Amber Cove
Cruise Center
Port Guide: Review (2023)

Panoramic photo of Amber Cove Cruise Center and Pier
Panoramic photo of Amber Cove Cruise Center and Pier
Panoramic photo of Amber Cove Cruise Center and Pier

Essential guide to Amber Cove Cruise Center Terminal: the swimming pool, watersports, fun activities, zip line, cabanas, bars, dining, shopping, and essential services.

Update:May 28, 2023

Around 0.3 miles (480 meters) from the cruise ship gangway, passengers will enter a sizeable open-air complex known as Amber Cove Cruise Center. A considerable number of frequent visitors enjoy this area so much that they don't venture outside the gates to explore the numerous attractions of the historical Puerto Plata region.


  1. The pool
  2. Watersports and fun activities
  3. cabanas by the pool, on the hill, and by the ocean
  4. Coco Cana Sky Bar
  5. Services and amenities
  6. Shopping
  7. Restaurants, cafes, and bars

Top activities and what's
in the Amber Cove Cruise Center

Once passed the entrance of the Cruise Center, the Aqua Zone is on the right side and where cruise passengers find the most relaxing spaces and fun activities.

The service area of the Amber Cove Cruise Center is on the left side, where shore excursion buses, private taxis, car rentals, and unique shops are conveniently located.

Good to know: For those with walking difficulties, there are bicycle rickshaws for two (free but tipping is more than welcomed and deserved); wi-fi is available at the Amber Cove Cruise Center for $8.00 for the full day.

Aqua Zone features and activities

The Aqua Zone is a favorite spot for a considerable majority of cruise passengers. After all, this is where you will find a massive pool and many secluded areas. If looking for some fun there is the Dueling Waterslides, a Zipline, Water Sports and more:

  1. Pool with loungers
  2. Coco Cana poolside bar
  3. Children's splash area
  4. Duel waterslides
  5. Zipline
  6. Watersport rental
  7. Exclusive areas: cabanas
  8. Sky Bar

Relaxing by the pool

If basking in the sun is what you are looking for, free loungers line the pool in the Aqua Zone, and it has a Coco Cana Bar for your sipping pleasure. There is a dedicated Splash Area for those traveling with children. You can rent a Pool Float for $10 or a package of 4 Pool Noodles for $5. Umbrellas cost $20.

Watersports and fun activities

The dueling waterslides next to the pool is free and a much-talked-about feature of the Aqua Zone. The Zip Line is the other thrilling pursuit and costs $20 (unlimited rides) for adults and $10 for kids. Aquaboats (a cycle type of boat) start at $26 for a half-hour for 2. Stand-up paddleboard for half-hour costs $20. Half-hour Kayak rent costs $19 for one person and $34 for 2. Ping-pong, Basket, and Volley Court are free of charge.

Exclusive areas: cabanas by the pool, on the hill, and by the ocean

In the Aqua Zone, private cabanas exist for those who enjoy peaceful seclusion. These cabanas are a good deal unless you are not planning to spend any money on rentals and stay by the pool. There are two standard sizes cabanas: for groups of up to 8 guests and the Grand Cabana for up to 20 passengers. The smaller cabanas are in three prime locations: by the ocean, pool, and hillside.

Cabanas services and amenities

Cabana prices vary slightly depending on the specific location: Ocean Cabanas ($344.99), Poolside Cabanas ($324.99), and Hillside Cabanas prices ($309.99). Still, all include an unlimited Zip Line day pass, bottles of water, eight sodas, and one basket of local goodies.

These cabanas invariably have a mini-refrigerator, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, cable tv, a table, chairs inside, deck chairs, and an outdoor shower. For a group of 8 planning to Zip Line, paying $344.99 ($43.12 per person) for an Ocean Cabana is quite good, considering that the Zip Line pass costs $20 per person and Wi-Fi costs $8. However, be aware that the minimum age is 14 years.

The grand cabana

This large cabana, costing $1,169.99, is a 1,000-square-foot bungalow over the ocean for groups of up to 20 guests ($58.49 per person), has a large deck, a private hot tub, and all the services and amenities offered on the smaller ones. In addition to the unlimited zip line pass for all guests, the price includes two water sports (kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or aqua cycle) for 1 hour.

Coco Cana Sky Bar

The Sky Bar is another talked about feature of Amber Cove Cruise Center. On a prominent hill, the bar offers 360-degree panoramic views of the port, the Aqua Zone, and the majestic mountains around.

Services and amenities
in the Amber Cove Cruise Center

Cruise travelers planning to explore the highlights and many attractions of the Puerto Plata region will find all needed in the service area of the Amber Cove Cruise Center. If booked on a shore excursion, this is where you need to invariably go to board buses. There is a shorex booth for last-minute bookings.

For those exploring on your own or independently there is a local Tourism Information office, Taxis, 2 car rentals (National and Alamo), and an ATM. In the service area, you will also find a pharmacy, restrooms, and a dedicated booth if you wish to stamp your passport.

Keep in mind that most independent online tour operators are not allowed in the Amber Cove Cruise Center. This means you will need to exit the gates around 0.6 mile (ca 1 km) from the gangway. Usually, tour operators will park on the left side (East) of the main road (Carretera General Gregorio Luperon).

Shops and shopping

Cruise travelers who typically want to take advantage of duty-free shopping, that enjoy buying local souvenirs and gifts, or like to check out a good deal in jewelry or watches, will come across a few renowned names in the Amber Cove Cruise Center.
Shops in the Amber Cove Cruise Center:

  1. Dufry
  2. Diamonds International
  3. Effy Jewelers
  4. TI Watch & Design
  5. Dominican Things
  6. Elements Dichroic Glass - Jewelry
  7. Pareos House - Clothes &Souvenirs
  8. Wild Play Clothes &Gifts
  9. Ocean World Gift Shop
  10. Yvon International Art Gallery
  11. Blue Mine Larimar &Amber
  12. Atantza Beach Clothes &Gifts
  13. Amber Coast Larimar
  14. All Leather

Restaurants, cafes, and bars

Whilst on a shopping spree, on the way back from a shore excursion, or just to taste local flavors, you may wish to stop by the Cafe El Cibao, or the Coco Cana Bar and Restaurant.

Coronavirus advice for Amber Cove cruises

For updated coronavirus (Covid-19) information and travel advice to the Dominican Republic and Amber Cove visit the U.S. Embassy on the Dominican Republic website. For a more comprehensive Traveler's Health advice to the Dominican Republic see the CDC Website.

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