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Livorno Cruise Tips

 How to explore Florence, Pisa and Lucca independently.
Affordable (and not so affodable) ways to travel
from Livorno cruise port to Florence, Pisa and Lucca.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Overview - main review

• Where ships dock and how to get around
•  Top things to do and the Game of Thrones attractions
• Shopping and dining,
•  The best beaches, and what to to visit out of town.

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Rome - Civitavecchia (Italy)
Main Review (2024)


Popular cruise ports in the Mediterranean

Barcelona Cruise Port

 Where Cruise Ships Dock and Top Things To Do and See:
Beyond the Highlights, Sightseeing and Tours 

Santorini Must Know

 Tender Boats, The Skala Pier, Donkeys and Cable Car |
Top Things To Do and See | How to Get around and Explore on Your Own 

Venice (Italy) Cruise Port

Must Know | The Terminals and Piers
Top Things to See and Do | Landmarks | Shopping
What's Nearby: Lido, Murano, Burano.

Dubrovnik Cruise Port
“The Pearl of the Adriatic”

All Livorno Cruise Port Reviews

Livorno Top Six Destinations

 How to Get There on Your Own
Top Things To See and Do
Where to Have Lunch and Shop
History, Facts and Basics 

To Do in Livorno

Livorno Basics

Walking around Livorno

Lunch in Livorno

Two Magical Greek Islands

Málaga (Spain) Port Overview

Two Major Ports in Asia

Dravuni Island
Fiji's Hidden Treasure

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