise ship does NOT offer the tour onboard.

Surrey Tours Horse Drawn Carriage

A 20 to 30-minute tour on a horse-drawn carriage trough the historical streets of Nassau is one the most affordable and comfortable ways of sightseeing in the capital of The Bahamas if you don't wish to walk or just like to experience old-fashioned ways.

Photo of Horse Drawn Carriage in Nassau.

Horse Drawn Carriage - Nassau

Photo ©

WHEREInside the gated area of the Cruise Terminal, close to the east gate.
Must KnowMax passengers: two adults and one child.
Prices$20.00 for up to two adults. $10.00 for children
When:Everyday - morning afternoon. Horses rest between 1:00pm and 3:00pm
Address:Woodes Rodgers Walk
Website:Facebook Page
Phone:1 242-322-7500

Fat Tuesday Beach Club

Fat Tuesday has been closed for a while, but locals tell us that it should re-open once cruise ships return to the port regularly and without Covid-19 restrictions - check the website link below to check for re-opening dates. Fat Tuesday is a bar-grill on the waterfront (with access to the water), not a beach bar like many may expect. It was a great place to have nibbles for lunch like Conch Salad and Panini, taste exotic drinks while dipping in the ocean. And you will also go for a boat excursion on a self-drive adventure in the harbor - see Mini-boats review on this page.

Photo of the Fat Tuesday Beach Club in Nassau.

Fat Tuesday - Nassau

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WHERERight after the British Colonial Hotel - 10 minute walk from Terminal
WhatBar-Grill and Boat Tours
PricesConch Salad $12.00, Club Panini $12.00
When:Everyday - morning and afternoon
Address:West Bay Street

Self-Drive Boats at Fat Tuesday

The self drive boat adventure offered by Fat Tuesday used to be one of the great ways of cruising the harbor in Nassau, going as far as Paradise Island, exploring historical sites and enjoy a secluded beach. Again, check the link above for possible re-opening dates of the Fat Tuesday Beach Club in Nassau. The cruise ship passenger doesn't need to have any experience just a valid drivers license and attend a Mandatory Safety Briefing.

Photo of Self-Driving Boats in Nassau.

Mini Boats - Nassau

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WHERERight after the British Colonial Hotel - 10 minute walk from the Terminal/
WhatWater sport adventure
Must KnowMandatory Safety Briefing is 45 Minutes prior to tour leaving. Snorkel gear and Life Jacket provided
When:Two Tours - 9:30am and 1:30pm (arrive 45 minutes prior).
Duration:3.5 to 4 hours
Good to know:Some cruise lines offer this tour as part of their shore excursions packages.

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